7 Best Detective Kits for Kids in 2019

Detective kits are great for improving your kid’s brainpower. They will provide the utmost stimulation for the kid. There are perfect puzzles in these games which are waiting for your kid to solve. As we know, puzzles and riddles are great for brain development. You should look for a detective kit which is suitable for your kid. The level of the toy should be suitable for your kid’s brainpower. If you buy something straightforward, it will be boring for your kid! If you pick something too hard, your kid will lose interest since he or she can’t complete any tasks. Anyway, let’s hop right into the topic and check out the best detective kits for kids!

Top Seller Detective Kits

The top seller detective kits belong to different branches of manufacturers. You can find detective costumes, detective board games, science kits, equipment, etc. They become top sellers when the first couple hundred buyers declare their satisfaction. Really, they have true reasons to be top sellers. First, you should take a look at the top-list. Then, you’ll find some brief reviews. Lastly, we’ll talk about things to consider while choosing.


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The Best Detective Kits for Kids – Osmo – Detective Agency

Best Detective Kits for Kids by OSMO

  • This is an awesome Search & Find Mystery Game for children for many different ages.
  • The detective agency game of Osmo brand is really great. It’s an award-winning toy which is perfect for kids.
  • This requires Osmo Base and a tablet to play.
  • Kids will check the details with the magnifier and connect the clues to solve mysteries and cases.
  • You can play it in SPANISH or ENGLISH (depends on the theme you buy – some of them are only-English).
  • Users can upgrade. They can get different modes and themes later.

This Detective Agency toy increases critical thinking, imagination skills. As kids also learn some geography, landmarks, and cultural things. It has apps, including an application for parents to track the progress. Furthermore, there are several levels and difficulty selections. Parents can use this toy set for from +3 to even +11 kids.

Children can learn a great deal while playing this. Teaching those things would never be as attractive as this product offers. It’s far from being stale. Each of its games offers a different challenge. Kids will have to use and improve their skills and knowledge on shapes, geometry, sight words, vocabulary, letters and recognitions, counting, addition, multiplication, hand-eye coordination, physics, reasoning, problem-solving, cause & effect relating, and much more similar to these. You can get this and use for years. In other words, this toy set grows with the children.

How to play Osmo Detective Agency

If you buy, you’ll find the manual but let’s talk about it a little. You’ll download its specific game, Detective Agency, to your device. Then, launch it on a tablet or computer within easy access. After that, kids can unpack the set to start playing. There’ll be a fantastic magnifier and a map. The map is very colorful and attractive for kids. It’s the map of the Osmo Town. There are places and landmarks. For instance, you’ll see New York – the USA with an American flag, bird-view cartoon pictures of the city with famous landmarks like the statue of liberty. It follows with other cities like Sydney – Australia, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and so on. Stories of the Detective Agency Game are all around these maps.

The IPad App and Osmo Camera

How to play OSMO, the best detective kit for kids

There’s an Osmo gadget to place on IPad’s camera to show the map. You can see the red thing on the tablet in the picture. Then, kids put the map under it as you can see in the picture again. The app will give directions and show the clues in a cool story mode. Kids will apply steps and find things with their magnifier. The app smartly understands the items when the kids show with their magnifiers. They made creative stories. Kids learn many cultural things and develop their thinking skills while playing. The game sounds and music are also very creative and engaging.

Significant Notes

The app is only available for many Apple Tablet (IOS); it is not compatible with Android operating systems.

Osmo is compatible with the following iPads:
Latest iPads - iPad 2 -iPad (3rd Generation)- iPad (4th Generation)- iPad (5th Generation)- iPad (6th Generation)- iPad Mini- iPad Mini 2- iPad Mini 3- iPad Mini 4- iPad Air- iPad Air 2- iPad Pro 9.7-inch- iPad Pro 10.5-inch
Osmo is not currently compatible with these iPads:
- iPad Gen 1- iPad Pro 12.9-inch- iPad Pro 11-inch

There are other themes available, as well. In other words, Detective Agency is just one of their many themes. For instance, there are some popular themes like ‘Pizza Co,’ ‘Coding Jam,’ and ‘Hot Wheels.’

Editor’s Choice

I think this is the most favorable detective game for kids. However, side-buys (click here for OSMO BASE) and patch prices can be high for some families. You can find the starter kit with Osmo Base Included here. This game will never get boring thanks to many updates like this. This is one of the best STEM science kits in the market. I subjectively found it worthy but expensive, but you should check and see it for yourself. I hope it’s OK for your budget.

ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set

other product on our Best Detective Kits for Kids list

  • The great detective set for kids who want to be a detective.
  • Your kid can easily carry this around during little trips. It’s a great toy for traveling.
  • Dr best toy’s award winner toy!
  • It comes with a spy case which makes it easy to carry around!
  • Binoculars, flashlights and fingerprint powder is included in the package. These items will stimulate the brain of your kid.
  • You can play the game with your kid. Doing so will improve the parent-kid bond between the two of you!
  • The toy is suitable for kids above 8 years of age!
  • The price of the detective gear set is really perfect.

