Climbing Monkey 25 Rock Climbing Holds Review

Climbing Monkey 25 Rock Climbing Holds

  • These are great for outdoor jungle gyms. You can also put these 25 rock climbing holds to your indoor playground. Every set comes with different 5 coloured rocks! It colours gives children different kind of mood and enthusiasm.
  • It comes with an industrial hardware which helps you to attach the rock climbing holds!
  • You can easily push your kid into physical activities with the help of with climbing holds!
  • You can easily attach this climbing holds to your play set or backyard swingset with ease.
  • Made of really durable material, they are also weather resistant. Excellent plastic construction for a stable grip! You have to attach the two mounting holes for a secure attachment!
  • Even toddlers can use this product under the guidance of their parents!

Honest Opinion About Climbing Monkey 25 Rock Climbing Holds

These climbing holds are really durable and sturdy. They can carry up to 265 lbs which is great, you can even play it with your children if you are in the weight range. This weight range also backs up the safety function of the climbing holds! You can easily attach the climbing holds to your jungle gym! It comes with an 8mm Allen wrench and 2.5 inches Allen head bolts for installation! This is really longer than any other brands on the market! They also offer 100% lifetime money back guarantee which is great! If you are looking to make your kid engage in various physical activities like climbing and you want to develop his or her health and fitness you should get this high-quality rock climbing holds!

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