15 Best Musical Toys For Babies in 2019

Babies are positively affected by music. Therefore, we might require musical toys for babies to make a good start. The babies who were exposed to classical music inside their mothers’ womb are more likely to be advanced in terms of intellect. Consequently, they will also have better linguistic development compared to their peers. So, these kinds of studies show music is a highly valuable tool for a baby’s development. There are also studies that show a positive effect of the music on the babies.

Generally, most of the toys are suitable for musical development. The toys result typically in better for those who have an artistic tendency. Indeed, there are some neural pathways that are highly important for a person’s life. Music will definitely help your kid to improve these neural pathways. It’s also great for enhancing creativity and spatial intelligence. One can also observe the positive effects of music on soothing. Even more, behaviors are somewhat better when they keep busy with musical instruments for kids.

It would be giving a hard time picking thousands of choices in the market. Therefore, we precisely narrowed down the options. With this intention, we gathered up information about the latest musical toys for babies in the market. Actually, the market is exciting if you check all the products available. There are some over-priced products that cannot even come near to some lower price toys. Earlier, it seemed really hard for us to prepare such a list. But, in the end, we have come up with these and proudly posted here. Now that the options are wisely narrowed down, you can pick the most suitable one for your baby!

Top 15 Musical Toys for Babies

The table shows you the best fifteen musical toys for babies. Indeed, they sell better than other options. Actually, they deserve to be within the top-sellers’ list. After you view the chart, do not forget to keep reading to see better details for your possible choices. Simply scroll down.

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book
VTech Rhyme and Discover Book
Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy
Noggin Stik Baby Toy
Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band
Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Vtech musical toys for babies

Vtech generally makes perfect electronic toys for babies! They are one of the best sellers in the market, and this toy is one of the best sellers! There are three different light-up characters on these beautiful Vtech Rhyme and Discover books. Vtech Rhyme and Discover book have four different moveable objects on it. It can easily play up to 7 different nursery rhymes!

It’s also highly interactive. The toy comes with bright and shiny colors for your baby’s entertainment. It’s really a great toy to keep your baby busy! It’s also an excellent toy for improving the cognitive abilities of your kid.

  • Vtech makes high-quality products. They are generally well made and durable! It’s really not different for this beautiful toy.
  • It comes with six different colorful pages.
  • It has 20 different songs which you can play over and over again.
  • Seven popular nursery rhymes are a necessary foundation of musical toys for babies!
  • It’s BPA free and doesn’t contain any other harmful ingredients for your baby!

It plays one chosen song at a time, and sounds make sense.  You can adjust the volume for quieter environments. While using, if the baby presses the spoon button, the toy says, “the dish ran away with the spoon.” Then, it starts singing “Hey Diddle Diddle,” and in most cases, babies enjoy it. In some cases, they try to sing along, and they can do it after some time. It’s the same for the other two buttons. It is quite interactive, colorful, and attractive. So, babies happily play with this.

The songs:

They successfully designed this product to persuade parents.  The cognitive development claims of the manufacturer are realistic claims. Like many Vtech musical toys, this comes with multi-functional features. Even a single feature of such a toy would be a good buy for its price.  In particular, there are sing-along songs in this Vtech Rhyme and Discover Book. Imagine that you wanted to buy a toy that would provide you with offline sing-along songs for your baby. Then, the price would still be like this. However, you can see the other features and benefits of this toy. All these sounded really persuasive to me. They also made this one really easy to use even for babies of six months.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Classical Music Toy for Toddlers

This is an excellent toy for developing the musical appreciation of your baby! It will make your baby smile and improve the artistic functions of your baby. It’s more than a classic baby rattle. The colored handle is beautiful, with four different colors on it. Your baby will definitely love it! It has seven different melodies that are suitable for your baby’s musical development in the early times. Your baby can easily switch the melodies with the large button on it. It will improve your baby’s visual recognition skills because of the colorful led interface on it!

  • It has a great design and fun to use.
  • The Baby Einstein toy will easily suit your baby’s small hands!
  • You can also carry it with you. It’s tiny and compact.
  • It has different lights, which are great for developing your baby’s brain.


The songs in this musical toys’ playlist are:

I inserted youtube links of the seven songs above. If you liked this toy, you would probably want to teach things about classical music. You can get the baby einstein DVD set “Meet the Orchestra,” too. This is my second favorite. Still, if the critical thing is classical music for you, you can make this one top-priority.

Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toys for Babies

As you know, Fisher-Price is one of the best brands out there when it comes to baby toys! This rattle for babies is really easy to use. This toy is great because it has two different functions on it. Your baby can use it as a teether or rattle! It makes funny noises when your baby shakes it! It comes with two Maracas in one set, which is excellent! The maracas are colorful and bright. It really attracts your baby’s attention!