This detective gear set is excellent for starters. If your kid is interested in playing detective games, you can start with this one! The collection has everything you need. The spy case is also handy for little trips which makes it a great option! It can be used in plane rides to keep your kid busy! This toy will also teach your kid to be organized. The kid has to organize the toys into a single bag which will improve organization skills!

Tigerdoe Detective Costume – Spy Gear for Kids

Best Detective items and accessories for kids

  • Detective costumes are amusing for kids!
  • It comes with a hat which will make your kid feel like a detective!
  • The invisible disappearing ink is extremely fun! Your kid will play exciting games with this pen!
  • The glasses are mirrored, which will provide a fun time for your kid!
  • The ink is made of non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • The pen also has a LED flashlight which is really fun to play.
  • This detective spy gear for kids has everything your kid needs!

This costume set is perfect for any kid out there! The material quality is not that great, but you shouldn’t expect more from it since the price is really reasonable. The Flashlight of the pen can get broken easily after some usage. However, the product is still high and does the job effectively!

Melissa & Doug Spy Role Play Costume Set

Best Detective Kits for Kids cosplay

  • This role play costume set is great for little girls.
  • It’s suitable for little girls between 5 and 8 years of age. Please check the size before you make the purchase.
  • The costume set is great for roleplaying games.
  • Ideal for creative games which will improve the creativity of your kids!
  • High-quality fabrics.
  • Great costume for Halloween.

If you want to keep your kid away from screens, you can prefer a costume set like this. This set is great for roleplaying games which are pretty fun for kids! The material quality is also top-notch, which makes it a great bargain at this price! 

Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

  • The set has its own mysterious activities.
  • There are eight activities for two detective cases.
  • The set allows pretend-play but with adult supervision because there are some chemicals.
  • They recommend it for +8.
  • You’ll find in the set baking soda, citric acid, flour, suspect cards, ph strips, filters, cups, markers, bags, decoder, cylinder, test tube, cap, painting, and some more items.

This is one of the best detective science kits for kids thanks to its precious contents. These toy pieces can also be room decoratives. For everything, it includes, its price is really low. 

Project MC2 Pretend Play Super Spy Stem Science Kit

  • This is a lovely spy science kit with a magnifier and fingerprint identification set.
  • There is a crime scene tape. You can also find almost everything you might imagine for detective roleplaying in the set.
  • With all its toys and gadgets, this set enhances imagination power.
  • This pretend-play spy set includes black light pen, fingerprint brush, ink pad, magnifying glass, secret spy notepad, cornstarch, crime scene tape, peel & stick acetate stickers, and an easy-to-follow instructions manual.
  • The producer recommends age six or more to play it.

There’s a Netflix Series named Project MC Square. This would make an excellent gift for girls watching that on Netflix. There are two different series of it. One is for all ages with three episodes. The other, the more famous one, is for +7. Mostly, girls watch it. 

How to Pick Best Detective Kits for Kids?

If you have difficulty in finalizing your selection. So, let’s go over some details to help those stuck in decision making.

There are several types of detective kits for kids as we’ve seen above. Then, the first thing is to decide on the model. Age factor could help you a lot as you can find detective toys for +3, +6, and +9. If you don’t care much about the age recommendations, you probably have a playing style in your mind. Do you want to play with your kids? Or do you want to let them play with their friends? Let’s continue with the toy types for the best detective kits for kids.

Toy Types

We can say that the primary toy type for detective concept is science kits. These sets are for imaginative and creative games with families and friends. They are very educative. You can use them for different purposes like decorating the room or teaching some detective vocabulary for a different language.

We also have other types of detective toys which are more like cosplay costumes. You can find detective hats, pens, magnifiers, crime scene tapes, goggles, sunglasses, and more.

Material Quality

Material quality doesn’t matter much for these toys. Everything is similar to items that you can find in stationaries. As they are for pretend-play, the best material is the best-looking material. You know, no one will actually solve a crime. Besides, safety will be secured by parents because most of the items in these toy sets require parental supervision because of chemicals.


Make sure you double-check online shops for the prices. Sometimes, some sellers try to sell identical toys for more expensive. If the price range is like $10-50, there should be no big surprise.

We cared about the value of our recommendations for their price to make a safe-list for you.

Age Group

Caring about age groups can mean a lot. Most importantly, safety is the first concern. Then, the dependancy of attractiveness for different age group follows. Give it a second thought if you are about to decide a product out of your kids’ age group.


Fabric is the right choice for costumes. I’ve had to find costumes for some school organizations and always ended up buying from online shops instead of hiring. Buying is surprisingly cheaper and more importantly, healthier.

Stem Kits

We’ve also given place for some STEM kits on the list. Integration of science, technology, engineering, and maths to toys for +6 is beneficial.


If you are looking for the best detective kits for kids, you won’t have many options. As I said before, Osmo – Detective Agency is the best you can buy. Still, I can suggest another strategy if it’s too expensive for you. You can collect some related items from online shops and stationaries to make your own set. This would be a good suggestion for you if you didn’t like anything on our list above. Inspecting these kits would also help you to develop your own detective-themed ideas.

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