Best Art Toys for Toddlers

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We decided to write some suggestions for the best art toys for toddlers nowadays, most of the kids do not engage in any type of brain activities! They just sit in front of their computers all day long. You can prevent this false behavior by introducing your toddlers to art toys at a small age! These toys are really helpful when it comes to developing their brains! If you give a child the opportunity to work with art toys, they will enjoy it immensely. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to give your children a proper education and you can accomplish this by introducing them art toys for toddlers!

As you know, crayons are the basic art toys. Most of the toddlers use the colors of the crayons! It allows them to express their feelings in a good fashion! No other toy can give a sense of this activity! Crayons are basic art toys and there is nothing changed about them! The most important thing is they don’t contain any harmful materials at all now. If you prefer high-quality crayons you won’t face any problems at all. Crayons can be still dangerous, you should always watch your toddler during the playtime. They can put these things in their mouth!  you must be careful about papers because they can have sharp edges which can be dangerous for your children! There are papers with soft edges, these papers will prevent paper cuts from happening!

You can find some cheap art toys for a toddler, however, make sure they have to the quality you want! Make sure they don’t contain any harmful materials at all. The quality is also a concern when you find a cheap product. If you don’t know what you are doing just read the rest of the article and you will be fine!

There are many different other art toys but most of them revolve around painting and coloring. If you want to improve your toddler’s creativity to another level, you might want to check out craft toys for toddlers! Creativity is a great tool and it will be helpful in your kid’s adult ages. You can easily do that by getting them a craft or an art toy. Now let’s take a look at our art toys for toddlers and find the most suitable toy for your kid!

Top Selling Art Toys for Toddlers

These top-selling art toys for toddlers have their reasons. Mostly, their functions for their prices are awesome. Development of the kids is the priority. In addition, they had to be attractive for the little ones. Thanks to their vibrant colors and some other eye-catching details, they are good at engaging kids. Providing beneficial playtimes, these toys managed to be on the top of the sellers and customer ratings.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set

scratch Art Toys for Toddlers

  • Makes a great gift for Christmas fun and great colored scratch art set!
  • Comes with 16 assorted scratch and artboard!
  • Easy to use and store in the box!
  • Suitable for 4-10-year-old kids.
  • Made in CHINA
  • Total product weight is 8 pounds.
  • Makes your kid use his scratching skills instead of a paper and pencil, another fun way to encourage oneself for arts!

This is a really great toy if you are trying to encourage your child into arts and crafts! It might be the perfect starting point because it’s easy to use and fun. They can generate huge energy towards arts because of the sense of achieving something. However, enjoying this scratching process is really messy because of the leftovers, but it’s a common problem among this type of scratching toys! If you want something at entry-level you can get this beautiful art toy!

ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art

  • Great toy for increasing motor skills. It also improves creative thinking.
  • A total of 46 colorful buttons.
  • 10 different pictures and storage tray.
  • This toy is suitable for children 2 years of age and older.
  • Great art toy for toddlers, highly suggested for them.
  • Easily matchable pictures.
  • It’s the best seller at jewelry matching category, this product is high-quality.

It makes a great toy for Christmas highly suitable for most kids and their creative needs. This toy is really better than other brands’ toys because it has great quality at a more reasonable price! Plastic quality used is great, it looks really durable than other products. ALEX Toys little hands button art toy consist too many and funny images in it and they are really shiny! I highly suggest this beautiful toy.

ALEX Discover Tots Art Start

activities of Art Toys for Toddlers

  • There are 6 different activities which are perfectly suitable to introduce your kid to the art world!
  • This toy won countless awards and it shows.
  • It comes with an easy-grip crayon and fringe papers.
  • The papers are not harmful, they don’t have sharp edges.
  • The art toy suitable for toddlers above age 18 months older.
  • If you are looking for a cheap art toy for toddlers, this is your toy!
  • You might need a separate glue for this toy because the glue is not that good!



AMOSTING Early Learning Educational Toys Button Art for Toddler

button Art Toys for Toddlers

  • The color and shape learning toys are great for any toddler out there. This toy will definitely improve the cognitive functions of your kid!
  • You can start using the toy by giving a photo of your kid. Let the kid inspect the photo closely. After some time, the kid will easily match the shapes and colors!
  • This is a great art toy for toddlers because it allows to teach them about colors and shapes!
  • If you want to improve the life skills of your kid this is the thing you need! It can improve dexterity, color recognition.
  • The materials are not toxic.
  • You can easily clean the toys with a dry cloth.
  • There are 26 different colorful and various shape buttons in it.
  • The price is also really low for this kind of quality. If you are looking for a cheap art toy for your toddler, you can buy it under 20$.


ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Plate Bugs

Art Toys for Toddlers preschool


  • This is a great art activity and a starting point for your toddler.
  • Your kid can easily turn paper plates to perfectly funny looking bugs!
  • All of the projects come individually wrapped which makes it carrying them around easy!
  • iParenting media award winner.
  • It comes with 150 stickers, 2 eyes, 6 pipe cleaners, and 2 pom poms.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful materials at all!
  • The art toy is suitable for kids above 3 years of age!
  • One of the best seller art toys in the market!
  • Most of the kids above 4 years of age can enjoy the toy by themselves.


Decisive facts preparing the list of the Art Toys for Toddlers

The most important thing about these products is their attractiveness.  Toys for toddlers are already agreeably healthy. No one wants to pay for a toy that won’t be practically played even if it theoretically look super-beneficial and healthy. Therefore, our list will surely help you.

Material Quality

These brands have enough experience not to risk using harmful materials for babies. Therefore, the toys within our list can be trusted about the material quality. Plastic parts are BPA free and the sizes are appropriate for the age suggestions.


Prices should be between $10-30 unless there’s a very different thing for a specific toy. The reason we talk about this is the changing prices. We cannot predict sales or increases in prices. So, we give you a shift and if they are between that gap, they have safe prices.


It’s really hard to suggest only one option when the subjects are art toys in the market. It literally depends and we hope we could help with our reviews. These toys are the best sellers of their kind and they have reasons to be like that.

To feel better about something like karma, I frequently check the products I reviewed. Whenever I check, the prices look OK and the customer ratings are going great; which makes me even more comfortable about these manufacturers and sellers.

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