Disney Mickey’s Music Mat for Kids Review

Disney Mickey's Music Mat

Obesity is the number one problem in today’s world and Disney Mickey’s music mat can be a great tool to fight against it! We can help our children to stay healthy with toys like these. Electronic music mats are great toys for children especially if your kid loves music! Dance is a great cardiovascular exercise for kids. Even sedentary kids might even try this kind of toys since most of their peers enjoy it!

Music mats are the perfect way to entertain your kids. It’s also a cool activity to play with your kid’s friend. You should pick the size of the dancing mat according to the group’s size. If your kid has too many friends you should buy bigger dancing mats. Smaller dancing mats might be suitable for a small group of players.

The concept of the dancing mat

Dance mats are generally known as a dance platform. They are specially made input devices for video games. As you know most of the input devices work with hands but in this case, it’s different. Your children can easily operate Mickey Music Mat with their feet. Generally, dance mats are made of steel or some durable material. Dance pads vary from each other, some have started and stop buttons outside the pad. Some pads even have multiplayer mods where kids enjoy dancing together! However, these choices might be expensive for some parents. Yet, this Mickey Music Mat is a great toy for kids! It’s also really cheaps and makes your kid engage in dancing activities!

The best thing about dancing mats, it will definitely get your kid off the couch! It’s really fun to use and you can even play this music mat together. It will help your kid to improve cognitive skills like; coordination. It also works kids’ legs even abdominal muscles because of the fast movements! Legs and the brain work together for all kinds of dance moves! You can even set a timer and calculate the calories burned during the activity for your kids. Dancing burns a lot of calories which will prevent your children from being obese! This mat is affordable because it’s made of plastic but it’s still durable and it’s really easy to carry around!

Awesome indoor toys

Some kids don’t like outdoor activities and playing sports with other peers. However, this music mat will provide a different experience for your kid! There is an endless possibility of dance moves that can be performed on this simple mat! I definitely suggest all of the parents this beautiful musical toy! You can also check other musical toys like; drums, pianos, and guitars. Music will definitely help your kid and you as a parent!

Key features of Disney Mickey’s Music Mat for Kids

Disney Mickey’s Music Mat will definitely help your kid to improve his/her cognitive functions and musical ability. You can make your kid choose between different modes and make him/her learn different skill sets. You can use memory game mode to improve memory and other modes to improve different abilities. However, there are some reviews about this product you can check the pros and cons section below!


  • You can use an interactive electronic piano in it.
  • Memory game mode
  • It has five different pre-programmed tunes!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Music Mat
  • Interactive keyboard
  • Great price of its value





  • The piano is not very big.
  • It’s awesome for 3 year-olds but 4 and 5 year-olds could find it small and boring very soon.

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