9 Best Wooden Toys for 1 Year Old in 2019

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Wooden toys are great when it comes to picking something suitable for your kid. They are easy to find most of the time, and there are a variety of toys on the market. These toys are on the rise because of the health benefits of it. Some of the parents stay away from plastic toys, and there is some trueness behind this. If you want to learn about the best wooden toys for a one-year-old kid, you are in the right place. Now let’s take a look at the best toys.

Top Seller Wooden Toys for 1-Year-Old

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys

  • This car meets the ASTM and European toy standards, which is pretty crucial for wooden toys because of synthetic painting used in these toys.
  • It’s made with washing painting. The colors are pretty bright, which attractive for the kids!
  • The toy doesn’t contain any formaldehyde or other harmful substances.
  • The edges are polished, nice; it doesn’t have any sharp places at all if you are concerned about the edges; this product has smooth edges.
  • The toy only contains wooden and plastic parts, which are pretty cool! The shapes are made of plastic, and they also don’t include anything harmful for your kid!
  • The shape shorter car operates like a barrel blender.
  • If you have lego pieces, you can put a lego driver in the driver seat, which amuses the kids. This car is great for roleplaying games, and it’s suitable for kids above one year of age!
  • The toy doesn’t have any small parts, which makes it great for little kids!

The toy is pretty sweet. The car makes a crunching noise every time your kid successfully picks the shape. It improves the sensory skills of your kid as the kid pulls the perfect shape. If you are looking for a cute car toy for your toddler, you can pick this one!

TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys

  • The top Bright brand has beautiful wooden toys that are suitable for small kids!
  • This one is great for developing cognitive skills because of its design.
  • Your kid has to figure out ways to move the cars without dropping them between the slides.
  • This is a great toy to keep little kids busy during your chore time! If your kid doesn’t tend to swallow kids, you can easily keep your kid busy for an hour!
  • The cars flip at the end of ramps, which amuses the kids!
  • Your kid can easily enjoy this toy with a friend who helps the development of social skills!
  • The toy is water painted and doesn’t contain anything harmful for your kid!

If you are looking for a car track set, this one is perfect for parents! It’s made of wood, which is a huge bonus! The design seems pretty vibrant, and car mechanics attract the kids with ease! I suggest this one if you are looking for a wooden toy for kids to keep your kid busy!

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

  • I like tapping toys for small kids because they also develop the motor skills of the kid!
  • Motor skills are pretty crucial for little kids! These skills can only develop when your kid is little enough!
  • There are two color options on the design page! You should pick something attractive for your kid so the kid can enjoy it for long hours!
  • This toy can be played in two ways, which add extra value to the toy! Your kid can play fetch the ball game or the standard game!
  • The toy promotes hand-eye coordination, dexterity, manipulation, and arm movement. These skills are incredibly crucial, and they can develop fast when your kid is small.

It encourages musical development and exploration of your kid! The toy is also great for developing audio recognition! If you are looking for a complete toy that can improve cognitive and physical skills at the same time, you should get this one!

GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

  • The price of the toy is pretty low compared to other ones on the list.
  • International laboratories test it and have ASTM and CPSIA tests done.
  • The toy doesn’t contain any bpa or leads.
  • The edges are excellent, and they won’t hurt your baby.
  • The toy contains one word and nine shapes that are designed to improve the cognitive skills of your baby!
  • The shapes are classic geometric shapes that can be used to teach your kid shapes!

If you want to start developing the imaginative play, creativity, and excellent motor skills of your little kid, you should get this one! The price is pretty good, which makes it a great alternative if you are short on the budget!

Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

  • I like the musical toys for babies because they can develop the sensory, physical, and cognitive skills of the baby at the same time!
  • This set contains all of the primary instruments for babies, which is pretty cool! You will get the complete set at a reasonable price!
  • There are fifteen types of different musical instruments for babies. The total number of the set is 22 pieces!
  • The toy set is made of high-quality non-toxic materials.
  • It comes with a tote-bag to keep things organized. It can also be a great way to teach your kids how to be organized!
  • If you want to inspire the creativity of your kid, you should think about this set!
  • The toy comes with a two-year warranty, which is pretty good!

You are getting fifteen different musical instruments for babies at a very reasonable price! I suggest this set if you are looking to improve all aspects of your kid!

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Toys

  • Bead mazes are perfect for any small kid out there. This set allows your kid to explore every corner of the game!
  • The toy has five different games on it. All of them carefully designed to improve your baby’s cognitive performance.
  • The game has rainbow spinning, color counting beads, bead maze, turning wheel.
  • Each side of this cube has a different educational play. It will educate your kid and keep the kid busy for a while easily!
  • The colors look vibrant enough to attract the kids. This is crucial to keep your kid’s attention around the toy!
  • The edges are smooth, and they won’t harm your kid!
  • There are no harmful materials in this product!

This one makes a perfect gift for toddlers around 1-2 years of age! If you want to contribute the education to your children, you can prefer this toy!

Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game

  • Stacking toys are perfect learning toys for any little kid out there.
  • The rainbow block set comes in seven different colors. You can easily teach your kid colors.
  • These arched rainbows allow your kid to increase creativity. They don’t have a natural pattern that helps your kid to create whatever they want.
  • The arches can make shapes like tunnels, houses, or hills. It’s excellent for improving creativity.
  • The toy is suitable for kids above one year of age. It’s a perfect gift for any kid out there.
  • If you are looking for an open-ended toy, this might be good for you.

If you like educational toys, this one is perfect for your kid. It’s an open-ended toy that adds extra value to the toy. The toy is suitable for improving the creativity of your kid, which is a massive plus, in my opinion. You can teach your kid about colors while keeping the kid busy!

BettRoom Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toys

  • It’s crucial to the early skills of your toddler! You can teach your kid about shapes, colors, and numbers.
  • The toy is a complete educational toy, and the price is perfect.
  • It’s excellent for improving a kid’s imagination and problem-solving skills!
  • The toy will also develop some necessary motor skills, which should be taught at a little age.
  • If you want to improve the hand-eye coordination of your little kid, you should think about this toy!
  • The toy comes with a 3-month money-back guarantee, which is perfect!
  • The pieces are enormous, so choking is not a problem for little kids out there! It’s also suitable for little hands.
  • The painting has an excellent quality, which is crucial for wooden toys.

If you love bright colors and shapes, this toy will be perfect for your kid! It’s a classic educational toy for any kid out there!

SKYFIELD Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers

  • There are two different versions on the sales page. You can pick the animal version or vehicle version depending on your kid’s preference.
  • The toy quality is perfect. It’s made with high-quality wood and painting, which doesn’t contain anything harmful for your kid!
  • It doesn’t contain any bpa or leads, which is perfect!
  • There is bear, ladybug, bee, and butterfly in the animal version. All of these animals look so cute.
  • You can teach your kids these animals while improving their intelligence and motor skills!
  • The toy is suitable for kids aged 1-2-3 years old.
  • This is the perfect toy for improving concentration and attention span of the kid.
  • Each puzzle is 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.6 in.

Puzzles for toddlers are the perfect way to encourage your kid for intelligence development. They are great for also improving coordination, which is a huge problem for today’s kids! I suggest this one if you are looking to improve both the physical and mental skills of your kid!

What Types of Toys are Suitable for 1-Year-Old Kids?

There are different toy types you can find for your 1-year-old kid! These toys are pretty standard and easy to see if you know what you are looking for. I’ve listed the most used ones in this article, so you don’t have to spend a single minute on them. Puzzles, sorting games, coloring games, and musical toys are great for starters. These toys will be perfect if you don’t know which toy will be suitable for your toddler!


Puzzles are great toys for one-year-olds.  They are great for improving the mathematical brain of your kid! They are also great for enhancing your bonds with your kid because it allows for a parent-kid time. You can spend time with your kid during puzzle game time. Wooden puzzles are on the whole another level because they tend to improve the motor skills of your kid! Placing wooden parts of a toy is a little bit harder compared to plastic ones! This will improve the hand-eye coordination of your kid!

Sorting and Stacking Games

Stacking toys are a great educational toy for any little kid out there! These toys can be used for a while because after some time of usage. Your kid is going to get bored. However, you can still use these stacking toys as other stuff in your house. They are great toys for any 1-year old out there.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are perfect when it comes to small kids! If you want to improve both the motor and sensory skills of your kid, you should think about musical toys for kids! These toys can be hard to find, especially the wooden ones. If you like standard ones, you can check this article here! Wooden musical instrument toys for 1-year-olds are pretty standard, but the toy number is limited due to certain factors. You can still find good wooden musical toys if you do proper research!

How to Pick Best Wooden Toys for 1-Year-Olds?

Picking the best possible wooden toy might be hard for some parents out there. If you follow my instructions, exactly you won’t face too many problems. First of all, you have to determine who are you going to buy the toy! The skill level and age of the kid is fundamental when it comes to toys! It’s vital for the one-year-old kids because wooden toys can have sharp parts, which might be dangerous for small kids out there. When you determine who is going to use the toy, you can move on to the other steps!

Material Quality and Coloring

Wooden toys for 1-year-olds generally have the same quality compared to each other. Of course, you can still find high-quality wooden toys for small kids out there. However, the real difference is in their coloring technique. Coloring affects the price of wooden toys. You should be looking for toys which are water painted. These toys don’t contain anything harmful for your kid, and they is good to use in the long run!


The price of the toy changes according to the size of it! There are some small toys out there that cost higher than usual, but they are generally unique toys that are handcrafted. If you are lookign for unique wooden toys for your kid, you can still prefer this kind of toy for your kid! The price also gets affected by the pieces in a single toy set! Generally, bigger games have higher prices compared to their peers!

Toy Type

I think this is the most important thing when it comes to getting the best possible wooden toy for your toddler! The toy should be suitable for your kid. As I mentioned before ! you should determine the interests of your kid and make your purchase according to that!


Buying a wooden toy for 1-year-old kids might be hard at first, but if you follow my instructions exactly, it will be a breeze for you!

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