Best Hiking Shoes for Kids – Reviews and Insights

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Getting one of the best hiking shoes will be so convenient that it will cover most of the parts of use for casual and sports occasions. Moreover, they look very cool and stylish. Hiking shoes have been sturdy and useful. So, they made it a phrase like trainers. Many conscious consumers consider many options and entirely possibly end up with a decision to buy hiking shoes for kids or themselves.

As you keep on reading, you’ll find the reviews of the best of these. Then, the brief information about hiking shoes follows.

Top Seller Hiking Shoes for Kids

We behave really picky while bringing these options to you. Of course, we mostly choose among the top sellers but selling more cannot guarantee to be in our list. We consider their overall quality, worth, and performance/price ratio. To sum, we make a trusted list to leave the final decision of our to our readers; they’ll choose the one they think will look best. We proudly do it because there’s a mess of information and hundred thousands of options. It’s a kind of luxury to see a picky review almost about every product, and it’s quite similar for the best hiking shoes, too.

Hawkwell Kids Outdoor Hiking Shoe

best hiking shoes for kids

  • Hawkwell hiking shoes come with suitable materials: PU + mesh build with synthetic soles.
  • Its build supports ankles for hiking. This shoe breathers and good against sweat and smell.
  • Kids’ feet and heels are safe with the stabilizer midsole and toe cap.
  • The footbed is particularly comfortable EVA foam.
  • The sizing range is extensive. They have options ranging from toddlers to 6 big kids. Besides, the sizing chart is almost entirely accurate.
  • There are four color options, all of which are dark but lively. As the sample picture shows, mesh build makes it look precisely detailed.
  • The nose and undercover parts provide a severe level of protection against collisions.
  • They are straightforward to wear on and off.
  • Kids from all ages will find it stylish because it won’t look either childish or demode. They’ll happily wear it for casual, hiking, walking, trekking, running climbing, and casual sports occasions.
  • They are durable against water and dust but not provenly waterproof.

To me, these Hawkwell shoes are 3 out of 5 for durability. On the other hand, they are very comfortable, healthy, and stylish. So, I can give five stars for all the different features and specifications of shoes. I can predict a year of good use, not more. Actually, I believe kids’ feet size constantly change, and less durability is not a severe problem for kids’ shoes. The return policy is customer-sided before you tag it used. However, they won’t do many things about surprising fadings or breaks like many other sellers and manufacturers. Still, it is on our list as one of the best hiking shoes because of its style and comfort quality it provides before getting worn out.

KEEN Unisex-Kids’ Chandler Cnx Wp Hiking Shoe

best hiking shoes for kids unisex

  • These KEEN shoes have performance mesh build with rubber soles.
  • They secure ankles for sports, and these shoes have appropriate ventilation.
  • It has comfortable midfoot support. Similarly, over strap makes soft instep.
  • With its elastic lacing, it is easy to wear on and off.
  • The brand has waterproof shoes, but this one is not one of them. Still, they won’t quickly get water.
  • Sizing options are wide enough to look for kids of all ages. Their chart is accurate.
  • They have different color options, and color options seem to change the style a little.

This one is a more durable option with more color and style choices. They import these from China. Quality is decent to pick it if China-imported things won’t emotionally bother you.

adidas outdoor Terrex Ax2r Kids Hiking Shoe Boot

adidas best hiking shoes for kids


It would be a great surprise if at least one Adidas shoe wouldn’t make it to our list. Adidas has bested almost every part of features and specifications. Though, the price would be a problem. I mean you could buy three or maybe even four couples of shoes for Adidas Terrex price.  So, if you won’t care about the high cost, this is undoubtedly the best choice. It has hundred percent textile and synthetic materials, including the sole. Usually, I don’t like that type of toe of shoes, but Adidas can make it sturdy. Terrex builds have five different color options and OK designs.

Northside Cheyenne JR Hiking Boot

  • They used a hundred percent of leather and breathable mesh except synthetic sole to produce it
  • It has a comparatively higher heel with heel protection.
  • The cushioned insole feels comfortable.
  • The outsole is very durable, and it looks new even after a long time.
  • It can resist water reasonably but not waterproof.
  • They didn’t show a size chart, but you can get support for sizing.
  • There are only little/big kids’ sizing options.

It is the right choice for middle-priced shoes. Big kids will like it.

