Top 10 Drawing Kit for 10 Year Old Kids in 2020

Drawing kits for 10-year-old kids are one of the right ideas to invest in for beneficial leisure time. Give kids some chances like this to improve or build some drawing skills. Such creative toys like drawing kits will help you to proudly provide your kids free playing time. More than just buying and stepping aside, you should slightly encourage them to draw creatively. Normally, it wouldn’t be that easy to choose toys or gifts for kids. So, here we are to give you the proven pieces of the best ideas.

Let’s simply categorize our drawing kit options for gender. However, that’s not a very strict thing and might depend. We’ll be handling the categories as for boys, for girls, and unisex drawing kits. If you ask me, unisex drawing kits will make the best gifts.

Drawing kits are generally about around $20 by the end of 2019. Still, you’ll see even cheaper and even more expensive options. No worries, we always care about the value/money thing.

Unisex Drawing Kit Options Available in the Market

If you do not have time to test everything and trust, you’re reading the right part. We’ve searched and inspected for you!

As I said before, toys in this part are better as gifts. If you’re buying this for a family with multiple kids, it’s even better.

Creative Kids Spin & Paint Art Kit – Spinning Art Machine

I wanted to start with my favorite. There are several reasons why this one became my favorite. First of all, this kit is, in a way, a STEM kit. The play-style successfully mix machine usage and drawing. I do not like to exaggerate but this would be my dream toy if I were to receive toy gifts. This one can be perceived as a science, robotics, and craft kit at the same time. So, it’s a triple shot! Let’s see some more features and specifications of it.

the best science, robotic, crafting, and drawing kit for 10 year old boys and girls

  • It has a motor inside which requires an AA battery to function (a battery is not included in the pack).
  • The pack includes color pens. .
  • The player will arrange or adjust angles to produce drawings or just to watch the results.
  • This toy somehow improves a great sense of intuition through physics.
  • They suggest this “Spin Drawing Kit” for kids over 8 but I believe 10 is the best age for most of the countries.
  • It improves interesting skills like assembling and seeing the functioning results.
  • This spinning-drawing kit requires adult supervision.
  • 4M® is the name of the producer brand. Before or after seeing this one, you might as well be interested in their other options.

Most schools won’t include such subjects or learning aims in the curriculum. So, that’s exactly why I strongly recommend this one.

Quick notes: You’ll need a smaller-sized, Phillips-head (“+” or “x” shaped) screwdriver. Please share your creative results below. Your comments might help other parents to see ideas on different play-styles. So far, we have a challenging style to play with two or more kids. They take turns to be the first one to offer the challenge. The next kid will try to produce the exact drawing pattern by inspecting. Gl&hf.

Once your kids start enjoying this toy, you’ll look for more pens and color options eventually. If you have coupons or discounts now, I suggest you get one of the pencil-crayon-brush cases.

Spin & Paint Art Kit: “Spin & Splatter”

spinning colorful drawing kit for kids

This next product is the more colorful of similar mechanics. With this wheel, which can produce 20 different pictures, children dive with interest in drawing. This product is especially the choice of parents who want to encourage the ability to draw with simple yet catchy works.
Let’s take a quick look at the highlights of “Spin and Splatter”.

  • The primary goal of this toy designer is entertainment and education.
  • Adults and children can have fun with it.
  • The user-friendliness of the seller and manufacturer’s warranty coverage are other highlights.
  • Note that you also need to buy a 1 D battery for the toy to work.
  • You can think of it as a toy gift that combines imagination and colors.
  • When using it, it is best to have a lavabo-like water source for easy cleaning.
  • Parental supervision seems to be necessary.
  • If you care, let me mention that the materials are non-toxic.
  • Easy to clean, maintenance-free.

Package Content: 1 x Spin & Paint Machine 1 x Card Spinner 1 x Splatter Guard 1 x Various Paints 8 x Large Cards 8 x Small Cards 4 x Round Cards BATTERY NOT INCLUDED – REQUIRES 1 D BATTERY
Buyers are very satisfied with the state and function of the product. If you also want to try the picture will direct you to buy. Who knows, maybe you’il get a discount.

