The Best Racing Car Toys For Kids in 2019

The best car racing toys for kids are on the wishlist of young and old car fans this year. Moreover, having such toys will always excite young spirits. Racecar toys are one of the aspects of the toy industry that seems to have always been around. Regardless of whether they are toys from films, TV shows, sports stars, games or books, racing cars have long been one of the most popular toys. There are racing toys from all the popular brands in the industry,  as well as some great new additions to the range of new cars. Not to mention the collectors…

For fans of Slot car racing, there are some excellent sets to choose from like the Carrera Evolution Pretty Racing Slot Car Kit with everything you need to enjoy this great hobby. Then you have the Life-Like Ford Mustang Challenge set, featuring iconic Mustang cars for your enjoyment. Other options for those wanting a full Slot Car racing set to include the Speed Machines T1 racing set, which includes cars, track, and controllers, to speed up.

One of the best-selling sets, the 4-lane International Super Contest, including the 27-meter race track with everything you need! For younger fans, what about the Shake ‘N Go Crash-Ups Crash Course,  which enables two Crash Up cars to race each other on a course you can make yourself!. A perfect example of a classic racing car toy set is the Darda Create-A-Course Building System, including two fast cars to compete in courses you build from a 30-piece set.

For fans of racing car toys based on movie and TV hits, there are as many toys as always this year. Two ideal examples are Carrera USA Go, Disney Cars “Lightning McQueen” Raceway, and hit ‘cars’ movie or Carrera Go Batman: Batmobile Hyperdrive car toy. These are just some of the big car racing toys that have been on the market this year and more. These are the best sellers and most wanted car racing toys right now, but there are many model kits and top collections to make great Christmas gifts too. Start your engines!

Top Selling Car Racing Toys for Kids

The most preferred racing car toys for kids are listed below for our readers. Some of these toys are good for multiple kids to play at the same time. The prices and overall customer happiness brought us to this point. So, here are the best racing car toys that deserve raising eyebrows. We call them for kids, but don’t mind us if you are also interested as an adult. There are two newcomers in 2020. I added both of these products at the beginning of the reviews. I hope you like them!

Fistone RC Truck High-Speed Racing Car

  • I don’t like listing trucks as a racing car, but this one is a monster.
  • It can speed up to 24 mph with ease, which is faster than Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • It’s made of waterproof materials, which means it can be used outdoors.
  • The price is high for the quality!
  • The body is removable. You can change it to any other car at any moment!
  • Four wheels have an independent suspension system, which allows better control and stability over the car!
  • It can be controlled from 60-80 meters with ease!
  • Suitable for kids over the age of fourteen!
  • You can use it for off-road performances, which makes it perfect for kids. Kids can’t easily damage this car since it has all the necessities for long term use!

Growsland Remote Control Car

  • One of the best remote control cars when it comes to racing cars!
  • The car looks fantastic, in my opinion. It can attract little kids with its colors.
  • It’s a fully functional RC car that can turn around quickly!
  • The speed limit of the car is five mph, which is perfect for this kind of price!
  • The materials are pretty durable. It’s resistant to basic scratching.
  • It’s made of non-toxic ABS plastic, which won’t cause any harm to your kid!
  • The glossy exterior is excellent for long term usage. It will attract your kid’s friends with ease!
  • Each product comes with a year’s warranty, which is excellent.

Small Fish Kids Take Apart Toy Racing Car

  • This is a great take apart gift for both boys and girls.
  • It is enjoyable to play.
  • Your kids will have endless hours of gameplay with this simple racing car.
  • Suitable for kids between 3 and 7 years of age!
  • Materials are perfectly safe for your kid!
  • High-quality, durable materials.
  • BPA-free.
  • Your kid can customize the car while he plays; this will improve the creativity of your kid.
  • It comes with four extra wheels, two screws, and three storage bags.
  • Meets ASTM standards.
  • %100 money-back guarantee.


STEM Building Take Apart Toys Remoking Pull-back Racing

STEM Racing Car Toys for Kids

  • Materials are incredibly high-quality; you won’t regret it.
  • High-quality imported AB material.
  • There are 320 pieces of blocks in this beautiful set, each piece specially designed to improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination and creativity!
  • Great for introducing your kid to the engineering world. This racing car will improve your kid’s thinking ability!
  • The pull distance can go up to 10 meters, which is a lot!
  • It will provide endless hours of entertainment for your boy!
  • The car racing toy is suitable for kids above six years of age!
  • I suggest you enjoy this toy with your kids if you want to have strong ties with your kids!
  • The price is fantastic for the quality! I highly suggest if you are looking for a cheap racing car toy for your kids!


Carrera First Disney-Pixar Cars 3

Lightning Mcqueen and Dinoco Cruz Racing car toys for kids

  • The cars are incredibly original; they are 1:50 scale cars, as you can see.
  • 7.87 feet of track designed to keep your boy entertained!
  • If you want to introduce your kid to the racing world, this is an excellent beginner racing car set.
  • Pixar cars are extremely good looking. The set comes with Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz cars. Kids know the cartoon will love these.
  • The set comes with a remote controller, which will improve the racing skills of your kid.
  • Full control over the speed of the car.
  • This is a high group activity or family activity.
  • Two people can play the game at the same time.
  • You can easily set up the car set and enjoy it.
  • It is highly suggested if you are looking for a beginner toy.
  • Suitable for kids above three years of age! The pack includes its circuit within.


