Top 11 Best Farm Toys for Your Toddler!

farm toys

Farm toys are really important for most of the children, but parents don’t know about it. Best farm toys are really hard to find and they are not be sold at most places. Therefore, it’s hard to find a good farm toy. I’m going to give you some tips on how to find a farm toy? I will also teach you the things you should know.

Imagination: Most of the farm toys are designed to help to improve your kid’s imagination with the toys! Your kid has to come up with the new ideas and play a different kind of games with the toys! There are some wooden barn toys which are especially great for these occasions. These toys can have a different type of animals which can be enjoyed in various of role plays. Each animal can be an artist for your beloved one.

Colors: If you are buying the farm toys for your toddler the colors should be bright and attractive. Bright and attractive farm toys will keep the attention of your baby longer than other toys! If you are looking to get most suitable for your toddler you should always keep a close eye on colors!

Gift: Farm toys can make great gifts. If you are going to buy the toy for someone else make sure they are made of wood! Wooden farm toys are highly preferred over plastic ones since they give people a more natural feeling.

Material: Material is an important thing when it comes to buying farm toys. Most of the farm toys are made of plastic therefore, they might contain some harmful materials, you can check the homepage for information regarding harmful materials! You should always stay away from BPA. It’s a harmful ingredient and it will be bad for your children. Wooden toys are generally okay but make sure they don’t have sharp points on them. Your children can easily injure himself or fellow peers!

Cleaning: Cleaning farm toys might be hard with a wet cloth. Make sure you always use dry cloth! If you insist on using wet cloths you should always leave them for drying! Also, make sure they don’t stay under for long durations! The sun will definitely affect the painting of the toys!

What are the Benefits of Farm Toys

Toys have a huge impact on your children’s development, therefore, farm toys can have a huge effect too. Most of these warm toys come with animal shapes and figures, which can help your children to develop animal love. This can be a crucial thing because loving a human starts with loving an animal so it can be very critical in a child’s emotional development. There are also

There are also other things which can be taught by simple and beautiful farm toys. You can get different animal farm toys and teach your kids their name which will result in increased memory and cognitive functions. Memory is also really crucial skill when it comes to a child’s development. Early memory teaching will have a good impact on child’s future memory ability.

You can also get a puzzle which includes some farm animals, buildings or vehicles. These puzzles can be a great tool for problem-solving or recognizing skills. Problem-solving skills should begin at an early age, it’s a critical and basic skill which must be tracked by parents.

There are also many different toy types combined with these best farm to2ys in the market. You can read the full article and reap the benefits of these skills. Now let’s take a look at best farm toys in 2017.

Top 11 Farm Toys for Toddlers and Kids

12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection With 3 Extra Animals
LEGO DUPLO My First Farm 10617
VIAHART 18 Inch Large Chicken Stuffed Animal Plush Rooster
Aurora World Sweet and Softer Clementine Cow 12" Plush

Melissa & Doug Busy Barn Shaped Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle (32 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)


LEGO Friends 41039 Sunshine Ranch
LEGO DUPLO Ville Big Farm 10525
Barbie Careers Farm Vet Doll & Playset

Schleich North America Chicken Coop Playset

12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection With 3 Extra Animals


  • Great bundle with lots of toys including wooden made trains and animals.
  • Made of real wood.
  • Premium quality with smooth parts, no hazardous ingredients.
  • ASTM, F963 and CPSIA certified.
  • Can be integrated with all major brand toys.
  • A total of 15 pieces.
  • Recommended for 3 years and above.


Great toys, made of wood and doesn’t contain any hazardous substances. It can also be integrated into major brand’s trainways for extra game plays. A total of 15 toys is great for this reasonable price. You should definitely get it if your child is above 3.

LEGO DUPLO My First Farm 10617


  • Specially designed and suitable for toddlers above 18 months.
  • You can combine it with other lego farm toys for extra fun.
  • Brightly colored animals, which means you can also teach your child colors.
  • Easy to build, suitable for toddlers.


Legos are really great when it comes to getting a toy. However, they are not most suitable for toddlers but this is not the case this time. These products are specially designed for small hands which mean your toddler can definitely enjoy them without any trouble. Building something, combining the parts can have a great impact on your child’s skill. If we talk about this product’s specifications a little bit. It’s really well made for the price as you know Lego products have high quality and they are also a little bit higher on the price but this product deserves it. This product can go a long way and your child won’t be easily bored with it.

VIAHART 18 Inch Large Chicken Stuffed Animal Plush Rooster


  • Made of soft plush, high-quality cute chicken plush.
  • Stuffed animal’s most critical spots sewed with acrylic and polyester. It’s filled with polypropylene.
  • It’s recommended for toddlers above age 3.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients, no BPA etc.
  • CPSIA and F963 certified.
  • You should clean it soft soap.
  • Weight is 0.4 kgs which is close to 1 lb.
  • 30 day return policy.


It looks really big, I mean when you see it, you are going to be like “Okay, this must be a real chicken”. Perfect for hugging or making special bedtime animal for any kid. Your child will carry it everywhere he/she goes. It’s also very soft and well made which is a must for plush animals. This is a great product overall, you can get it if you are looking for stuffed animal toys.

Aurora World Sweet and Softer Clementine Cow 12″ Plush


  • Total height is 12 inches when sitting.
  • Great for children between 15 months and 12 years old.
  • Made in CHINA.
  • Total weight is 8 pounds.
  • The soft quality material feels nice to touch.


