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YourToysGuide reviews best night lights for toddlers' rooms

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We loved these only the very best options of a nightlight for toddlers and decided to share with our readers. They are so attractive that one of them would leave you with no doubts to purchase. But this time, it would be hard to choose because each of the products on our list is almost flawless.

One of such lamps is necessary. Somehow, you’ll feed the need for them when you have children. People start using nightlights when the baby comes first. The functionality of these lamps lasts until up to age 10. Even after that, they’ll still be good decoratives, may also become heirlooms. We’d already mentioned about baby sleep soothers and sleep training tips here.

Top nightlights for toddlers and kids

We’ll have only five products on the list, but you’ll have a tough decision picking. Even if you had a chance to try these by yourself, you wouldn’t easily decide which one to give back. I hope this information on key features and essential specifications may help you to determine straightforwardly.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light

Hatch Baby the best nightlight for toddler

  • This product combines Night Light, Noise Machine.
  • The pack enables you to adjust from your phone or using the touch-buttons on the lamp.
  • You can customize its brightness, sounds, volume levels, light colors, and on/off schedule.
  • This gadget grows with kids’ need.
  • The interface works both in IOS and Android.
  • The sellers of this product have happy customers thanks to no-pain warranty and overall happiness due to quality.

Hatch Baby Night Light is the second-best regarding our criteria* for the best nightlight for a toddler.


VAVA Night Lights

VAVA best nightlight for toddler breastfeeding and more

  • VAVA made this product with toy-grade materials and precise calculations not to cause any harm.
  • You’ll fall in love with the ease of use and convenience of this.
  • People love to use it both for sleep soothing and breastfeeding.
  • There are brightness settings and dimming options. You can change these for your purpose. These will also affect the hours of usage before recharging with a simple USB cable.
  • This is mainly meant for babies. However, there are fascinating examples of outdoor usages, such as hiking or camping.
  • The sellers of this product have happy customers thanks to no-pain warranty and overall happiness due to quality.

If that’s OK for you NOT to engage any other devices or gadgets like smartphones, this one is your choice. You make all your adjustments with simple tactile buttons.


ROYFACC Night Light Touch

ROYFACC Night Light for toddlers best simple

  • An alternative to the previous one; this is a touch-activated night lamp.
  • You can be sure about the safety of this lamp because it won’t get hot.
  • You can change brightness and colors with simple buttons.
  • If you use it with max brightness, it takes four hours to require recharging.
  • Thanks to its intelligent design, you can use this light in any room of your home as a decoration material as well.
  • The sellers of this product have happy customers thanks to no-pain warranty and overall happiness due to quality.

It’s hard to say the better one when compared to the previous one.
ROYFACC seems to have a better design, while VAVA offers better lasting use. However, the design is my opinion; battery life is a fact.





Best multi-functioning nightlight for toddlers

  • As an alternative to the first product on the list, this one gives you almost everything with less cost.
  • This is a nightlight with higher lamp quality and functions.
  • This has fancy control features such as shake-to-change-color.
  • The interface works both in IOS and Android.
  • This gadget grows with kids’ need.
  • It also has motion sensors to turn on/off, and change colors.
  • The intelligent design made it look in millions of colors with four main modes.
  • You can fully charge it in 3 hours to use about 8 hours. ,
  • This is waterproof. The sphere cover is glass.
  • You can use it indoors or outdoors.
  • The sellers of this product have happy customers thanks to no-pain warranty and overall happiness due to quality.

MIPOW PLAYBULB Sphere is the best regarding our criteria* for the best nightlight for a toddler.



AIRSEE Sounds and Colors Night Gadget

Extra Multi-functioning best night light and noiz machine for toddlers sleep overnight

  • Again, here we have a combination of nightlight and noise machine.
  • This has high-quality & non-looping 7 types of natural white noise, 7 fan sounds, and 15 nature sounds; combines 29 soothing sounds.
  • With its 8 colors of nightlight and sounds, it helps sleeping better.
  • The headphone jack feature is unique to this product; others don’t have it.
  • Fetal tones (that baby hear during pregnancy), lullabies, bonfire cracks, ticking clock sounds, ocean sounds, crickets, and rain sounds work surprisingly well for your purpose.
  • The sellers of this product have happy customers thanks to no-pain warranty and overall happiness due to quality.