Merrell Kids’ Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe

  • Being waterproof is a strong feature.
  • Little kid and big kid sizing options are pretty accurate.
  • There are two color options.
  • They are not made by machines.
  • It has a synthetic sole.
  • They are lightweight, comfortable, and dry.
  • It fits and grips well, encourages sports.

This is waterproof and very durable. You can use it everywhere thanks to their all-terrain traction. You cannot detach its insole. The type of toecap is not my favorite. If it weren’t waterproof, I wouldn’t put it on the list, but I thought Merrell Moab Waterproof shoes worth considering as an option.

Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Shoe

  • They are made of suede and mesh with a rubber sole and an EVA foam footbed.
  • Sizing options are extensive from toddlers to big kids, and the chart is genuinely accurate.
  • They have arch support, and they have double stitching. These shoes hold up really well.
  • They are durable but not waterproof.
  • There are six stylish color options, and design makes it trustable.

I brought it here because it had different materials used. It’s the best choice for suede lovers. These shoes are still better than most of the options not on the list.

Benefits of Hiking Shoes for Kids

Hiking shoes are your safe, medium-priced, quality, water-resisting, and comfortable selections for your kids. They are safe to use on uneven and various surfaces. They also look cool and stylish. Let’s go on with more details.


They feature comfortable soles and breathable covers. Treads can be cushioned, gel-supported, or with EVA foams. Not only the soles but all of the parts are also produced with comfort concern in manufacturers’ minds. Outsole and laces are for easy wear on and off. Comfortable hiking shoes are lightweight and appropriate for kids. They are essentials to encourage kids to do sports.

Long Term Use

We shouldn’t exaggerate long term use thing. Kids grow, and their feet get larger. Therefore, you can consider kids’ shoes as long term shoes if you can use them for one or two years. However, no one l likes them to turn un-usable in three months.


Knowing the difference between pain and aches, the user mustn’t suffer pain from sports shoes. Hiking shoes are therefore right choice again. They can keep on for longer times with these comfortable shoes. So, developing better stamina is more probable with comfort.

How to Pick Best Hiking Shoes for Kids

It’s not that easy to pick the best hiking shoes for kids, especially if the budget is a serious fact to care about. Therefore, we weigh our judgment with the results of following sub-titles.


If you’re ready to pay up to $200 or more, your options will most probably be high-quality. However, some sellers try their luck to put a regular product for high prices and unfortunately it works for them! Therefore, we care about worth. It takes a lot of time to compare features, materials, and exclusive tech of many shoes. Actually, hiking shoes above have reasonable prices for their quality. If you ask me, a healthy choice should be around $50.

Material Quality

Material quality is mostly the most substantial term affecting prices. Brands are likely to add to prices because of the fame and advertising costs. If you’re looking for unique technology for hiking shoes for kids, I see Adidas Terrex as the best option. Others are quite good, though. They mix combine conventional materials for required shock absorbing while making it breathable. All the shoes above are not easy to produce. I’ve also picked a couple of handmade shoes. I believe handmade is the nature of shoes. If possible, find a nearby handmade shoe manufacturer and visit them. If that’s not possible, you can choose one of the boots above.


Waterproof sounds like a useful feature but when you think twice, you’ll realize that even the best waterproof won’t give benefits of walking on the lakes. So, I find it inaccurate to sacrifice a breathable trait for a waterproof trait. Even the best waterproof shoe will take water above the heels. So why?

Water resisting is a fundamental feature, though. That provides protection from rain and wet grass. Shoes don’t have to be completely waterproof, boots do.


If kids don’t like the style or design, they won’t wear it and ignore quality. Many adults make a mistake of choosing childish things for big kids. While the kids don’t like childish things. However, it is really complicated what kids find stylish and silly. Their decisions are still immature but not as childish as parents think. I do not want to confuse you. If you don’t want to take risks, shoes must be decided with kids.


It is a close-to-discussion thing that shoes must be lightweight. Even if you intend to train with weights, there are ankle weights. This is again related to material quality. That should be at most 6,1 ounces (0,17kg).

Grip Power

Grip power of hiking shoes is related to laces and cover material quality. Synthetic materials provide better grip power, but it is not just about that material. Design, lace placing, and even the sole provide grip power.


I’m sure you now have better ideas to pick the best hiking shoes for kids. If you’ve narrowed down the options considering quality, it’s time to choose the color and style with your kids.

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