10 Best Chemistry Sets for Kids in 2020

The Chemistry sets for kids are great when it comes to educating kids and providing them fun at the same time! These sets can keep your kid busy for hours without boring them. It’s also great for their education in the long run! There are different types of chemistry sets out there. I’m going to share the top sellers in the market right now.

Top Sellers





Galt Toys, Rainbow Lab, Science Kits for Kids

  • The product has five different versions, and all of them is great for stem learning!
  • It encourages kids to think scientifically while having fun at the same time!
  • It’s a great beginner product, which is excellent for teaching kids how to mix colors and grow crystals!
  • Your kid can also easily create a rainbow in the test tobe!
  • The rainbow lab comes with a 24-page full-color lab book! It has different experiments in it, which keeps your kid busy!
  • The product comes with 3 Test tube rack, goggles, color mixing tray, pipette, polyacrylamide crystals, three food colorings, rainbow glasses, three plastic cups, mirror, stickers, notepad and more.

The product is perfect for beginner kids out there. It’s effortless to use. The rainbow lab provides an enormous amount of fun, which is excellent for stem learners!

Crayola Arctic Color Chemistry Set for Kids

  • The set comes with two different designs. One of them has a winter theme that looks promising.
  • There are 50 different winter experiments in the package!
  • Your kid can do 18 out of the box experiments with the supplies.
  • The science book contains an additional 32 activities.
  • The materials are perfectly safe and non-toxic.
  • The instructions are pretty simple to follow. However, you should supervise your kid during the playtime.

If you are looking for basic chemistry set for kids, this one can work pretty well!

The Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set

  • One of the best sellers in the market.
  • The price of the chemistry set is perfect for the value!
  • The set comes with a 48-page full-color instructions book, which is clear to understand!
  • The set is specially designed for young kids out there. It’s suitable for kids above eight years of age!
  • Your kid can do experiments and find out different chemicals.
  • It’s excellent for teaching your kid about carbon dioxide and its obvious effects.
  • The product is made in Germany, and it’s high quality!
  • You can carry it during your travels. It doesn’t contain any chemicals in it!

I can suggest this chemistry set for any kid out there. It comes with all of the necessary stuff, which is excellent for the kids.

Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids

  • This might be the best set in this whole article, in my opinion!
  • It’s sophisticated but fun at the same time, which is provoking for the kids. Your kid won’t even want to leave this product alone!
  • It comes with 65+ experiments, which are fun and hand-on.
  • It comes with 56 pieces of educational kit that can be used over and over!
  • This set is excellent for improving the critical thinking of your kid. It will also help your kid to solve problems in the long run!
  • The materials are high-quality, which resembles the original chemistry equipment. If you are looking for a high-quality product, this one works pretty well!

The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is perfect, in my opinion. It’s one of the risk-free products when it comes to chemistry sets for kids! If you have a kid above five years of age, you should think about this one!

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit

  • Thames and kosmos have high-quality chemistry sets, which are designed especially for the kids!
  • The set has bright and vibrant colors that are highly attractive for the kids!
  • Your kid can create glowing slimes and fizzing reactions. These types of experiments are highly attractive for the kids.
  • It comes with 57 different pieces, and items are perfectly enough for most types of experiments!
  • Your kid will feel like a real scientist with all of the realistic equipment!
  • The printed experiment cards are great for following along. They will provide easy references for your kid!
  • The instructions book is pretty clear to understand, and it’s 16 pages long!

This product can be a great alternative! It has a parent’s choice silver honor award, which validates my point!

The Thames and Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

  • This is a great beginner set for the kids.
  • The set comes with 28 classic experiments that are easy to follow by the kids.
  • Your kid can learn about the colorful effects of acids and bases.
  • The set allows your kid to write invisible messages, which is fun to play! You can also take a look at spy kits for kids which has the same type of items!
  • It’s a great set to teach your kid about reactions between solids, liquids, and gases!
  • The product comes with a 48-page full-color experiment manual. It’s easy to understand for the kids!
  • The instructions book also explains how to experiments happen, which is excellent for teaching your kid the ideas behind the projects!

If you have a kid above nine years of age, you can get this one! It’s one of the sets which can teach your kid about the basics of chemistry! This one can not be classified as a toy, in my opinion. It’s more like a beginner set.

