10 Best Knit Kits for Kids in 2020

Crafting is a healthy hobby that can keep kids busy and creative at the same time. Knit kids for kids are incredibly great for this kind of occasion. They are designed to improve the hand skill of the kid, which can also benefit their creativity in the long run. Most of the knit kids for kids are created in the same way, and they generally have the same functions. However, they have some quality differences, which are the result of their made place. You can find the best-knit kits in this topic and learn about them. I tried to list top sellers in the market and review them according to the online comments of customers!

Top Knit Kits to Increase Creativity of Kids

Knit’s Cool - Knitting Studio
ALEX Toys DIY Wear Knit and Wear
Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom

Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom

  • The top seller in the market in 2019.
  • It comes with a large circle loom, which is easy to use. This part is suitable for smaller kids around 4 and 5 years of age!
  • The two-sided is designed to create more complex objects which are fun to make.
  • Your kid can easily make a cute beanie or bracelet.
  • The set comes with three colorful yarn, which are 90 yards long total.
  • It’s suitable for kids above seven years of age, but I think the smaller kids can use it under guidance!
  • The toy is straightforward to use.
  • This is an excellent toy for developing motor skills. The repetitive motions of knitting will benefit your kid’s crafting skills. It will improve hand-eye coordination and necessary problem-solving skills.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality knit kit for your kid, this one is great!

Alex DIY Ultimate Knit and Stitch Party Kit

  • This is a complete set that can be used for your kid’s gathering.
  • The set contains 241 DIY things for your kid to enjoy!
  • Your kid can make cool things and enjoy the beauty of them.
  • The set teaches skills like embroidery, sewing, and crocheting.
  • It’s suitable for kids above seven years of age!
  • Includes yarn, beads, crochet hook, knitting needles, thread, embroidery hoop, thimble, plus many more supplies and instructions
  • This set is suitable for bigger kids out there. If you have a smaller kid who is around seven years of age, I suggest another set.
  • The product can be used for beginners too. It teaches the essential skills you need for knitting.
  • The quality might be reduced because they sacrificed quality for quantity.

Knit’s Cool – Knitting Studio

  • One of the best products in the market, in my opinion.
  • The set comes with everything you need for necessary knitting activities!
  • Beginners can use it.
  • Suitable for adults.
  • The set can be used by kids who are above nine years of age.
  • This is the most basic set you can use before your kid turns into a professional.
  • You can use any yarn with this product, which is a great option.
  • The set comes with three yarns.
  • The product might not be suitable for kids, but I increased the age limit to compensate for that.
  • There are tons of guide videos on youtube that can teach your kid how to use this device.
  • It can be used by parents, which is great for creating interactive play environments.
  • I suggest this one if you are looking for a professional knitting kit that can improve the skills of your kid!

ALEX Toys Craft Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting

  • It’s effortless to use this knitting set.
  • The set is specially designed for kids. Kids above seven years of age can use it.
  • Your kid can easily make headbands, gloves, and scarfs.
  • It comes with a keepsake tin, which is excellent for storing the kit.
  • It contains six bright colors of soft fuzzy yarn, two plastic knitting needles, a plastic sewing needle, and instructions.
  • The quality of the yarn is a little bit disappointing.
  • The product is straightforward to use, but some of the customers reported problems with yarn quality. They shred and tear apart during usage, which might be frustrating for your kid! If your kid doesn’t have to patience to learn new things, you should look at other high-quality products.

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Knit and Wear

  • The rainbow yarn attracts the kids!
  • This set is a great beginner kit for kids out there.
  • Chunky wooden needles are great for kid’s usage!
  • The price is perfect if you compare it with other products on the market!
  • The needles are big and sturdy. They are suitable for long term usage.
  • If you are looking for a basic beginner knitting kit for kids, this one is great!

Make It Real – Knitting Beanie Bun and Gloves

  • Your kid can quickly knit their beanie bun and gloves with the help of you.
  • This is a perfect beginner set for anyone out there. Even adults can use it freely!
  • Fingerless gloves are so easy to do. You can start by doing a few of these!
  • This is a great toy to develop real-world skills. It improves hand-eye coordination significantly!
  • Promotes the development of motor, visual, and cognitive skills for young kids!
  • This one provides a considerable amount of fun.
  • Make it a real knitting kit that can be used by kids above eight years of age!

