Best Core Exercises and Sport Philosophy for Kids

We, adults, perceive exercise like hard work while the children have fun doing exercises.  Even teachers use gamification method to provide benefits of subjects to kids. Elementary and middle school kids tend to horse around when they’re left idle. So, exercise and games are the natural behaviors of a young human. We can root it to the academical facts and provide great core exercises for kids to prepare them for a better possible life for them.

The main principle of exercises for kids is simplicity. Therefore, we don’t expect them to lift weights at least until the age of 15. Body weight exercises improve them. On the contrary, if you let or force them to lift things, that’s not an improvement. It rather leads to disorders.

You’ll see the suggestions for healthy kids and I name them the best core exercises for kids. All the following suggestions have something in common. Five to ten minutes of warm-up is one of them. It helps the brain to condition the body for duty. Similarly, finish with stretching. Another common side is about assistance. You can assist in the beginning. However, in the end, the exercise sessions should turn autonomous. You can leave assistance with little steps. Slightly lower the assistance power and motivate the kid to do things alone. It reminds me of getting rid of supporting tires of bikes.

You should see this TED talk about the kids and structure before reading. It’s a worthy idea to keep in mind. Please remember that the man in the video is not a villain to kids.


Simple, right… They already love running. It’s not hard to provide. Kids can run everywhere we allow. All we need to do is to program it not to cause other problems. Kids might seem to refuse to organize but they actually love it. Just do not push so hard and let them enjoy running.

You can let them play games require running. There are a lot of games we know because of our childhood. If you do not want to tire yourself or if you do not have peers for the kid at that time, change the run-game strategy.

You can try telling the kid that you’ll keep his/her records. It magically motivates kids. For instance, yesterday, you scored 60 yards in 28 seconds but today you made it in 26! This is an awesome idea. The kid will ask you how to speed up. You can set other exercises around this strategy.

To improve their coordination and condition, you can suggest they play butt kicks run, fast feet run and high knees run. Simple and effective…


Jumping provide fitness to kids. They improve their endurance and general stamina to be prepared for later life conditions. Many of the adults do not jump for very long days. That’s why they have difficulty in waking up and standing up. One day, kids will grow up and won’t have enough time to jump. So, when they love it, make them do so.

Tuck jumps: Jump and hold your heels after you bend your knees airborne.

Jump Jacks: Making the ‘X’ jumping. One can throw their arms and legs to their sides while jumping.

Hurdle hops: Jump like you are avoiding obstacles from the four sides.

One-foot hops: Simply use one leg to jump high.

Criss-cross feet: Switch the jumping food as in one-foot-hops.


As I told in the early lines, kids should do exercises with their own body weight. The rule must stay the same for squats, too.  One should position their body as if they sit without a chair. The chair position should be retained a little while. The difficulty can be increased by waiting in the position more. Do not keep on it and do not make it too difficult. Unarguably, squats are important exercises. Kids should continue doing them. They should like it. Keep it favorable and constant.

Push-ups and Sit-ups

These activities should not be over-extended. I can simply suggest it if it covers at most the one-tenth of exercising time.  Remember that we need to keep the kids engaged and have fun, not pain. Similar to squats, you should keep them constantly going on. Exercise sessions should include them.

If your kid has difficulty in doing sit-ups, you can push their feet to help them. Slightly lower external help to provide actual progress. Finally, your aim is to leave assistance.

Gamified Exercises

You can invent games or play the currently known games with the kids. The number of kids is important when you choose your game. Do not worry if you didn’t like the game for yourself. Kids like absurd stuff more than you can imagine. Just try to feel the mood. However, it’s better if you like it as well.  The best exercises for kids contain emotional rewarding. They exaggerate the terms and give every kid a medal, unrelated to their performance.  Actually, you mustn’t do so. Better-Achieving kids should know that they are doing good. Moderating things is for those who achieve low. Winners should not hear about your speech telling winning is not important. Do not extinguish their instinct to improve.

Finish with stretching and cooling down exercises

Simple stretcher exercises are necessary after an exercise session. It helps to prevent injuries. To get physically relaxed, kids should have this habit. It also teaches the subconscious brain to keep calm and move on. It is physically, emotionally and neuroscientifically important. So, never skip it.


I’ve written about the best possible exercises for almost all the kids. Your environment might cause slight differences and it is now up to you to change the things slightly and accordingly. That’s why I tried to share the philosophy lies behind the types of exercises and suggestions. I hope these core exercises for kids topic helps you to figure things out easily.  After all, enjoy life for yourself and please make life as enjoyable as possible for the kids. We’re fed up with disturbing people around. Do not cause a new one.

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