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In this topic, we’ll be understanding about musical rhymes books for little ones. It’s known by all of the parents, music plays a huge role in our lives! Music can be one of the main developmental tools when it comes to babies! It might sound odd for some of the parents but I think it might be the foundation of all education. Today’s parents have a hard time picking the right musical toy for their babies! There are various factors that come to mind here. Each stage of development requires a different musical toy.

In the first 3 months of your baby, the baby is really vulnerable and dependent on your actions. You have to nurture the baby at all costs and interact with the baby as much as possible. Your face is generally focused highly on the baby during this phase. All of the babies don’t know anything about holding or grasping so you have to introduce the new toys to improve this function. You really have to be responsible and find suitable toys for your baby. Babies have primitive reflexes which we all have. Babies hate sudden loud noises like us and you keep these kinds of sounds away. You can start with basic soothing kinds of music for your baby.

Rattles are great options and they are really cheap. They can provide the sound your baby needs. The rattles are also colorful and will definitely attract your baby. Rattle sounds are highly related to how you use them! Since you are the producer of the sound of these toys, you can adjust the volume you are using it. You can also try variations of musical instruments like drums, maracas or bells.

After some time with these simple toys above you might want to move to electronic musical toys. They are easy to use and babies can enjoy these toys by themselves generally which is really cool! Musical rhymes books are the best option during this period. They are not harsh on the ears and most of the time volume can be adjusted by the parents. Your baby will definitely improve their sensory and auditory development with these toys. You can check out the nursery rhymes books list below and read the rest of the information I’ve for you. Might you be looking for music toys for babies instead?

Top Nursery Rhyme Books

Arshiner Baby Kids Musical Rhymes Book

VTech Musical Rhymes Book
VTech Rhyme and Discover Book
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes
VTech Peek and Play Baby Book

Arshiner Baby Kids Musical Rhymes Book

sold out Musical Rhymes Books for babies


  • It can easily teach your baby words, letters, and colors.
  • Great for improving the flexibility of your baby’s fingers.
  • Helpful functions for developing early language skills.
  • Works with 3x 1.5V AA batteries which are not included in the package.
  • I can suggest this musical rhyme book if you are looking to improve your baby’s language skills. This can be a great starting point for most of the babies. This set will definitely keep your baby entertained with the colors of it. There is also a low number of letters on it which can be easy to learn.


VTech Musical Rhymes Book

  • Interactive musical rhyme book for kids.
  • It contains 6 different rhyme pages for your baby.
  • Great for educating your baby during the early times.
  • Vtech musical rhymes book contains 5 different piano buttons, all of them makes different musical instrument noises. In addition, it has a volume control.
  • This baby book is suitable for kids between 6 months and 3 years of age.
  • 2AAA batteries included in the package. You’ve to change them later.
  • Plastic parts are BPA free.
  • This interactive VTech musical rhymes book is suitable for most of the toddlers. What makes this product great is it can keep your baby interested for hours with bright colors and other functions.
  • The rhymes are :
    1. A-Tisket, A-Tasket
    2. Little Boy Blue
    3. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    4. Hey Diddle Diddle
    5. Are You Sleeping?
    6. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush


VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

  • Comes with 6 different colorful pages which are perfect for your children.
  • 3 Light up characters to keep your baby entertained.
  • It comes with 7 popular nursery rhymes and 4 movable pieces.
  • Suitable for kids between 6 months and 3 years of age.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful materials at all. No BPA, NO phthalate.
  • It requires two AA batteries to operate. Do not worry about power consumption because you’ll very rarely need to replace batteries.
  • It’s a very interactive toy, most of the babies can enjoy this toy until 2 years of age. I can definitely suggest you like rhyme books, this book also helps them discover new things which are great. Even more, they might start singing along with these.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes

attractive Musical Rhymes Books

  • Your baby is going to fall in love with this story worm. Extremely funny looking character designed to attract your baby.
  • Tons of lights and sing-along tunes.
  • Your baby can easily flip the pages and follow the storyline.
  • This nursery rhyme book consists of 6 different songs. 3 of them belong to the pages, other 3 are featured on cover.
  • I suggest you use this rhyming book after 1 year of age. Babies seem to get inclined to use this product after 1 year of age.
  • Stickers on the pages look cheap, they are made of plastic.
  • Turning the pages are really easy so your baby won’t have a hard time using this.
  • This toy-book teaches some letters, numbers, shapes and more.

VTech Peek and Play Baby Book

  • Great book for introducing animals to your kid.
  • Pages are designed with fabric flaps which can surprise your baby.
  • Three differently styles fabric buttons for each animal, they can play songs.
  • You can easily attract the book to any carrier with the loop on it.
  • Suitable for babies above 3 months of age. However, I suggest you getting this one after your baby passes 6 months of age.
  • It requires an AAA battery to work.
  • It has two different volume options which are really good for parents.
  • Your baby can suck on this toy since it’s extremely soft.
  • Colorful and catchy music for the babies, highly suggested! There are green and purple color options.

