Best Organic Shampoo for Kids in 2019

Organic shampoos know as the healthiest shampoos available on the market. Well, this is partly true but it all depends on the single product. There are some organic wannabees on the market which are designed to trick people. This situation is not that different when it comes to organic shampoos for kids. Manufacturers do this from time to time and they get away with it. Organic products sell a lot and that’s why most of the companies make these things called organic products. Some of these are just pretenders and you have to aware of these products. I’m going to list the top organic shampoos which can be suitable for kids.

Top Organic Shampoos for Kids

Apivita Kids Chamomile and Honey Shampoo 250ml
Organic Children Berry Smoothie Shampoo
Rainbow Research- Organic Herbal Shampoo For Kids
Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo

Apivita Kids Chamomile and Honey Shampoo 250ml

  • Produced from natural surfactants of palm, olive and sunflower oil.
  • It will effectively clean the kid without causing any irritations.
  • Organic chamomile, calendula and honey extracts will keep the hair soft and radiant.
  • If you want to keep your kid’s bright and shiny this is a really good product.
  • Gluten-free wheat protein provides a moisturizing effect for the scalp. It’s an anti-oxidant at the same time.
  • Organic chamomile is great for soft skin.
  • It can be easily washed off. It’s really easy to use it on your kids because of it. You can just wash it off anytime you like.
  • This shampoo is suitable for kids between 2 and 12 years of age.
  • If you want to keep your kid’s hair well will with a natural product I can suggest this one.

Organic Children Berry Smoothie Shampoo

  • Produced from aloe vera, raspberry and pineapple.
  • It really has a nice scent which will attract your children to use it.
  • Creates a sparkling and tangling free hair for your kid.
  • It’s highly suggested for kids who are prone to eczema and psoriasis.
  • This shampoo will provide the ultimate shine you are looking for.
  • Plant proteins are designed to give your kid’s hair what it needs.
  • You can get soft hair for your kid.
  • The scent is created from apple, vanilla and raspberry. It smells extremely great as I said before. Your kid is going to fall in love with the scent of this shampoo.
  • It’s made without SLES. Parabens and other harmful ingredients.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality product without any harmful ingredients this is a great product.

Rainbow Research- Organic Herbal Shampoo For Kids

  • This is a gentle and nonirritating herbal shampoo which is specially designed for kids.
  • If your kid has a super sensitive hair you can use this one.
  • It brings out the natural shine.
  • This product contains botanical products like chamomile, clover and comfrey.
  • It also contains biotin to strengthen the hair.
  • The price is expensive than other shampoos on the market.
  • If you are looking for a herbal shampoo for your kid this is your answer!

DGJ Organics Wild’n’Crazy Kids Swim All Over Wash

    • This product is really effective neutralizing the harmful effects of chlorine in the water.
    • Designed with organic blueberry and coconut extracts.
    • Suggested for holiday use because of the size.
    • Neutralizes and cleanses the whole body.
    • It won’t cause any tears on your kid’s eye.
    • The price is really cheap compared to other products.
    • This product is not all natural but it’s still better when you compare it to other ones on the market.

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo

  • The price is really great for a high-quality shampoo like this.
  • It can be used by adults too.
  • Award-winning organic shampoo.
  • It’s also suitable for the most sensitive scalp. It won’t cause any harm on your scalp and keep it well moisturized.
  • This is the first shampoo that has ever got soil association approval.
  • This is a hypoallergenic shampoo which doesn’t contain any sulfates.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • It doesn’t smell fake at all, you will sense the naturalness the moment you use it.
  • Your hair will feel nourished and light after some time of usage.

Hank’s Garden Lavender Baby Conditioner for Children

  • Organic vegan and gluten-free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Hundred percent of natural ingredients.
  • Pure lavender oil. It’s safe for adults, kids and pets.
  • Suitable for babies and kittens.
  • It doesn’t contain any parabens or sulfates. Doesn’t contain any GMO or toxic chemicals.
  • You can take it outside and use during camping. Since it’s biodegradable.
  • The price is a little bit expensive compared to other products. However, the quality of the product is really nice.

How to Gest Best Organic Shampoo?

First of all, the thing called organic doesn’t have any legal definition. It’s a term that is generated by the industry. The manufacturers will still decide what they put into the bottle. Some of the companies put organic on their labels and get away with it because there are no regulations or laws about these subjects. However, there are some health-conscious companies out there who produce real organic shampoos. They have the USDA organic certificate on their products. Eco-cert is used by Europeans but that’s a whole different story.

Your best bet is using a USDA certified product because there are ingredients on other products which are called organic but in reality, they are not. You have to check the ingredients list on the back of the package if you want to avoid future problems. You always have to pick the shampoos or any other products according to the ingredients list. This is the best thing you can do.

I’m going to talk about some fake natural ingredients that can be found in fake organic shampoos. Grapefruit seed extract is called organic and it seems to had antimicrobial properties. However, these antimicrobial properties are from toxic chemicals in it. You should also stay away from things like Cocamidopropyl betaine, hydrolyzed wheat protein, peg.

You have to be really careful when you are buying an organic shampoo for your kid. These are the most basic fake ingredients out there. There are some other ones which you must be watching. Stay away from fake products and brands. This will protect your kid to some degree.

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