Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids

Bulletproof backpacks for kids to make a difference

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There are a few options for bulletproof backpacks for kids at the moment. However, this is a growing idea nowadays and we expect manufacturers to put these on the markets soon. So, we will update if there are more bulletproof backpacks for sale.

For now, the #makeourschoolssafe movement by makeourschoolssafe.org has influenced some brands. As a result of this, The Guard Dog ProShield Scout Backpack and similar options come with LEVEL IIIA protection. Of course, the protection of kids mustn’t be left to bulletproof gears. In other words, there are lots of areas to strengthen before the bullet reaches the young ones. Still, to provide better safety and protection, and to reduce the vulnerability can be good ideas. Mostly, schools are not directly dangerous areas. Still, whenever combat situations occur, there’s a chance for civilians to be shot, including children. In such cases, just running away might not be enough. Having some covers around or carrying at least a bulletproof backpack might make a great difference between the probable consequences. If the dangerous streets, unsafe profiles of schools, and the failing education systems tempt you, you can also read our post about homeschooling.

Let’s continue with the available bulletproof backpacks for kids. Then, we will update the topic when there will be more options. You will be able to see any updates under this topic.

Available Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids

ProShield Scout Backpack for kids by The Guard Dog

Bulletproof backpack for kids with three different color options

  • It has three color options and the design is unisex. The available colors are black, pink and teal.
  • All these backpacks look like regular backpacks people use every day but they actually protect against many bullets. The brand claims LEVEL IIIA protection, and it has the certificate.
  • Users can carry books. Moreover, there are laptop and tablet pockets.
  • Just like other high-quality bags, there are comfort paddings. Zippers are also very durable.
  • It just weights like casual backpacks. Actually, just slightly more. The dimensions are 16.75” L x 12” W x 5.875” H and the weight is about 3 pounds only.
  • All these features make this one a perfect candidate to be one of the most trending backpacks very soon.

Without any signs looking like a piece of protective equipment, people can use it in daily life. This is the simplest design of the brand, therefore, we showed it first. It combines simplicity, stylish design, and protection. By the time we published this article, it costs around $120.

The brand, Guard Dog Security, has satisfying warranty terms for end-user. We believe they will be even more successful. So, we expect their prices to go up slightly for soon, even higher in a year. They also spare some portion of the sales for the benefit of the non-profit organization of ‘Make Our Schools Safe’.



Options of Bulletproof Backpacks

Approximate Price$120$175$180$190$200$300
Bulletproof CoverTested and certified against .44 magnum and 9mmTested and certified against .44 magnum and 9mmTested and certified against .44 magnum and 9mmTested and certified against .44 magnum and 9mmTested and certified against .44 magnum and 9mmTwice the bulletproof coverage compared to other models.
Built-in Ports for Smart ThingsBuilt in auxiliary out port from backpack strapAux Port to the outside shoulder strapBuilt-in charging bankBuilt-in charging bank and aux ports.Built-in charging bank and aux ports with Phone grip strap
DesignStronger padding with added stitching, sturdy reinforced handle, enhanced comfort paddingPrym 1 Camo, Added gel support and shoulder straps and back for ultimate comfort, durabilityRFID protection compartment, Ergonomic back design,TSA-approved quick-open,The brand scrutinized things for the best feel and the look of the zippers, trims, the quick-carry sleeve and pockets of this bag. RFID Protection compartment, and ergonomic design to provide airflow prevents sweating and discomfort of wearing. TSA-approved. This also has a hidden gun holster.Padded and adjustable straps with end buckles for optional secure closure,
Extensive storage compartments20 + organizational panels20+ organizational panels and pockets, including tablet/laptop pocketOver 20 pockets and compartments, Laptop and tablet compartments hold up to 18" laptops and all available tabletsOver 20 pockets and compartments for ultimate convenience, including quick-access front and side pockets and Laptop and tablet compartments hold up to 18" laptops and all available tabletsLaptop and tablet compartments hold up to 18" laptops and all available tablets, Over 20 pockets and compartments for ultimate convenience, including quick-access front pockets, TSA Approved, ergonomic back design. RFID Compartment and Easy zippers
Dimensions16.75''L x 12'' W x 5.875'' H20.0’’ (50.8 cm) H x 15.0’’ (38.1 cm) W x 9.5’’ (24.1 cm) Depth x 3.86 lb (1753 gr) Weight
Volume: 2,280 cubic inches (37 lts)
20.0’’ (50.8 cm)
15.0’’ (38.1 cm)
9.5’’ (24.1 cm)
2,280 cubic inches (37 lts)
3.86 lb (1753 gr)
19.0"(48.3 cm)
13.5" (34.3 cm)
8.0" (20.3 cm)
1,641 cubic inches (27 lts)
4.16 lb (1888 gr)
18.5" (47.0 cm)
14.5" (36.8 cm)
7.5" (19.5 cm")
1,610 cubic inches (28 lts)
3.78 lb (1714 gr)
There are different features for bags. Color options won't change the price but better features will.

Bulletproof Backpacks for Adults

There are also some attractive options for bulletproof backpacks for teenagers and adults. In addition to being bulletproof, these backpacks have pleasing designs. So, these can be used like casual backpacks. Moreover, some options can go well with formal clothes, too.


The brand also has some other options of security products like picture frames, stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms, and even calendars. Luckily, they give lifetime warranties for their products. Correspondingly, this helps us to trust more. More than this, they also give you one more of the security products for free if you send them an official report of usage in emergency situations.

These products are all tested and certified. After hours of research, these bulletproof backpacks seem to be the best available in the market. Still, as we expressed before, we are eager to keep this topic updated in case competitors come up.

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