Best Chocolate Cake Ideas for Kids

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I’ve seen many good ideas on chocolate cake for kids. Maybe, you’re searching for ideas for an upcoming birthday. I warn you that the following cake decoration ideas might cause you to buy cakes earlier. No worries, go for a second cake on the birthday. We haven’t made any of the followings by ourselves.  I’ve found them online. Ask for the specific cake, I can share the maker in comments if you require. However, your local patisserie might be able to produce a similar when you just show the photos. Try them.

This cake can be a good surprise cake for kids. Before you cut it, it would look like a regular boring cake. If you want to look even more classic, use a brown cover. When you cut it, the rainbow-like colors will surprise kids and friends. However, if you’re sensitive about food dyes, scroll down to find options without food dyes.

Less food dye

With less food dye, the ice-cream-style cake can be quite lovely for kids. Actually, a similar chocolate cake can be made without food coloring. Particularly if you banned ice cream for a while, this looks like a lovely way to make amends for.

No food dye

Awesome idea for scout kids. Imagine you put it on some path in the forest, shortly before they march there. It ends up with an epic failure if youı place the cake too early.  Failure or success, such a video might even go viral. 🙂

You can make or order something like a piano cake. No food colorant required. A maker can use some chocolate from the shops to decorate piano keys parts. Can we use it to motivate young piano learners? I couldn’t understand that rose on the cake. I’ve perceived this cake for kids, but maybe, the content owner intended it for a romantic purpose. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask.

Last but not least! You can use kinder chocolate to decorate your chocolate cake. Indeed, you do not need to work a lot. A regular chocolate cake can look more attractive with such decoration.


I liked these and shared with you. We talk about the design here. The taste fairly less depends on looks. However, the last one must be delicious as it’s quite obvious. Of course, this will be my next chocolate cake choice for my kids. If you’ve found better ideas, please share. Let’s see who searches better! If you beat me there, you’re buying the next cake.


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