13 Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers and Kids in 2019

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Tardis-like slip-on sneakers and sandals are the best summer shoes for toddlers and kids. We’ve worked hard to bring them together on a simple list for our readers. You can find them on the same page to compare faster, eventually, decide more accurately. As usual, pictures will help you find the style you might be looking for. We’ve tried our best to make sure about the quality. You’ll find only the very best options for the summer sneakers and sandals for boys or girls. Also, there are many unisex options to buy, even for fraternal twins, or you might just like that style for your only kid or kids.

The products on the table below have some standard features and some distinctive features. One of the shared things is they have plenty of color options. They are also very stylish and sturdy, not to disappoint you on traveling occasions. You’ll see bargains both from popular brands and less known manufacturers. The meeting points we set are the quality and the value for the price.

Best Summer Shoe Picks






Native Unisex Kid’s Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers ethylene

  • Made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  • It’s made in the USA, but you might get imported products too.
  • You should ask the seller whether its made in the USA or imported!
  • It has size ranges up to 12 years olds.
  • There are around 50 color options. You can definitely find something suitable for your toddler!
  • The sole is made of rubber.
  • It’s slip-resistant because of the design.
  • You can wash it with your hands.
  • It’s great for summers because it’s odor resistant.

This one is really great for toddlers. If you are looking to get the best summer shoe for toddlers, this might be your answer. It’s also the number one seller in 2019, which is perfect. The quality is top-notch compared to other summer shoes for toddlers in the market!

SOFMUO Toddler Boys Girls Unisex Baby Summer Sport Sandals

  • The upper part is designed like a sock, which provides a little bit of stability for your toddler’s ankle.
  • It’s made with soft lining which is baby-friendly.
  • The shoe is really breathable.
  • The closed-toe is great for anti-collision.
  • The sole part is anti-slip, which is great for toddlers who are just learning to walk.
  • It can be comfortable to wear by the toddlers.
  • It has a sporty look and extremely durable.
  • %100 satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are looking to get a cozy summer shoe for your toddler, this one is great. The designs are also charming. I like rainbow-colored ones. It also has zero hassle returns, which can be useful!

Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal

  • It has over 15 designs, and all of them look cool.
  • This one has a perfect breathable design.
  • The upper part is made of a hundred percent EVA.
  • It can be washed in a great machine!
  • The rubber pods on the outside are great for providing stability.
  • The hook and loop closure is exceptionally secure, and it will also provide some stability for your baby’s ankle.
  • It’s a hundred percent vegan product.

If you care about animals, you can use this product. It doesn’t contain any animal products at all! Other than that, the design is perfect for summer usage. It’s breathable despite its looks.

CIOR Boys & Girls’ Breathable Mesh Slip-on Sneakers

  • The classic design is perfect for toddlers.
  • It also has suitable sizes for the kids!
  • There are ten different designs.
  • The product looks basic with coloration and design.
  • It’s made of lycra blend material.
  • The lace-less design is breathable.
  • The sole part is light and sturdy. You can also wash it in your hands.
  • Excellent summer shoes for water activities! It’s comfortable.
  • The price is also meager.

If you are looking for a classic summer shoe for your kid, this can work well. The price of it is also really low, which makes it a great alternative!

Crocs Kid’s Boys and Girls Crocband II Sandal

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers - popular choice

  • The Brand Crocs is the answer when it comes to shoes for kids and toddlers.
  • The design looks fancy; therefore, it makes the brand popular.
  • It’s made of synthetic material.
  • The platform is 0.75 inches, which might be uncomfortable for some kids.
  • The closure is adjustable. You can easily fit your kid’s feet in it.
  • Lightweight and flexible design.
  • There are four different color options on the sales page.

Crocs is a well-known brand. Therefore, their products are also outstanding! If you are looking to get a high-quality summer shoe for your toddler, this one can work great!

Carter’s Kids Damon Boy’s Casual Slip-on Sneaker

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers breathable fabric

  • Extremely classy and elegant slip-on sneaker for kids.
  • I like the design of this sneaker!
  • It’s made of a hundred percent textile. The product is also breathable!
  • Imported.
  • Suitable for boys, and there are four different designs for you to pick!
  • It’s a great shoe for spring and summertime.

If you are looking to improve the style of your toddler, these shoes are perfect! They will make your little man look handsome. He is going to get some compliments about his shoes!

BMCiTYBM Boys Girls Sport Water Sandals

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers water friendly

  • These sandals are suitable for active toddlers!
  • They are comfortable and provide a secure fit.
  • If your kid doesn’t have chubby feet, you can buy one size smaller.
  • The coral grip pattern provides excellent stability!
  • Air holes are great, ventilating the air. It will keep the feet of your baby dry.
  • The lightweight design of it allows a whole day comfort.
  • It’s skin-friendly, resistant to scuff.
  • These sandals will quickly dry because of the material.

I like the design of these sandals. They are also great for the whole day wearing! The other models on the sales page also look great. If you are looking to get something sporty for your kid, these can work great!

Crocs Kid’s Classic Clog

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers synthetic

  • It is made of hundred percent synthetic materials.
  • The shaft is 1.5 inches high from the arc.
  • The ventilation ports are great for providing breathability.
  • You can easily clean it with soap and water!
  • You should get 1/2 size above if you want a comfortable fit.