  • It has a perfect design.
  • Bright and shiny colors.
  • The handle is excellent for babies, easy to use.
  • It will get the attraction of your baby within seconds.
  • It can also be used as a teether.

Noggin Stik Baby Toy

This is an excellent toy for parent-toddler activities. It comes with a light feature that encourages your child to visual tracking. There are textures on the toy, which is remarkable for feeling. It also makes noises that can be used as a rattle—great toy for improving grasping and handling skills. The size of the handle is really great. It’s suitable for babies.

  • This toy is worth every little penny you pay for it.
  • It’s high quality and durable.
  • It is made of non-toxic materials and BPA free.
  • Great for controlling baby.
  • The head part can light up between different colors, and it attracts the baby.
  • The battery of the toy is replaceable.

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

Musical toys are generally great for introducing your baby melodies. Your baby has to pull strings to hear a melody when they are playing with it. Your baby has full control of the toy, which improves the cognitive functions. It also has a peek, a book mirror on it, which is excellent. The clacker rings on the product are also really great.

  • It can play music for 90 seconds.
  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Great for promoting fun.
  • It plays only one tune, so keep that in mind!
  • You have to wash the surface with a wet cloth. You should never put this one in the washing machine!

Infantino Stretch and Play Musical Travel Trio

This is another great musical toy for babies. It works by grabbing and pulling. There are three funny looking characters in it. All of the animals have different features. The panda is for playing music, and your baby can use the giraffe for teething.

  • BPA free.
  • You can use this one between two hanging bars.
  • Promotes multiple sensory activities.
  • The song lasts about 15-20 seconds.
  • This is a really great toy for babies up to 6 months of age.

Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band

This one of the realistic musical toys for babies out there! The four-piece baby band is a great toy, and it comes with four different musical toys. A cage bell, a mini rainmaker, a maraca, and finally baby tambourine. It will significantly improve your baby’s sensory and artistic skills. It’s highly suitable for babies as young as two months old. It can promote different musical sounds.

  • This toy has won Top Toy of the Year Award in 2016.
  • You can consider this one as a musical instrument. It’s really great for practicing your baby.
  • Very well built and cheap.
  • The toys promote loud music, and it’s enjoyable to play with these toys.
  • The handles are suitable for babies over three months of age.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

It can be tough to put your baby to sleep sometimes. There are great toys out there that help to put your baby to sleep. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is one of them! You can easily place this toy on the side rail of your baby’s crib. It’s effortless to make the baby fall to sleep with this beautiful toy. Melodies get softer after 10 minutes. It also has four different modes in it. There are ocean sounds, melodies, and music in it.

  • You can easily use this one at the bedside of your baby.
  • Most of the babies fall in love with the underwater effect on the toy!
  • The crib light function is really great. It’s beneficial for parents!
  • The start button is highlighted, and it makes it easier to turn the toy on for the baby!

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

The piano is one of the best instruments when it comes to teaching your kid music. This toy is excellent for teaching your baby some basics of the music. The super-sized soft keyboard is straightforward to use. When your baby uses the keyboard, he or she can definitely increase his or her musical skills! You can play the melodies in it or let your baby be the master! Drums are also powered with light, which will increase visual stimulation.

  • The seat is exceptionally comfortable, and it keeps the baby in the same place!
  • The battery can last up to 90 working hours. It requires 3 AA batteries to operate.
  • If you are looking for an interactive toy, this one is great!

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

There are many bumps on the ball which are designed to improve your kid’s recognition and touching skills. They have bright colors and bold patterns, which are great for developing visual development. Babies generally have a great time playing this simple toy. These bumps also serve as rattles, and they are designed to imitate different sounds. This ball can be an excellent toy for your baby.

  • Great for improving motor skills.
  • Soft and fun to play.
  • It can encourage developing balance and coordination.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Piano

cheap musical instruments for babies

This toy is excellent. I mean, it has over 30 melodies! Can you believe it? There are different tunes and songs in this marvelous toy. It’s a highly interactive toy and suitable for babies between 3 and 12 months of age. It has two different modes, one is for learning, and the other one is for music. You can use the massive switch to change between modes.

  • There are two different modes in this beautiful toy.
  • It’s great for visual stimulation too.
  • Great for cognitive development.

Lamaze Octotunes

This tentacle looks so funny, can you imagine your kid squeezing this lovely toy! Every time your baby uses the toy, it will make a different and strange noise! The design of the toy is highly satisfying, and it’s really durable. This toy is great for visual stimulation too. It has bright and shiny colors on it.