Faber-Castell® – Do Art Drawing and Sketching Art Kit

When it comes to Drawing and Sketching, it’s classical to mention Faber Castel. This is one of the ideal products for children whose parents are more serious about drawing kits. If you academically want to teach drawing&sketching step by step, you’re viewing the right topic. Starting from the beginner level, this product will lead up to intermediate. Moreover, it will encourage reaching advanced levels of drawing if the kids have the talent and aptitude. Although we cannot exactly categorize this one as a toy, we somehow had to add this right here because this topic is mainly set on drawing.

This one is the best starter kit if the description above sounds right for you.

Darice® Art Supplies for Drawing, Painting and More in a Wood Case

Drawing kit for 10 year old supplies by Darice

It’s like a child’s dream to have one of these. There are plenty of color pens neatly set in a case. The case is wooden by the way.

  • 24 crayons, 24 oil pastels, 36 color markers, 24 color pencils, 12 watercolor cakes, 2 white paint tubes, 1 paintbrush, 1 palette, 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 scissors, 1 stapler, 1 rules, and finally a wooden case to cover these all…

The pack content and the quality proves that this might be one of the best back to the school gift set. Homeschooling? Go ahead and buy!

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

Wood art pieces for drawing

Similar to the previous one, I will not dwell too much on the details. The wood art set worth considering.

The design might be more attractive to many of you because of the drawer within the case. Everything is tidy and plenty…

However, this one is more expensive than the previous one. We check the prices weekly and this one has mostly been four times more expensive than the previous set. However, the biggest part of the price difference is due to overall material quality. The previous art set is not bad but this one is obviously way better.


a Drawing kit for 10-year-old Boys

We, too, don’t like these terms “for boys” or “for girls”. Nevertheless, the fact that these terms are used frequently in the market forces us to use them as well. In the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to some drawing toys designed by the manufacturers for the use of boys. What we can find is below.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Blue

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Blue

If you count tracing as drawing, you want your kid to start easy. That’s wise if you wish to encourage him. This is great for total beginners with no currently discovered drawing talent. The package content is visible in the picture on the left.

To me, the most highlighting feature of this product is the no-slip frame. It looks attractive, doesn’t it?

Fashion Design, Drawing, and Sketching Kits for Girls

As the title describes itself, I really find the following three products hard to differ from each other. So, if you are looking for one of these, finalizing the choice will be totally subjective.

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit

Fashion Drawing Kit for 10 year old girlsThis one has a very handy storage case and most of the customers are content with their purchase. In other words, it has met the expectations of buyers.

Alex Spa Sketch and Sparkle Tattoo Pens Girls Fashion Activity

Tattoo Pens Drawing kit

This product will let the kids produce their temporary tattoos! You’ll find six different colors to make tattoos. You can clean the tattoo ink with soap and water whenever you please. You can either use the stickers or go totally creative for the temporary tattoo designs.

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio Artist Set

Fashion Portfolio Drawing Kit For Girl KidsThe producer aims to give the opportunity to young designer spirits. There are several stencils to start layering works for design. This would help girls to develop some sense of fashion and joy in designing creative things. Let’s see how can your girl blend colors, clothes, and accessories.



Mostly, the richness of the content might define the final price. Nevertheless, they really have similar prices. Still, you’ll realize that one of the products above is notably more expensive than the others. That’s due to the material quality and detail in the design. You should worry less about the value because we really bring you the products that make sense.


We’ve tried our best to show you the different options to help find. We double eliminated the list above before presenting you. Finding a drawing kit for 10-year-old kids will not be a time-consuming concern anymore. There were like 50 candidates to include in. If you search by yourself, you might even find up to 50 different confusing options. We’ve checked many of them for you and brought you the survivals!

As I previously stated, the first and second products are fairly better. Still, it depends on the purpose of use. I assumed our main idea is fund & drawing. Therefore, I suggested them as the top two picks. Nonetheless, I tried to widen the perspective and presented some other options.

Above you can see two different drawing sets within cases. I believe they are kind of “must-have” products for every kid. If you can afford, “Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set” will be a great buy to use for a long time. The case itself without the pens and pencils might worth about around $60 already.

I ended up buying the “Spin & Paint Art Kit” and the cheaper case set for my two cousins. They’ve had specific problems sharing the playtime. Still, they’ll get over with those, day by day.

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