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Welcome to our website! We provide comprehensive best toys for toddlers and kids to help you make the correct decision of toys for your kids. A toy is an essential purchase which can’t be neglected. You have to be informed about the toy so you will easily find the best toy for toddlers.

Your toddler deserves utmost importance and so is your toy choice. There are different kind of factors to consider when purchasing a brand new toy from safety to material that has been used. Here at our toy guide, we’ve gathered all the information you need in order to bring all you need. We review a different kind of best toddler toys here. We also separated toys to categories which include musical toys, bathroom toys, hand-eye coordination toys and many others. Our main aim is to save you money, time and giving you the best advice you’ll ever get about toys.  If you wanna get started about the reviews you can check the posts below and navigate across the menu!

What are the toy types?

When it comes to picking toy type for your beloved kid parents can really have a hard time. You have to consider your kid’s age, gender, maturity, interests and other factors in check before you get the toy you want! There are too many categories to pick the toy which includes the ones listed below.

Musical Toys


Musical toys are designed to improve your toddlers’ hearing and listening functions. They can follow along with various of orders and play the songs they want. Most of best musical toys have followed along modes in them. Your toddler has to listen to the songs, music types and play the instrument according to it. We suggest you, using this toys for older than 1 years old. It will definitely help your child to earn some experience in the music world and improve attention. Musical toys can include drums, pianos, percussion, karaokes, keyboards and music players.

Learning & Education Toys


Learning Toys has a huge importance in your kid’s development. You should use this toys after age 2 but mostly after age 3. Education toys for toddlers can come in different sizes, shapes and goals. The main goal of learning toys mostly pairing the toys in the most suitable way. It will also help your kid to develop visual memory with ease. You should mostly get colorful learning toys because your kid can get bored easily with this learning toys. 


Sorting & Stacking

These toys are well-known toys, we listed them under learning & education toys menu. It improves your toddler’s recognizing and memory abilities. I suggest you to look for wooden toys when you are looking for these toys. 

Early Development Toys

ED toys can be listed under learning and education toys are best toys for toddlers. These toys are really essential for your toddler’s brain development. You have to develop motor, recognizing, sense and other skills with these products. 

Bath Toys


Bath time is a real struggle for most of the parents. You have to keep your baby clean but keep entertained at the same time. Most of the times, parents work in cooperation to make this happen. If you have bath toys in your life it’s not that hard to do. There are different types of bath toys which include water squirters and plush toys. Most of the water squirters can easily develop molds inside so you have to keep them clean. If you are a lazy parent like me you should buy the plush ones that do not hold any water in it.



Puzzler for toddlers

Puzzles can be good for any age! They develop creativity and intensive thinking at any level. It requires coordination, memory and sometimes team skills! If you want to enjoy a good evening with your kid puzzle is the best choice you got. It’s both fun and interesting way to educate your children and improve the bond between you two. You can check puzzles for toddlers in our categories.


Dress Up & Pretend Play

Dress up & Pretend play toys generally preferred by girls but they can be played by boys too I wouldn’t suggest it. This is a really important subject because your beloved boy can develop gender problems. At ages below 6, they don’t really aware of genders and it can be harmful to his development. You can find suitable toys for his gender and make him play with it. You can check rest of dress up toys in our categories.

Electronic Toys

Did you know parents at the Silicone Valley mostly doesn’t make their children play with electronic toys? They mostly prefer most basic and wooden toys for their toddlers and kids. However, this might be a dilemma. You can easily access electronic toy reviews here. 

Arts & Crafts

Here comes my favorite toys category Arts & Crafts! It’s really fun and engaging toy category. You can draw things, craft new things with these ones. It will easily improve your babies creativity and hand skills. Most of the time playing dough can be a simple solution for arts and crafts toys.  Writing toys and drawing toys will be in this category. You can teach your kid how to write simple letters and shapes with simple drawing toy. You can also use that drawing toy to improve painting skills.

Building Toys

Legos and other building toys can be under this category. If you want to raise little engineer and build up his/her cognitive and motor functions this is the best toy for you. Building toys are mostly made of plastic which indicates that you should be careful before buying it. You can check rest of best building toys in our category.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-Eye coordination is a must for everyone, especially for toddlers. In early development toddler days, hand-eye coordination development leads to a healthy and sporty individual later in life stages. You must not neglect train your kids hand-eye coordination. You can find best hand-eye coordination toys in our menu.