This shoe is a classic which won’t cause any problems for your kid! If you are looking to add some style to your kid, you can get these shoes!

Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star 2v Low Top Sneaker

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers - Textile

  • It is made of a hundred percent textile.
  • The Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker is a well-known shoe. You can’t go wrong with its quality!
  • The rubber sole is great for providing stability.
  • Low-top from the arch is great for comfort!
  • The classic canvas upper design looks elegant.
  • The color choices are classic, and they will look simple.
  • Soft foam sock liner for extra comfort.

This shoe is great for kids if you think they’ll wear for many hours every day. It might cause little problems for summer, but it’s still a great choice because of the material quality. The brand is also well known, which is a huge plus!

Stride Rite Kids’ Olive Fisherman Sandal

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers style

  • These sandals for baby girls are handmade.
  • Upsides of the shoes are bright and designed with star patters.
  • Hook&loop makes it easy to wear on and adjustable to fit the best.
  • The lining is anti-stink lining to reduce even the slightest chances to smell.
  • You can wash them in the machine. This is a great advantage.

This product, too, is precious for its price. Unless your kid has high insteps, you can get and use them with no problems.


myppgg Baby Boy Girl Summer Infant Squeaky Sandals

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers editor's choice

  • They designed this product precisely for those kids improving walking skills with their very early steps.
  • These cause squeaky sounds as the little-ones walk around.
  • You can remove the items causing squealy sound if you want these shoes to be quieter than regular shoes? It’s so straightforward for parents to remove them. You can find the round squeaking item inside each heel. Anytime you want them back. You can insert them again.
  • They are soft and comfortable.
  • These squeaky sandals are safe again because of anti-slip sole cover.

This is probably the lowest-price product with the highest value among the best summer shoes for toddlers in 2019. These infant sandals have soft rubber and breathable PU leather. They are walking supporters. The durability of these comes thanks to high-quality sutures. Once you find the right size of it, you fall in love. So, check the size chart. Their size chart includes the insole length as well. You can choose the right size for your baby.

Purpose of Summer Shoes for Toddlers and Kids

Reading down to here, you’ve seen two primary goals for getting the best summer shoes for kids and toddlers. The first one is the ease of usage in summer holiday occasions. The second one is supporting toddlers’ early steps with these easy and comfortable sandals or sneakers. Products like the last one on our list could make you feel like ‘Eureka!’

Combining your possible reasons to buy, these shoes on the list have reasonable prices and attractive styles.

Sandals for Ease

Toddlers are likely to be very active, and their sandals should work accordingly. I mean, they’ll frequently wear them on and off. Even more, their shoes should be comfortable to wash and OK to wear indoors as well as outdoors.

Lightweight, comfortable, and shock-absorbing shoes are suitable for summer situations. No one can figure possible terrains and places out better than you. Therefore, you first imagine requirements then decide which to buy. You should also remember that it should be easy for them to encourage them.

You’ll understand it if your toddler shows the shoes whenever he/she wants to walk outdoors. We bought some of the things above for our holiday reunion, and my nephews and nieces loved them. There were no bruises or smelly feet because the material quality of these didn’t let us down.

Speaking of material quality…

Material Quality

PU leather and rubber sole are dominating materials when we consider early step situations. More than these, if you want higher quality, you should look for shoes featuring lining. The contents should be washable. If possible, it’s easier if they are OK with washing-machines. Therefore, you should also care about the style of sutures.

You should also consider the growing popularity of EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). That’s the nature-friendly choice and not just that. They also call them vegan shoes sometimes. These EVA or vegan shoes have many benefits. They provide the soft and conditioned feeling in shoes. EVA products are more durable because of their resistance against hardening and cracking because of heat, cold, or dust. They keep flexible because they don’t absorb water. You wouldn’t care for a side benefit like UV resistance, but they have it as well. So we say thanks for the overkill. The big manufacturers or small manufacturers of shoe markets have begun to adapt their facilities for EVA shoes’ production recently.


If it’s the beginning of summer, no one can stop sellers from increasing the prices and pretending like they apply discounts. While the demand is high, they have a great tendency to do so. Therefore, we suggest you get your desired shoes at the end of the summer.  Another good idea for lower prices for higher-value-products can be buying from the counter hemisphere suppliers. For instance, it is an excellent time to buy from northern hemisphere suppliers in September, October, or December.

Depending on the size you choose, prices can dramatically change. That’s not a sensible thing for us. So, try to find alternatives to the shoes you liked if the sellers do so. Believe me, once you liked a style and learned about material quality, it’s possible to find thousands of alternatives. However, you should complete your purchase from trustable sellers because it would turn quite tiring otherwise.


Any shoe sellers must offer the option to change or return due to sizing-fit problems. Ask them the question or try to find the written note indicating that to have your legal rights about warranty and return policies. Then, they are not hard to trust. On the other hand, buyers must moderate their expectations from summer shoes for toddlers. Keep in mind that they are not meant to last for ten years. Why should they be?


If I were you, I’d go for Infant Squeaky Sandals because of its value and low price. One more thing, please remember the most important sign. If the toddlers point their fingers to the shoes when they want to go out, you’ve found your perfect choice.

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