Best Ways to Teach Kids Coding

There are many books around that are trying to teach kids to code. These books are mostly geared towards elementary school kids. There are tons of resources in these books for kids. Summer coding camps and school clubs are one of these. You might even see there are some apps which are designed especially for kids between 6 and 9 years of age. Coding is the best thing you can teach your kid because it’s a future proof skill.

We are moving on to the age of automation and coding is the base of automation. I understand why parents are pushing coding on their kids and it’s perfectly reasonable. You have to prepare your kid for the future. Automation is going to finish lots of jobs and it’s going to be a problem for most of the people. Doing the automating will ensure your kids to have perfect jobs. Learning to code is really great and learning coding earlier is even better! There are products specially designed to teach kids how to code but they are not that great in terms of creating software.

 Coding is great but it’s not like learning how to read. Parents are pushing their kids into coding might be doing something bad. You have to prepare your kid for the future but you shouldn’t act ridiculous. It’s important to teach the skills coding to require which can be listed as creativity, determination, problem-solving skills. Most of the coding books designed for kids are based around problem-solving. They are based around correcting syntax which is a little bit helpful. Coding is not about syntax. Your kid has to develop creativity and determination in order to be a good programmer. These can be taught at a little age but kids can acquire these skills without any coding at all!

Dedication, Hard Work and Creativity

That is, of course, ridiculous. Coding is not the new literacy. While most parents are literate and know to read to their kids, most are not programmers and have no idea what kind of skills a programmer needs. Coding books for kids present coding as a set of problems with “correct” solutions. And if your children can just master the syntax, they’ll be able to make things quickly and easily. But that is not the way programming works. Programming is messy. Programming is a mix of creativity and determination. Being a developer is about more than syntax, and certain skills can only be taught to the very young.

Coding is something like cooking. You have to aim for smoothness and consistency. There are some steps which are highly important for coding. Coding can be only improved through determination and experience. Correcting syntax is a good place to start but don’t forget you have to improve other skills of your kid. You have to teach your kid how to be passionate about the things they do. Doing things in a perfect manner is really important for coders and other jobs. You have to prepare your kid for coding not teach them how to code. Quality, work ethic, determination and creativity should be important for you if you want your kid to be a good coder. You can force your kid to learn syntax but this is not a valuable thing in the long run. The syntax can be learned anytime but curiosity, determination and creative are priceless!

Three Places You can Teach Your Kid Coding

There are many places online which you can teach your kids about coding. You don’t always have to buy coding books for kids since they are mostly geared towards syntax correction. This is important but not as important as you think. You can teach your kid about the basics if you visit the following websites.

Daisy the Dinosaur Game

This is a great game to teach your kid about the basics. It has 4 fundamental stuff which are necessary for coding. When your kid completes the game they can create their own games with a downloadable kit. You can check out the game here.

Made with Code by Google

This is a special website designed by Google especially for little girls. The website will spark creativity in girls!. There are many projects on the website that your kid can complete.


It’s a nonprofit organization which encourages children to learn about coding. The website comes with a number of tools, resources and tutorials which definitely helpful for learning to code.

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