Wooden Toys


Wooden toys are used by the parents who are health addicted! You should definitely pick wooden toys if your toddler has allergy issues or health concerns. You can find wooden car toys and wooden animal toys with ease. This can be not as fun as other toys but it will definitely keep your baby entertained.


Harmful and Safe Toy Materials!


Your toy can contain any harmful material! We tried our best to give you information about harmful toy materials in a short manner ! 

Bisphenol A(BPA)

Bisphenol A is a chemical which used both in plastic toys and baby feeding bottles! It’s also in baby food boxes. Sometimes BPA is in baby teethers! You must contact your doctor before using Bisphenol A


PVC is the short version of Polyvinyl Chloride. It should never get close to food. It can easily pass into food. 


HDPE is High-Density Polyethylene . It’s used within foods. It doesn’t contain BPA. It can be washed in the dishwasher and can be used in the microwave.


PE is the short version of Polyethylene. It’s the safest version of plastic. Number 2 and 4 are the low and high-density version of this matter. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients for foods. You can wash it in the dishwasher and can use in the microwave. 

5 Important Tips Before Ordering Toys

Age Category

Age is the most important factor when buying a toy. We classified most of the toys for age to help you. If you still help questions you can ask them in the comments section of special product and read reviews about it.

Which toys for 6-month-old? 

When your toddler starts to sit, his/her area will expand. That’s the reason we give toddler’s something they can hold. Most of the time this is a plastic toy, little or medium sized babies, animals or colored rings. Most suitable toys for toddlers at this ages are pictured or ringed noise makers. They will make noises and move around to keep your baby entertained. You can also get safe baby teethers or plastic rings.

Which toys for 9-month-old?

During this stages of development babies will crawl and walk around. You should always get durable things that do not get broken when your toddler falls down. This can be toys that make noise when they fall. During this stages of development, you can always get baby push walkers, cars. These tools are really suitable toys who is learning to walk. You can also get sorting and stacking toys during this period to keep your baby happy and entertained.

Which toys for 1-year-old? 

You can proceed to basic colored books or shiny ones during this stage. Especially if you cooperate with your baby during this timeline it should be really effective and fun way to learn. You can also check out the best toys for 1 years old here. 

Which toys for 2-year-old?

Most of the children already learned to walk till 2 years old. They can move between rooms, they can carry their toys room to room. For this reason, you can get baby push toys or pull toys. Toys that make noise when pushed also good choices during this age. You should get wheeled animals and babies, they are much loved during this period. I suggest mostly push walkers, you can check best push walkers here. 

Which toys for 3-year-old?

You can start with building tools during this period. They will start to dramatize every situation in their daily life. For this reason, you can get babies, puppets, dress up toys, crafting toys, cleaning toys, gardening or farming toys, cars, trains, doctor toys can be suitable toys. During this age making mud is also their favorite, they will really enjoy playing with sand and water. 

Which toys for 4-year-old?

During this period your kids will improve their motor skills and get better moving functions. They love climbing toys, three-wheeled bicycles. You can get pony toys, or push bikes, bicycle, or even swings during this period. You can always get stacking toys, building toys during this period.

Which toys for 5-year-old?

During this period children move into outdoor toys for toddlers. They will love painting, cutting, making different shapes or puzzle games. They will develop memory, making new things, failing, correcting or making new comment skills. These toys can be blocks, pencils, papers, paintings, scissors, buttons, pairing toys or other 5-year-old toys listed here.

Which toys for 6-year-old?

During this period their imagination will be at the top! You can make them play pretend toys, gardening toys, animal sets or even you can get a safe trampoline. 


  • BPA is considered harmful by most of the countries and it’s banned in several of them. You should really ask your doctor before making a final decision about the toy you are getting.
  • PE is the safest material out there. You can read more about PE at Wikipedia.
  • Always check for CE symbol when you are getting a toy. That means that it’s healthy and passed health checks. You must also make sure your toy is not produced in CHINA. 


Shipping cost also can be a huge factor. You want to make the best bang for your buck so you have to check shipping cost. Most of the websites offer free shipping after some degree of the price. You can also check out international stores if you want to get wooden toys, but it will definitely improve shipping time!

Customer Reviews

You should always, I mean literally always read customer reviews. They are the best thing out there to help you about your toy buying journey! Read all of the reviews carefully, take notes, discuss them with your partner and pick the best toy for your toddler.

Which Gender?

Gender can be neglected most of the time by parents but it’s really crucial thing in the early development stages of a toddler. Most of the toddlers don’t even recognize opposite sex till ages 7-8. Experts suggest that you should always get toys according to your toddler’s gender to avoid future consequences.