Feels really soft to touch, it’s made of quality material and you can feel it the second you touch, perfect for toddlers because it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. However, I can’t trust it easily because it’s made in CHINA but most of the products made there anywhere.

Melissa & Doug Busy Barn Shaped Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle (32 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)


  • Jumbo sized puzzle with great bright features.
  • Total size is 3 feet when you finish it.
  • Easy-to-clean and durable material.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Improves memorizing and cognitive functions.
  • Suggested for 36 months old and above.
  • Made in CHINA.


Puzzles are great when it comes to buying toys or a simple present. They really worth the price and give the things you need in a breeze. I mostly buy my children new puzzles every week which resulted in they are staying busy during the solving time, and they are getting better it! If you are looking for a toy and a skill improvement at the same time you should always go for puzzles. This is also a great farm puzzle toy for your beloved children, it doesn’t contain any harmful paintings and comes with shiny bright farm figures. Your kid can play recognizing games on it and you might even some colors with this puzzle. Overall great puzzle for a reasonable price. I suggest it.

LEGO Friends 41039 Sunshine Ranch


  • Comes with mini-doll figures, perfect shiny bright colors, includes cute animals.
  • Your child can build a ranch, toilet, kitchen bathroom and bedroom with this beautiful Lego toy.
  • Great details, easy to build and suitable for 6-12 years old.
  • It also includes trees, eggs and some other background factors.


It’s really big set, you know kids love big things when it comes to toys. Most of the children will go crazy for this lego set! It’s perfect to buy as a present, you can give this one as a Christmas toy to your child. Figures in these set are really bright and look perfect. If your kid loves to play with legos you should get this beautiful product.

LEGO DUPLO Ville Big Farm 10525


  • Comes with 2 human figures a farmer and his son.
  • Also, includes a barn with gates which is perfect for creating role play games.
  • Includes a few animals in it including cow and chicken.
  • There are also few accessories.
  • This is equipped with different tools.
  • Recommended for two years above.


Another great LEGO toy, perfect for toddlers, easy to assemble for children with small hands. Parts are easy to connect and it’s not that complicated to do so. If your kid loves animals and farm features you can buy this normal sized set for oneself.

Barbie Careers Farm Vet Doll & Playset


  • Great playing set with Barbie.
  • Seven adorable animals in the set.
  • Perfect play hood details, different spots to examine and treat the animals.
  • Barbies clothes are perfect for this kind of play, which can increase your child’s role-playing skills.


Barbie made a great comeback with career dolls, they really great with teaching features. Normally I wouldn’t suggest a barbie doll but this kind of sets got my heart so I decided to share it here. This can be a great role-playing toy for you and your children. You can play veterinary games and increase oneself’s animal love.

Schleich North America Chicken Coop Playset


  • Hand-painted and handmade product.
  • Great details on this price.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful materials.
  • Suggested for age 3 and above.


You can combine this cheap farm toy with other barn or farm toys with ease. This product is really great for the price, as you know most of the playsets are more expensive if you are looking to add something to your farm toy set you should get it.

John Deere Value Set


  • You can easily build your own farm for your kid with this beautiful value set!
  • The roof and doors are removable which enables you to design the interior of the toy with ease!
  • Made of high-quality and durable plastic.
  • The toy set comes with four tractors, one ATV and two wagons. There are also other toys like a disk, two trucks and a horse trailer. You can inspect the Amazon.Com for more details.
  • John Deere value set is licensed by ERTL.
  • This toy is not suitable for little kids because some toys are really small.
  • You should make your kids play under supervision if you want to buy this toy.
  • This is not exactly a playset because you can’t easily make it stay together. You can design the set and put in on a shelf for looks.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a real looking farm toy set for your kids!

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures


  • You can easily open the wooden barn and play with the toys inside of it!
  • The toy is extremely durable and high-quality!
  • It comes with a handle, your kids can carry it around easily for later usage!
  • The wooden construction is extremely high-quality and it won’t break down easily!
  • This toy promotes imaginative play because of 7 different animal figures in it!
  • Your kid can easily play some role-playing with the help of you.
  • One of the best sellers in the market!
  • The toy can be played by kids 2 years old of age and above!
  • The toy is in good in size and will keep your kid busy for years! I can definitely suggest this toy to all of the parents!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Farm Toy

Material quality is the most important factor in buying a farm toy! You must make sure the toy made of non-toxic high-quality material if you want to avoid problems in the future! Some of the toys contain BPA and you should definitely stay away from that kind of toys! You can always buy wooden farm toys, they don’t contain harmful materials at all! However, some of them are dyed with artificial stuff, keep that in mind before you buy a farm toy.

Durability is highly important too, you should always look for toys which are durable! Generally, farm toys are played by the kids aged between 2 and 6! It means you have 4 years of developing your kid which can be costly on your budget! However, by picking the most durable toys you can avoid extra costs and give your baby a better future! Some farm toys are designed to stay on desks or shelves which means they are not durable for plays. You should always read the reviews and pick the most durable toy possible!

Price should be taken into consideration during these kinds of occasions! Farm toys have a huge price range with most of the products! They can start from as cheap as 10 dollars and they can go  up to 200 dollars for a single toy! I always suggest you get a value set and make sure they contain all of the necessary animals for role play! If you buy sets you should save your money at a higher rate and your kid won’t be disappointed with the set you bought! If you follow this tips you will have an easy time!


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