Do we really need a wide variety of toys?

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We need toys. From the toddler era up to 10 years old, we really need toys. Provided that the toys are durable, some toys are versatile and can endure many years.

It’s true that different types of toys could help development in better ways. However, it does not mean that parents should buy every toy in sight.

Playing helps children to develop better. Therefore, more parents are nowadays investing in many more toys. Clearly, some toys provide multiple opportunities. So, the idea is to choose toys wisely. In other words, quality beats quantity. For instance, swing sets for kids can include many things within therefore allows you to invent many activities with a buy.

Quality of toys beats quantity of toys

Compared to the old days, people have a dominating variety of choices today. However, the engagement time of toys is not related to the variety of toys you have at home. In fact, more toys occur less time playing. So, new toys become old toys too often and too fast. If you have got this situation, to stop this, you can give some toys away

Before you buy toys for kids, you should imagine them playing with it. If you are able to imagine using that toy in many different games, you should be more positive about that choice. For instance, balls are always making a good choice because they can kick them, throw them, color them, and etc. It’s not the same for anything popular but there is a reason why LEGO is so popular. You can easily understand the reason when you play toys as adults.

You should always remember that toys are just tools. The aim is to play games in or around the house. So, if you can successfully differ the aims from tools, you make better choices. Toys should help you to invent games. The aim can’t be playing a particular toy.

Bits of Advice

To encourage development, curiosity, imagination, creativity, physical involvement, sense of discovery, attention, and coordination are important phenomena.

Having fewer toys, children can learn socializing better. Sharing their current toys with friends and invent combined games are always better than having many toys to swim in. It always sounds antipathetic when a kid says “I already have this” or “mine is better”. They should be curious about other toys and other games without toys. If possible, you should let them play with other children. Instead of increasing the number of toys, increase the number of friends.

You cannot make everywhere entertaining. Leave an opportunity for kids to get bored!

Cut down the number of toys if you already have many toys. You can donate toys to other families in need. Deciding what to get rid may not be easy. For this, you can try hiding some of them in your mind to see if it causes a problem. When some toys are easily forgotten, they should also be easy to get rid. By this way, you can also teach them how to be aware of the things they have.

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