Creative Games are Important for Kids

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Not to miss out possible incredible opportunities in their development, we should give a good space for creativity. Most of the times, the products offered in the market or our many concerns like a safety concern block us. Of course, the intention lies beneath is really adorable. Every parent wants their children to get the most of the opportunities. For this, seeing the bigger picture, you should let kids get creative and start it by creating environments inclining creativity.

Wİth increased access to the Internet and sharing sites, we see many parenting styles either in a good way and bad. Consequently, it makes us think about our own lives, too. We see some good ideas about toys to buy. However, in this topic, I’ll be talking on creativity more. Of course, some products like jungle gyms are good ideas. However, these pre-set toys should not stop you and your kids from inventing creative plays. Accordingly, you can provide toys and some freedom for them to create their own environment. So, you should let them use general household objects and furniture to invent plays.

Imaginative types of playtime let kids express their creativity better. Then, it leads to improvement and development. Indeed, your encouraging deeds start the progress.

Studies show that creative playtime is essential

A vast number of studies have shown that children engaging in creative playtime develop their cognitive skills compared to those who lack this opportunity. So, simply turning on the TV or tablets for kids cannot be your permanent solutions. Every content of TV is ready and require no creativity to watch. Similarly, tablets or games of smartphones are not so different. Furthermore, even the best creativity toys must have patterns. Although I too believe that creative toys are important, I wouldn’t say they would suffice. In other words, you can use some products and toys to reinforce creative development but they can’t be solely enough.

People born before 90s were exposed to an education type of old centuries. Actually, those seemed enough up to 2010s. Anymore, people need better adaptive skills rather than knowledge. In other words, information is easy to reach anymore. Therefore, learning and memorizing lost is importance. Consequently, people need developed skills rather than learned information.

Below, you’ll see some suggestions and ideas about creative playtime. Actually, you might have already applied them or thought about them. Still, it would be useful to read to catch things.


Most of us stay away from paints and brushes because it gives a hard time cleaning up. However, painting allows your child to express absolutely creative things. Again, the outcomes of painting activity are totally unique. Of course, no one has ever made that exact painting before. In addition, painting improves the skills of fine motor. On the other hand, I admit that it’s really hard to clean up after painting. Besides, they enjoy it!

Playdough and other crafting toys

Results of playing playdough might seem random at first. But, as they play more, they get more creative. Then, they start producing better reflections of their thoughts. As a result, self-confidence and imaginative abilities develop.

Imaginative and creative development can be reinforced in many different ways. It depends on your budget and environment. To illustrate, you could use mud to replace playdough if you can’t spend money. Similarly, you could use household objects to provide creative playing environment instead of investing in coding robots for kids. You could use the things you already have to create a farm or get some farm toys for toddlers.


After you read the things above this conclusion, you are also likely to conclude to get the idea. Indeed, the idea is to enhance imagination and creativity. The circumstances like budget and time mustn’t stop you. To make it clear, no future money will make up for the things lost in childhood. So, start thinking about whether you provide creative development before it’s too late.

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