So, if you’re looking for a combined machine, this is your second best choice. Remember the first is Hatch Baby. If you’re just looking for a lamp, not a noise machine, AIRSEE will be the last of the five products on the list. I hope I could make it clear.

Criteria* to pick the best nightlight for toddlers and kids

For this topic is written for nightlights mainly, we gave a more significant weight for the products’ light quality and functions relating lamp. We also considered sound and remote interface weighing our judgment, although they won’t be as heavy as our first concern. Still, Hatch Baby happened to be the second-best option for the nightlights. So, this meant, it’s the sound-machine-lamp while the MIPOW PLAYBULB is the best nightlight according to our criteria.

Material Quality

The most significant fact we cared about is the cover of the lamp here. Therefore, we cared for durable glass as a five-star material for lamp covers. MIPOW PLAYBULB had it. In addition, this play-bulb claims to be waterproof. I believe them and hope to be rich enough someday to dare waterproof tests like those guys on Youtube do. Dating back to 3500BC, Glass is one of the earliest human discoveries. They heat sand (sand you regularly know) with a high temperature around1700°C (3090°F). So obviously, glass is the healthiest with the highest quality for brightness and even style.

The second-best material for covers can be acrylic. That’s never quality and natural like glass, but durability and sturdiness make it attractive enough. Manufacturers frequently prefer acrylic for many products. They want their products to be sharp and clear. In addition, that’s easy to fabricate, form, and of course, produce. Compared to plastics, acrylic is by far the next level.

Another choice is plastic which is not that favorable. However, the quality of plastics depends on the type again. I won’t go in-depth details of the types of plastics, but mainly, there are grades of plastic. We simply call them food-grade, toy-grade, or etc.

The chosen materials define the products’ sturdiness. Generally, I’d love to see a combination of wood and glass to make it stylish, healthy, and sturdy. However, I’ve seen wood neither with the options on our list nor outside the list.

Functionality and Versatility

The first rule is to find compatible goods to your primary purpose. In particular, a good nightlight should last at least four hours and satisfy visually. The other features, such as adjustments and buttons, are minor advantages. I’d say thanks for the over-decency if the lamp I buy is easy to carry, compatible for outdoors and cool for different purposes.

As it is seen on the list above, some nightlights function as noise machines and sleep soothers at the same time. They are already very nice as lights. As evaluating sound machines, we cared about the quality of sound and length of loops. If there are short loops, rhymes and sounds become annoying, but if they are long enough or not a loop at all, they are pretty soothing. If there are loops, the restarting should be smooth and shouldn’t be recognized easily.

Some of the options above can be indoors and outdoors. The one similar to egg can also be good with camping and hiking. It is easy to carry, and it can mean a lot in camping or biking activities. However, these are all side benefits of nightlights of our topic because we mainly focused on their features for toddlers and baby rooms.


If the sellers won’t change the price, they had high values for their low cost when we finalized preparing this post. There’s no known discount time for them soon. If you catch one, don’t miss your chance because they already sell thousands even without discounts. I should warn about the maximum cost as well. In 2019, the nightlights shouldn’t cost more than $50. If you see them above this with no known crisis or something, try to find another seller or wait for discounts.


The nightlights for toddlers don’t really have many things to do with the warranty. Still, the manufacturers and sellers cause no pain returning possible false functioning lights of theirs. As usual, we expect them to have at least a year of warranty.


To sum, parents should:

  • define the purpose,
  • View our list or prepare a new list for themselves,
  • ignore the features they’ll never use,
  • anticipate some extra functions might be useful,
  • put a star near the lights or noise machines if they intuitively liked,
  • narrow down the options to two, at least,
  • compare prices and check the final cart price in case delivery and shipment may add,
  • check shipment details and arrival date,
  • make sure they got the possible discounts, do not rush to finalize if you have no particular hurry,
  • share their experience with us to help our other readers and us.

I’ve tried to keep it as short as possible. I hope these facts or opinions helped our readers.

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