How to Clean Toys? 5 Simple Tips!

clean baby toys

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It’s inevitable when you become a parent, you are going to welcome your baby to his/her new family. It’s a new family for both you and your baby didn’t know ever existed. There are some ups and downs for this family but in the end, you have to do your part. You might what is the downside of being a parent. Well, I’ m going to talk about the subject of “cleaning baby toys”.

You can keep your baby safe from most of the germs with simple house cleaning. Sometimes you have to do a little bit of deep cleaning like baby toy cleaning. Toys are really a town centre for the germs and it’s your duty to keep these toys as clean as possible.

How Can I Clean Baby Toys?

There are some ways to clean your baby’s toy safely. You can remove dirt and germs with these simple steps. You have to be careful because all the toys are not same. You have to implement different methods factor various toys.

Fabric Toys

clean baby toys

You can clean fabric toys with ease. They are easy to clean than most of the other toys. You can use simple laundry detergent to clean them in a washing machine. Fabric toys engage with baby’s skin most of the time so you have to be careful when using detergent. You have to wash it really good and make sure there is no detergent on it. You also have to avoid detergents with extra chemicals and odd smelling ones, because of your baby’s health.

When you use hot water to clean the baby toys, you might also damage the toy, in the process of removing germs and bacteria. If you are worried about the toy getting damaged you can also wash in hand or you can put in a pillowcase and wash in it. This will prevent the toy from moving into the washing case. Also, you have to keep in mind that, the toy doesn’t have any electrical properties which can be damaged in the washing machine.

Small Plastic Toys

You can wash these ones in a simple dishwasher. You have to use a normal amount of dish detergent and wash it in economic mode. This method will easily sanitize your toys with ease. You can tie your toys to the sides of the dishwasher so it won’t fall through the rack. Be careful about electrical parts.

Larger Toys

Large baby toys are the hardest ones to clean, but you have to clean them also. You can take them outside to your garden and wash it with water and soap. You can also use diluted water to wipe the toys. You can clean toys every two weeks but I suggest you clean them more often if you have health concerns. You can also check wikihow and

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