Best Wooden Train Toys for Kids

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Wooden train toys are favorable all over the world so we decided to compose some reviews of the best wooden toys for kids. They are bright, durable, and fun for babies and preschoolers. Manufacturers of wooden train brands such as Thomas Train and Melissa and Doug designed their products for tiny people and made them a safe and colorful way to have fun with endless playtime activities.

But wooden train toys are more than popular game-time events. It is also an excellent tool for the social development of young children.  Toy trains are one of the greatest toys a parent can give their children. This train is a very good choice to replace the action figure toys and robots. At the very least, your children would imagine what was in our reality, and their little minds would not be based on being superheroes or giant robot pilots. What is so wonderful about these wooden toy trains is that they have to rely on the real existing or the trains that once existed on earth. There is an intellectual sense that the traces are more than correcting things done with costumes and other toys.

Why People Prefer Wooden Toys

Some kids prefer to play with wooden trains because they can do what they want with it. In addition, the toy will not leave its side because there is no mechanism or external force for this to happen. This is the only time children will move as children press the train. Another advantage of wooden trains is that your child can’t swallow the small parts. Wooden toys are usually large or glued together. It also has a smooth surface to which your children and parents should not worry about playing with it. One last thing, these can also be good decoration miscellaneous.

The maintenance of these toy trains depends on their materials. However, just cleaning them with a clean towel is enough. Also, try to keep the trains in a safe place for longer use. In addition, it is good to know that transferring these precious items to the previous generation is already an antique item. Everyone can not take antique pieces as souvenirs, because some people just do not care if the material is broken up. As long as they enjoy playing for them, that’s enough.

Wooden trains are perhaps the easiest because there is plenty of wood. Use your imagination and you can make your own original version of a train. Putting some varnish or paint can change the look of the train you are doing. You can even customize by adding some accessories or designs that will cherish the player.  Nevertheless, if children want to do the same thing, you should be there when you do this project.

Whether children play with wooden trains, electric trains or any trains, their safety comes first. Even if they are toys, they can still be a threat to children and adults if not handled carefully. It can be anywhere to find a safe place to play with it. Keeping children away from harm and avoiding them is inevitable. All you have to do is be awake, when there is something bad, just keep a first-aid kit in your home. It is the responsibility of the parents or the parents to ensure that the toys they give to children are safe.

Top Seller Wooden Train Toys for Kids

Kidzzy Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Railway Trains Set

cheap wooden train toys for kids

  • There are 12 pieces of engines and trains in the wooden set.
  • The set comes in a wooden box and a great looking cover.
  • Magnets are really strong if you compare them to other brands!
  • High-quality wooden train toys for your kids.
  • Suitable for all ages of kids.
  • Some product parts can come out, the wooden trains generally safe doesn’t come apart but be careful about this.
  • If you want a high-quality wooden train set for your kid, you should buy it immediately!


Orbrium Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars

mid budget wooden train toys for kids

  • One of the best sellers on the market!
  • The set includes engines, tender, coaches and cargo cars.
  • The product comes in a beautiful wooden display set!
  • You can easily fit in the toy in most of the major playsets!
  • Meets ASTM standards.
  • Train cars are solid hard-wood and high-quality. They are heavier than its peers!
  • It will make a perfect Christmas gift for any kid out there!
  • The product is extremely durable, it won’t wear out even if your kid throws them into the ground.
  • Highly suggested if you are looking for high-quality wooden train cars!



100-Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

  • fairly better wooden train toys for kidsThis set is beautifully craft and it contains 100 hundred pieces of wooden trains and accessories!
  • Triple-layout is extremely fun to play for kids.
  • The set includes 2 very-versatile 3-way track pieces!
  • The wooden train set has buildings, engines, bridges, city vehicles etc.
  • Hundred percent compatible with Thomas Wooden or Brio Railway System.
  • Meets CSPC testing standards.
  • Made of beech wood.
  • This set has a high selling rate which is really great.
  • 32 vehicles come with the set.
  • Set is 32 inches wide and 40 inches in length.
  • There are no double connector pieces in the set.
  • The colours are extremely vibrant, your kids are going to love it.
  • Your kid can construct multiple track formations!
  • Highly suggested if you are looking for a high-quality wooden train set!


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set

  • high-quality wooden train toys for kidsThe set has 100 wooden track sections and supports!
  • It also has over 30 vehicles which are really high-quality.
  • The set includes six-piece freight train with cargo and that looks cool.
  • The four-piece passenger train is also looking good with vibrant colours.
  • Your kid can easily do four different track configurations!
  • One of the best sellers on the market, high-quality wooden railway train set!
  • Sometimes it’s really hard to keep the train on track if your kid plays too fast.
  • Stays are also really low, you might have trouble when you are passing trains under bridges.
  • You can get this set if you like it. However, I don’t like the design of it.

Extra Tracks for Wooden Train Toys for Kids

tracks of wooden train toys for kids

  • 16 pieces of wooden train track pieces
  • Compatible with other BRIO toys and most of the wooden train toys.
  • The set provides effectively engaging playtime and development.
  • Totally safe for little ones to let play.

With these wooden tracks for train toys, you can extend your current toy to provide more creative play. It keeps the player thinking. When the kids can figure out new ways and creations, they can improve their logical abilities. These pieces have FSC certificate.

BRIO itself is a good brand for such accessories and toys. They have sensitive rules as a company. So, they are careful about warranties and return policies in case. More go green with their products. They claim that their raw materials are coming from managed forests.

If you liked the idea of this extra track, you can make sure that you have a BRIO train:

BRIO World – 33722 Safari Train | 3 Piece Toy Train Accessory for Kids Age 3 and Up

Train Accessory for Kids Age 3 and Up

  • Compatible with all other BRIO world toys. You can combine this toy with the previously shown tracks set.
  • Inside the wagons, there are safari animals. They can pop up or hide as you like. It is very attractive and surprising. Roofs of the wagons can slide to show a giraffe and a zebra. However, the zebra and the giraffe are attached to the wagons. So, kids cannot play separately.
  • Looks awesome even if you use for decoratives.
  • Kids might love playing with them. They are available for 3 years and more age. Absolutely safe to play…
  • There are three train cars in the pack.
  • Makes a perfect gift for families with toddlers.
  • Actually, this toy is even suitable for under 3. However, parental watch out will be required.
  • Totally played with hands and imagination. No batteries or anything required besides.


This list of the best wooden train toys for kids come to you with a great search and effort. We believe, every penny we spend should give back. Therefore, we check every product. In addition, no matter how much time it takes, we read and give a chance to all the customer reviews; even the weird ones.

We made sure that these toys are high quality and composed these reviews under the title. The finalizing decision should be yours. Still, if you struggle to finalize your decision, we’re here to reply to your comments. For that, you should provide brief info about your purchase intention.

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