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

  • Creativity for kids is an excellent brand which has a different type of products.
  • This set is excellent for growing your habitat, which is the beginning of all chemistry, in my opinion!
  • It allows your kid to grow their tabletop garden, which is also great for teaching your kid about responsibility!
  • The kid comes with everything your kid needs. It allows your kid to two full plant life cycles! You can also buy additional materials to keep the garden alive!
  • The set also glows in the dark, which allows your kid to customize the garden in their style!
  • The garden overgrows. Your kid can have the plants in 3-4 days!

This one is great if you are looking for an alternative stem toy! It works flawlessly, and it’s not just a stem toy. It’s excellent for teaching your kid about a variety of stuff!

UNGLINGA Kids Science Experiment Kit

  • This is another alternative for parents who are looking for a beginner item.
  • It’s excellent for stem learning. The set also comes with an apron, which is great for roleplaying games!
  • The materials are high-quality and machine washable!
  • The set comes with a badge, and your kid can write their name own it! This will increase the reality of the set!
  • The set is suitable for kids above three years of age! You should supervise your kid during the playtime!
  • The instructions are pretty clear to understand. The step-by-step activities are perfect for the kids!
  • The gift set includes a variety of items, including.

If you are looking for beginner chemistry set for kids, you can get this one!

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kids Science Kit

  • This one combines magic with stem learning.
  • The set is excellent for making your kid love science!
  • It teaches the basic logic behind the magic tricks to your kid with science!
  • The set is suitable for kids above six years of age!
  • Different chemicals are fun to play!

This one can be an excellent alternative for the kids. It has nine different activities which make it perfect for the kids!

Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science Works

  • This one belongs to the top, in my opinion. It has all of the necessary stuff for chemistry experiments.
  • It will significantly spark your kid’s interest in chemistry because the materials work flawlessly!
  • The colors of the set are fantastic and bright.
  • It comes with over 65 experiments that are suitable for the kids.
  • The instructions are also pretty easy, which makes it a great alternative!
  • The carrying bag is also a great add-on compared to other chemistry sets! It can keep your kid during your holidays!
  • It improves your kid’s measuring and observing skills.
  • The set also allows your kid to classify the different chemicals with ease!

If you are looking for another high-quality chemistry set for kids, you can get this one!

How to Pick Best Chemistry Set for Kids?

Chemistry sets for kids are great choices when it comes to stem learning. They are great for teaching your kid about a couple of things, including measuring, stacking, separating, observing, and classifying. These skills are excellent in the long run for your kid. It’s also great for necessary hand-eye coordination skills, which might be beneficial for little kids. Some chemistry sets for kids also allow your kid to play roleplaying games, which makes them a perfect addition!

Material Quality

The material quality is essential when it comes to chemistry sets. There are some products which are made from low-quality plastics. These products are harmful to your kid’s health. You should check out the material quality of the product before you make your final purchase. Glass pieces are great when it comes to long term usage. They will be better for your kid’s health too.

You should also make sure the materials are durable and suitable for long term usage!

Materials and Size

The materials inside the set are pretty important. The set should cover all of the necessary items, in my opinion! The beakers and other glass stuff is essential. The set should include all of the basics if you want your kid to have functional experiments.

The size of the product is also pretty crucial. There are some chemistry sets out there which have a low amount of different items. These products will be harmful in the long run because your kid will consume the experiments in a week. If you want a product for more extended use, you should check the pieces in it!


The price of the chemistry sets for kids generally revolves around 20 dollars most of the time. You can get high-quality chemistry set around this price range. If you want higher quality items, you should pay more than 30 bucks, in my opinion. Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids is great for that matter. It has the quality and all of the necessary items you need from a set!

Skill Level

The skill level of the chemistry set should be suitable for your kid’s skills. There are some products which might be hard for the kids. If you are looking for a chemistry set like a toy, you should look into primary products. If your kid is interested in the chemistry, you can start with harder sets!


The chemistry sets for kids are a great addition to any kid’s toy arsenal. They are perfect for stem learning and improving your kid’s critical thinking. The set should be suitable for the kid’s skills and interests. You can check out the comparison table at the top if you don’t want any research at all. The table has the best items in the article. The last thing on the list also worth taking a look at! Make sure you leave comments below if you have any questions!

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