Best Soccer Cleats for Kids

Soccer is definitely my favorite sport when it comes to activities for kids! Soccer is a really hard sport and it takes a great amount of energy. This is why soccer cleats for kids are extremely important. they have to perform at their best for the whole match and this is only possible by picking the best soccer cleats possible for them. It’s also really important to pick the perfect fitting one. There are also a couple of other factors which are really important. These factors can be listed as comfort, protection, play surface are really important. You should know about all of the cleats in the market and their types if you want to make the best possible choice for your kid!

We value the details like production processes, customer reviews, and market volume. Somehow, the subject consequently turned out to be the best Adidas soccer cleats for kids. If you read our website, you can see that we don’t have a tendency to groom a single brand. However, the items in this review come to showcases by merit.

Top Seller Soccer Cleats for Kids in 2019

Adidas Originals Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 18.3

  • This soccer cleat is specially designed for attack players, it improves ball control and passing ability.
  • Explosive movements will be easier with these shoes.
  • This is a shoe specially designed for center forwards which will ensure maximum ball control and dribbling ability.
  • Agility meshes on the side are extremely useful if your kid is playing on offense.
  • The cleats feel extremely nice, your kid will feel almost barefoot on the field!
  • Great shooting accuracy.
  • There are two different color choices on the sales page.
  • If your kid is playing on offense or midfield you should definitely consider these shoes!
  • Durability is really great compared to other products!
  • Very comfortable.


Adidas Kids’ Predator 19+

  • This is the newly released shoe of the Adidas brand.
  • The shoe is probably the best shoe for kids right now out there.
  • The price is a little bit expensive than other shoes. However, it definitely has the quality.
  • You are going to get the highest technology Adidas soccer cleats available.
  • This shoe is extremely great for dribbling because of technology.
  • The design of the shoe is specially made for speed and agility.
  • The shoe doesn’t have any laces. However, it is extremely comfy on the foot.
  • You can easily take it off.


Adidas Kids’ Ace 18.3 FG

  • The ace series are my favorite when it comes to soccer cleats.
  • Ace series are specially designed for wingers.
  • If your kid is into dribbling too much you should definitely get these shoes!
  • There is a specialized pattern on the side of shoes which is designed to increase touching and dribbling ability!
  • These shoes are narrower than other shoes make sure it will suit your kid’s feet.

How to Get and Use Soccer Boots the Best

Before you buy football boots, you should read and see this information. It wouldn’t take your ten minutes but believe me it saves your hours and money.

First of all, the best boot is not necessarily the best advertising. For instance, Ronaldo wouldn’t even feel your actual experience about the boots. Even if you chose because of him… In one hand, there are common things defining the quality of cleats. On the other hand, there are personal things about you individually. However, I’ll try to make common knowledge even fits personal differences. Of course, I’ll indicate when there’s a difference for kids’ cleats and for adults’.

There are several types of boots depending on the style and the material. In order to get the best experience from your choice, you should define what you actually need. Do you want leather? Synthetic? Fabric? Or what about straps?

A decade ago, there were not many reviews and shared knowledge on soccer cleats.

Utmost utterance before you buy

The find your best boots, you should be able to answer a line of questions about yourself and playing style:

  • Position: Goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, striker
  • Favorite type of touching the ball: Comfort, control, speed, finishing
  • Which upper material would make you feel better? Knit, leather, synthetic?
  • Are you buying for kids or adults?
  • What’s price range? up to 70$, up to $200 or doesn’t it matter?
  • What pitches do you mostly play on? Grass, artificial grass, indoors, turf.
  • Do you want to wear socks or not?

When I consider the things above, I can say, Adidas Originals Kids’ Nemeziz is the best soccer cleats for kids.

To understand the quality of cleats, three words are enough. Light, durable, and flexible…

To Use Soccer Cleats Better

Before kids reach an age like, their feet size will frequently change. Luckily, we can embrace some slight changes without buying a new one. Therefore, feet measurement is very important before you buy. As adults are sure their feet size won’t change, they can go for more expensive high-end boots.

Now that you have a new pair of boots, the first thing to do is to check if it fits correctly. You shouldn’t try them on the field because you do not want to ruin your option to send back. However, you mustn’t rush to turn back so quickly. For example, if 11 is too tight and 11.5 is too wide for the kid, the problem has nothing to do with the brand. Do not worry, they still accept paying back. If the problem is something like that, you should try some tricks to fit as if it’s a perfect size.

Individual differences matter in sizing. Unless you make someone produce specifically for your feet, you have to learn how to fit them best. This knowledge will also help to fit a boot to a growing kid. In some cases, upper material stretch because of frequent usage. That leads to yawn. Do not worry, there are solutions for it, too.

Fit Cleats Better

Do these to make your soccer boots more comfortable:

  • Find the right size in the first place,
  • If you ordered your boots online and it’s really close to fit, use them at home first.
  • Try changing insoles with the default one. The gel-style insole is a really good choice.
  • You can use a hot water trick if the problem is the tightness of the upper part. Be careful not to pour water inside. Do not use too hot water because it might harm the glue or the color of the cover.
  • You can stretch the upper part by freezing water inside a plastic bag in the boots, too. When the water turns to ice, it expands. It stays in the freezer all night and turns out to be wider.
  • Change the way you lace up. Check the picture first. If it doesn’t work out for you, search up ‘Do up shoelace for cleats’
  • Try different socks made for cleats.

Insights About Soccer Cleats

When you are buying a soccer cleat for your kid make sure it fits perfectly! This is the most important thing because it has an effect on performance directly! If shoes are loose it will reduce the performance of your kid and it increases chances of getting a cramp to your kid’s feet!

Durability is really important as well. Your kid is going to use the cleats for a really good amount of time. The shoes can easily be worn out from all that running and kicking. You must make sure the shoes you are getting suitable for your kid’s feet. The cleats should be tight enough but they should let slightly free.

Cleats must have the things I’ve listed here if you want your kid to perform at his or her best! There are some cleats which are worn by professional players, the kids are going crazy for these cleats and this is perfectly natural! You just have to make sure the cleats have the requirements you need from a soccer shoe!


You should be careful about what kind of cleats you are getting! Every sport have different kind of cleats which are specially designed for that game! Each game requires different types of skills therefore which results in different types of shoes. Basketball shoes have to dig in the front part. Soccer shoes have these parts at the edge and bottom of the shoes. The shoes extremely different when you compare them weight-wise. The soccer shoes are lighter in weight compared to any other shoes! This is because all of the runnings taking place in soccer.

Style and Material

The bottom parts of cleats are made from different materials like metal, rubber or plastic! Most of the cleats are detachable which is great for different kinds of usage! You should go for cleats with rubber or plastic bottom parts because of kids’ safety! Metal ones are great but they can be harmful to other players! The top part is generally made of leather or synthetic materials. However, most of the cleats are made from synthetic materials nowadays!

Lastly, you should look for safety and performance first. After that, you can get whatever your kids want! The style is important but not as important as your kid thinks! You should educate your kid about this and you will be good to go.

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