  • You have to use semi-wet clothes when you are cleaning the product.
  • Each of the tentacles plays a different note, great for improving your baby’s musical skills.
  • Your toy might have a smell of vanilla, don’t worry about it.
  • It works without any batteries!
  • Great price for this kind of quality!

Musical Learning Table Baby Toys – Hanmun ZM16029

Table toy instruments

This toy has a wonderful drum function. It will light up every time your baby uses it and make funny noises. It’s also really great for visual stimulation because of the light effect. Your baby can hear classic melodies or play the notes such as do re mi. You can also tie the musical learning table to your baby’s bed. The tie rope comes within the package.

  • It is made from non-toxic materials.
  • Legs should be assembled before usage.
  • The material is extremely high quality, sturdy, and durable.
  • It requires 1.5v AA batteries to operate.
  • The table is about 6 inches high from the ground.
  • You can easily adjust the volume of the toy.

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

toddler keyboard

This a great piano for little babies. It’s suitable for ages between 3 months and nine months old. There are three different modes in it which your baby can enjoy. There are also numbers and animal sounds in it. You can switch to the classical model and enjoy 20 different classical tunes with your baby. Buttons will light up while your baby plays with the toy. It’s also a great toy for visual stimulation because of the lights.

  • Great price for the quality.
  • BPA free.
  • Most of the babies enjoyed this beautiful product for a long time.
  • Great for travel.


10 Baby Rattles Teether, Ball Shaker, Grab and Spin Rattle, Musical Toy Gift Set for Baby

Set of Musical Toys for Babies

I listed this one because it’s a great set for a reasonable price. It has ten different toys in it, and they are all great. You can also try to teach your basic kid colors with these toys. They can be used as teethers as well as musical instruments. Each one makes a different noise, and it will definitely entertain your baby and improve the sensory skills of your baby.

  • Easy to clean with a semi-wet cloth.
  • All of the rattles have different grips, which are great.
  • It will make a great gift for Christmas or baby showers.

Benefits of Musical Toys for Babies

There are too many toys on the market. Most of the parents will have a hard time picking the best musical toy for their babies. There are instruments, recordings, and other kinds of toys for your baby. Musical toys are really great when it comes to improving sensory skills! Most of the time, they provide months of enjoyment and excitement to your baby! If you check the list, some of the toys are also great for visual stimulation too! Most of the babies will use every sense ability they have to acquire new skills! This is why musical toys are great because they attract your baby with music and bright colors. Moreover, interactive toys reinforce development. They also have high playtime, which is great for parents. Investing in such engaging toys feels good.

The music toys for babies can start the intuitive development of musical skills. In other words, musical sense begins at an early age. Of course, actual lessons and practice will be important in the future. Still, framing the basic senses and acquaintances can fairly affect the future aptitude. Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, some musical senses, the agility of fingers and imagination are important things to develop. So, such musical toys for babies can prepare a good background.

Parents should know that caring about multiple things and having different types of toys are important concerns. No one can define the benefits of things exactly. However, everyone agrees that the brains’ development requires different activities and toys. We generally do not know which one will be more important. So, parents try to cover as many things as possible and musical sense is one of those things. For more information, you can read our article about various play types for children.

How did we prepare the list of musical toys for babies?

There are many things to consider when buying a toy; however, suitability and quality are the most important ones! The toys on the list are among the most suitable toys for babies! You should consider this factor before buying a toy for your baby! Whereas this slightly depends on the baby. You have to think carefully and buy the toys which your baby can manage. In particular, you should really go for toys with small grips because babies can’t easily use the big ones!

  • The toys we suggest here has no problem for left-handed babies.
  • They are ready-to-use.
  • They can be attractive at least a year up to seven years.
  • We considered the designs, the quality of materials, the sound quality, and ease of usage.
  • By the time we prepared, all the toys were worthy of their prices. As you know, prices may change because of the popularity or some types of improvements. So, we’ll keep updating the topic once in two months.

You should also consider the sounds and noises that the toy produces! Loud sounds can be harmful to your baby. You should always read the reviews, or you should get something volume adjustable! Quality is highly important too. Generally, expensive products are more durable! Musical toys should be durable because they provide months of enjoyment to your baby! If you check the list, you can find the best products out there on the market!

We brought you the options above after making sure of the quality. On the whole, the rest is left to your choice.


We believe that the top two of these products are more than enough. Indeed, they’re not just musical toys. I mean, those manufacturers also studied for the colors, grips, and physical playing of their musical toys. Without any music, they would still be good toys to engage some playtime.

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