Play22 Take Apart Racing Car Toy

modification parts and Racing Car Toys for Kids

  • The price is meager. You should get it before it’s below 20$.
  • Bestseller car racing toy on the market in 2018.
  • %100 satisfaction guarantee.
  • The car toy is hugely realistic. Your kid is going to fall in love with the noise of the car.
  • 30 piece set includes five car parts, five modification parts, and eight tires.
  • It comes with ten interchangeable modification car parts.
  • The car toy provides entertainment for hours.
  • It only requires two AA batteries to operate.
  • This will make a great birthday gift for Christmas or birthdays!


Prextex 4 in 1 Build Your Own Racer Car Set

  • This is a high build your racer car set for kids above five years of age!
  • The set comes with 53 different great pieces!
  • Cars can drive freewheel, which is different than their peers on the market!
  • It provides endless fun, both indoors or outdoors.
  • You have to buy batteries separately.
  • Most of the boys love the set.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality racer car set, you should get this immediately.
  • The price is a little bit higher than other products. However, the quality is excellent.
  • Kids can quickly put them together and create their designs.
  • It is highly suggested!


Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys

  • Great toy to introduce your kid to the stem world.
  • Your kid will improve hand-eye coordination and creativity skills with this beautiful toy!
  • It’s one of the funniest toys on the market.
  • Thirty pieces in just one package, and it’s cheap.
  • You can also pick different options like a space robot or tool truck.
  • xOne of the best sellers on the market.
  • Lights and sounds are perfect. Your kid will have a great time!
  • Great gift for birthdays.
  • The price is meager for the quality.
  • If you are looking for a cheap take apart racing car toy for kids, you should buy this immediately!


Brunfen Toys Racing Car Build-Your-Own

  • Your kid can completely assemble and disassemble the whole product!
  • It can be disassembled from the engine to tires.
  • Suitable for kids above three years of age.
  • The quality is normal.
  • Total of 30 pieces.
  • The sounds are amusing. Your kid will have a great time.
  • I suggest this one for small kids since the colors are vibrant, and the sounds are funny.
  • If you are looking for a cheap alternative to take apart cars, you can get this one!


Fun Little Toys Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

Remote Racing Car Toys for Kids

  • The dual-mode race car is exceptionally high.
  • Your kid can quickly drive the car to the walls or on the floor. It has two modes to play.
  • 360 Degrees stunt rotation makes the wall climbing car extremely funny.
  • The body can rotate both clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The infrared remote control is excellent. It can control the car both forward or backward. It can turn to whole directions.
  • You can quickly recharge the controller with a USB.
  • Suitable for kids between 7 and 10 years of age!
  • 90-days free warranty.
  • It is highly suggested if you are looking for a cool gift for your kid!


How to Pick Best Racing Cars for Kids?

There are several factors you should be careful about before you finalize your decision.  You have to be cautious about material quality, road handling, suspension quality, battery life, price, and radio remote control power. These are extremely important if you want to make the best purchase possible. Let’s jump right into the topic with material quality!

Material Quality

Material quality directly affects the price of the racing car. There are metal and plastic toys in the market. These have price differences if you compare them. However, you should compare them with their peers.

If you are buying plastic racing car toys you should make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful material for kids. Especially BPA, it’s a hazardous material which is detrimental to almost anyone on the planet. Some people can get away from it, but it’s rare.

Metal products generally don’t have any problems, but you should be careful about their coloring. You should make sure the coloring doesn’t contain anything harmful to the kids!

Handling & Suspension

If you are buying the racing car toy for off-road racing, you should look into high-quality cars. Most of the essential racing car toys don’t have the necessary road handling skills. The products above 50 dollars generally have right road-handling properties, which might be ideal for serious racers. If your kid is in love with real cars, you should buy him something high-quality so the kid can easily enjoy the process!

Suspension quality is also crucial for off-road races. It gives so much edge in the sports, especially if each tire has its suspension. You can also learn about this by reading the reviews or product information!

Battery Life

Most of the essential toys work with batteries. However, some products have built-in batteries installed in them. These products are better if your kid is continually going to use the car. It will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. You can prefer racing car toys with standard batteries if you have a smaller kid!

Remote Control Power

I think this might be crucial for parents. Some parents love to control their kids’ play from a distance. It might be critical for some situations. There are some products in the market which can control cars from 50 meters with ease.


Price of the car changes depending on all of these factors. However, most of the high-quality products have a rate above 50 dollars. You can still find some gems below this price range, but it’s highly unlikely. If you are buying the racing car for a grown kid, you must spend the right amount to make the kid happy!

To finalize your decision on Racing Car Toys for Kids

It’s not easy to conclude if you are not really into the world of young ones. Therefore, to avoid possible disappointments, you might show our post to the kid to decide among them. By doing this, you can be sure about the quality and the happiness of the kid at the same time.

The prices should be around $15 and 55 unless they feature something extraordinary. For the remote-control cars, you should care about the battery type. If the price gap between the rechargeable toys with battery toys is enormous, you can get rechargeable batteries somewhere else. If the reviews of these racing car toys for kids weren’t sufficient, you could also keep reading about the facts of choosing car toys, which make us decisive and selective.

I predict that you’ll end up with the Lightning Mcqueen and Dinoco Cruz cars because of the recent trends. Feel free to prove me wrong with your comments.

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