Ditty Bird Interactive Musical Nursery Rhymes Book

  • Ditty bird is one of the funniest musical nursery rhymes book out there!
  • It consists of six best selling nursery rhymes.
  • Your baby will hear a new song after every page.
  • It will easily improve and educate your baby’s singing skills. It can also build early language skills and develop motor skills.
  • You can use the toy, especially at the nap time.
  • This toy makes a perfect gift for baby showers.
  • This product has a one month guarantee which is cool.
  • Pages are easy to turn over for little hands.
  • The book is made of strong material, it will definitely resist chewing.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Counting with Puppy Book


  • Another great product from Fisher-Price, this toy is extremely helpful if you want to develop animal love inside your baby.
  • Your baby can easily learn to count from one to ten.
  • Lights are normal and they can attract most of the babies.
  • Pages are easy to turn, they can easily develop motor skills of your baby.
  • Sun button is extremely funny, it will light up the whole book.
  • I think this product is extremely cheap for this kind of quality. If you are a little bit short on the money you should get this one.

VTech Touch and Teach Word Book


  • This product is fantastic! I mean it has over 100 words which also can be used by new English learning adults.
  • It consists of 12 pages which your baby can learn.
  • It also has 4 different play modes, each of them specially designed to teach your baby.
  • This toy book designed for kids above 18 months of age. They can use it until 4 years of age.
  • Your toddler can develop motor skills as he or she turns the page. The toy will light up and start making sounds.
  • Great for sensory development.
  • Extremely cheap for this kind of quality.
  • It has the ABC music which is great for teaching your kid the alphabet.
  • All of the play modes are extremely engaging. This might be the best product for grown-up babies. I definitely suggest this one.

Ditty Bird Children’s Songs Nursery Book

  • This nursery book comes with 6 different nursery rhymes
  • Singing songs are a great way to improve your kid’s language skills, this toy has classical nursery rhymes which will definitely help your kid’s language learning process.
  • Suitable for babies above 1 year of age.
  • It sings the lyrics with tunes. Your kid can easily sing the song with the toy!
  • Highly suggested for parents who are looking for a classic nursery rhyme book!

VTech Sing and Discover Story Piano

Musical Rhymes Books gadget

  • Innovative and educational design for babies.
  • A great fun time for babies and toddlers.
  • It’s safe and extremely durable, your kid can easily throw this around.
  • It comes with 5 different colored piano keys, each of them plays different sounds.
  • The puppy plays along with your kid.
  • It also has a microphone and drum which allow your baby to role play.If you are looking for a piano for your beloved one this can be a great start!

 VTech Touch and Teach Elephant

Touch & play Musical Rhymes Books

  • One of the largest storybooks out there, it has 16 different pages of story.
  • Your baby can easily explore the letters and shapes with this toy.
  • Your kid can easily learn about 8 different animals and numbers on it.
  • It’s specially designed for kids between 1-3 years of age.
  • It requires 2 AA batteries to operate.
  • The sounds will definitely thrill your baby! If you are looking for a non-boring toy for your baby I suggest you get this one! Highly suggested!



Some Benefits of Musical Rhymes Books

  • Young kids can definitely enjoy musical toys, they can start with drums, tambourines or pianos with ease. However, if you are after a total development of musical skills, you should start more early! You can start developing your baby’s musical skills by getting a starter nursery book in most cases.
  • Musical toys are known to enhance your baby’s cognitive skills. Improved cognitive skills will mostly result in a well-functioning adult. When your kid improves their cognitive skills they will start to fetch more sounds! They will start to look at the direction where sounds come. After that, they might start recognizing what type of sound is that.
  • Musical toys are even helpful for kids with autistic defects.
  • There are also great for exploring your baby’s talent at a very young age, There are all kinds of suitable musical toys for babies, each one of them specially designed and there is something out there for every kid. You can explore the skills of your baby with these different toys!

Important Things on Musical Rhyme Books

It is no surprise that VTech is the most famous brand for this type. Actually, they seem to have a special branch, like VTech Baby. They are good at combining knowledge with their experience to make attractive and functional toys for babies.

The following sub-titles will show you important features to check for music rhyme books for babies. As long as you like the product regarding the following measures, the brand won’t matter at all. Still, VTech sounds like a safe buy to me.

Page Quality

This is one of the highly important factors for parents. Page quality can make or break a product. Babies tend to chew on whatever they find when they are at a very young age. Since you are getting them something new which will definitely result in a chewing contest. You should always be careful about what you are getting them. Soft toys can easily break apart with the result of chewing. However, you should not get something very hard on the baby’s teeth.

When we call page quality, appropriateness of the materials can as well come to minds. You should also make sure the musical nursery book doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients! Nowadays, almost all of the products for babies are BPA free. Brands and parents are well aware of these. Still, I’m sure that more things that we actually use without knowledge will come to headlines and they will start producing things without them to replace current items. It goes on like that. So, as long as you do not dive into radioactive or use obviously harmful things, it’s OK to go with the one you liked without checking marketing techniques like BPA free, etc.

Number of Sounds

Most of the kids might get bored if there are low numbers of melodies inside the nursery book. You should always try to get most out of your buck and pick the nursery book with more music and melodies. Six different sounds or melodies are fair enough because the babies and toddlers are OK with repetitions. In other words, the number of songs is optimally six because six is variable enough and not too many to cause unfamiliarity.

What type of Musical Rhymes Books?

There are various of rhyme books out there. They can teach letters, numbers, animals, colors, etc. If your baby is below 1 year of age, you can get nursery rhyme books with soothing music and lights. This will keep the baby entertained for a really good time. After 6 months mark, you can get something with letters and numbers. Sing along songs are always great and they will improve your baby’s language skills. Some toys can even serve like a music career starters, who knows. You can start buying the other ones after your baby has the basic knowledge of making sounds. They will be very helpful from there!

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