If your kid wants to knit a beanie, this might be the best choice! It’s so easy to make your beanies with this kit! It’s also capable of knitting gloves, which is an excellent addition!

4M Easy-to-do Crochet Kit

  • If you are looking for a beginner knitting set for your kid, this might be your best choice!
  • This is a great knitting kit to teach the fundamentals of knitting to your kid!
  • The set includes two crochet hooks and one plastic needle! There are also seven yarns with different colors.
  • You can replace the yarns with standard yarns with ease!
  • The set is capable of creating three of these: handbag, coaster, placemat, and belt.
  • It also comes with a 14 pages instruction book, which is pretty helpful for any kid out there!
  • Kids above eight years of age can use the crochet kit!

If you want to develop the imagination of your kid, this is a great place to start! It’s also entirely usable by young kids if you guide them through the process. The instructions book makes it clear!

Made By Me Quick Knit

  • This set teaches your kid how to knit their scarves!
  • It’s effortless and quick to make a scarf with this set!
  • The set comes with a tapestry needle that allows your kid to create a cowl or infinity scarf!
  • The yarn is 50 yards long, which is quite enough for little kids!
  • The set is perfect for beginners or kids!
  • The instructions are straightforward to follow.
  • You can use any yarn with this toy, which makes it more valuable!

This quick knit kit is suitable for kids above six years of age! It’s effortless to make a scarf with this one. If you are looking for a cheap alternative, you can prefer this one!

My Trendz Knit Chic Deluxe Knitting Kit

  • The set comes with eight different and trendy colors that attract the kids with ease!
  • There are three varied round looms in the kit!
  • The instructions are apparent and defined step by step instructions!
  • Knitting hook is high quality, and it’s made of sturdy material!
  • Your kid can easily create their fashion trends with this one!

The price of the product is a little bit expensive compared to other ones in the market! If you are looking for an alternative, you can pick this one!

American Girl Infinity Scarf Knitting Kit

  • Your kid can create cozy and fun accessories with this one!
  • The knitting loom is easy to use, which allows your kid to create beautiful scarves!
  • The set includes a loom, hook, and four skeins of colorful yarn.
  • The yarn colors are vibrant and bright, which is attractive for the kids!
  • The instructions are excellent and understandable!
  • The kit is suitable for kids above eight years of age!

The knitting kit for kids is good and does the job as advertised. However, it can only make scarves, which is harmful to most of the parents! If you are looking for a set to knit scarves, you can prefer this one!

How to Pick Best Knitting Kit for Kids?

Knitting kits are generally the same in most departments. There are some minor differences in them that are easy to notice. You can find a decent one without reading all of these I’m going to write here, but it will be better if you do! Let’s take a look at essential things you can look at a knitting kit for kids!

Material Quality

The material quality varies a lot if you are going to choose between metal and plastic ones! The high-quality sets are generally above 30 dollars if you want one of them. The plastic knitting kits are adequate for the kids. You have to make sure the kits are durable and suitable for long term use. Some of the plastic kits are get torn easily. You should also avoid plastic materials that have harmful ingredients in them. Make sure you do your research correctly!


The price of these kits start at 10 dollars and goes on! Most of the basic products are around 20 dollar range, and their quality is quality well! You can get away with one of them if you are looking for a beginner set! If your kid is eager for knitting, you should buy high-quality sets, which cost around 30-40 dollars most of the time. These sets also provide better value for your money, and they last for a longer time!


The age level of the knitting kit should be suitable for your kid! If you have a little kid, you can prefer easy to use toys that are ideal for little kids! You should watch your kid during playtime. If you are going to supervise your kid during playtime, you can prefer a little bit harder toys! If you follow the general guidelines, you will be safe!


The knitting kits are generally the same most of the time! You have to decide what kind of kit you are going to buy and make your purchase according to that!

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