14 Best Art Toys for Kids in 2019

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All children are artists, while some kids develop their talents for significant extents, while others pass only the first level. For this reason, it is up to the parents to encourage their children to art by buying arts toys for kids. Children love to create something. Children should be encouraged to imagine, and design and the way to do that is to give them the tools they need.  But everything starts with interest developed at the tender age. You can encourage your kid by bringing in crayons and colored pencils.

Time for art and craft is significant for the development of a child and can create wonders for a child’s mind. Drawing, dying, coloring, cutting, and pasting can help a young mind to enjoy and encourage creativity.  When they can hold a brush, give them watercolors and let them paint what they want. You can purchase colored pencils, crayons, and washable markers that your child can draw.

Different Art Toys for Kids

There are many options, including paper. Do not give them construction paper, a doodle or scrapbook, a white paper from the printer, or paper from a bag. You should not have any expectations because it may damage your child’s inner strength. When you are painting, you can sit with your children and draw a different picture. So if your child is bringing the stage, you can be drawing human figures and using completely different colors. Do not compare your child’s drawings with anyone. You can participate in art events for children. They will get fresh air and get new ideas.

Drawing time can have a theme. For example, they can bring family or friends. You can encourage them to bring their favorite animals or make a picture of what they want to be when they grow up. They can draw a picture of your favorite moments. Also, they can try to create an image of an item you placed in front of them like a chair or a fruit basket.

You should allow the kids to use their imagination. They can draw an abstract art piece that will not represent a particular thing. They will enjoy playing with colors and just expressing themselves. This could be a color lesson at the same time. You can show them how to blend colors to make new ones; for example, combining blue and yellow creates green.

Building blocks and creating figures from clay are also an entertaining art activity.  This activity also creates a sense of rationality and common sense in a child. She/he understands how the basic structure is and what it should look like and what it is.  The invention is the baby of new ideas, and if you allow your children to be free with their thoughts, they become more creative. Allow them to use different toys to make their toys using different parts. Do you ever think about what you can do with jar covers?

Allow your kids to circulate ideas like candle holders, rotating wheels, tops, covers, and more. The possibilities are endless, with many uses. Consider an item and allow your children to innovate with art ideas. Art toys are so beneficial for your kid overall.

Top Selling Arts Toys for Kids in 2019

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro

  • Suitable for kids above five years of age and older.
  • This product has won many awards including;  Creative Child Magazine, Parents’ Choice Approved and Dr. Toy’s Best New Products Awards
  • A creative and engaging way to improve drawing skills, it will keep your kid entertained!
  • It needs 3 AA batteries to operate, and they are not included in the package!

Great tool for improving drawing skills, it’s entertaining for most of the kids below eight years old. They can efficiently study the materials in this toy by themselves. My kid doesn’t even need supervision when he is using it! If you want to enhance your kid’s drawing skills, you should get this art toy! If you are looking for a cheap art toy for kids, this is the toy you need!

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Portable Art Set

  • One hundred fifty pieces of art supply!
  • Your kid can draw, color, and craft many different things with this!
  • It comes with extra crafting tools like scissors, sharpeners, etc.
  • This is a great art toy for kids. It consists of extra items like scissors and sharpeners, as I said before. Your kids can undoubtedly improve their skills with these items!
  • Suitable for kids above three years of age.
  • It encourages drawing and painting.
  • A great tool to improve creativity and visualization skills!

This tool has it all, and it has a perfect price, your kid can quickly draw or paint different things with this beautiful set!

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

  • Perfect for drawing, it comes with 12 different colored pencils for your kids’ needs.
  • You can create thousands of different scenes with simple images!
  • The bright LED panel is environment and eye-friendly!
  • Fully functional paper locking frame!
  • Works with 3 D batteries.
  • The total weight is 2 pounds. It’s lightweight.
  • It’s a suitable art toy for kids between 5 and 12 years of age.

This product works well enough with the batteries in it. This is great! When it comes to the pencil quality, this toy has it all, 12 different colors are great and allow you to draw almost anything! The product price is also meager, and your kids will still use it after years!

Spirograph Design Tin Set

  • Your kid can enjoy this beautiful spirograph design set!
  • You can create different kind geometric spiral shapes with it.
  • It already has original spirograph designs in it so that you can enjoy it with your child!
  • Great for improving drawing skills and concentration.

You may think the quality is not up to par with products at our age, and I feel like this. It’s good to have this product inside your toy sets because it’s different than today’s toys. You might enjoy playing with your children. It’s suitable for 8-15 years, as you might guess.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes

  • The art set comes with jot notes and doodles.
  • Your kid can easily make fresh notes with this beautiful art set.
  • The kid can easily surprise people with the help of this art toy.
  • The wooden stylus is used to reveal the hidden words beneath.
  • It comes with a reusable dispenser box.
  • Easy to use by most of the kids.
  • Suitable for kids who are over seven years of age!

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad Pink, Coloring Board for Kids

  • The set comes with a graphite pencil and 12 short colored pencils.
  • It also has ten tracing sheets and ten blank sheets.
  • The tracing lines keep the sheets in the place.
  • Your kid can easily pair it up with dark toys.
  • It comes with over 100 traceable images.
  • This coloring board for kids will make an excellent gift for girls.
  • I suggest if you are looking for an art toy for kids.




ALEX Art Fantastic Spinner

  • Your kid can easily make cool spin art painting with it.
  • The toy doesn’t require any batteries to operate.
  • It has a creative child magazine award.
  • The toy comes with a blue spinner, 20 spin paper cards, and four bottles of paint.
  • This art toy is suitable for kids above six years of age.
  • You can get more paper cards if you run out of them quickly. They are generally very cheap.
  • If your bottles get empty, you can buy big containers of tempera paints.
  • This is a great toy if you want to introduce your kid to the art world.




Creativ’ Craft Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

  • If you are looking for the ultimate creativity set, which will carry your kid to the new horizons, you are at the right place!
  • The set is complete, and it comes with 13 grade a soft coloring pencils1
  • It also has 12 sturdy and durable stencil boards.
  • The travel case makes it easy to carry around during the holidays.
  • There are different kinds of shapes on the boards.
  • This art toy is excellent for educating your children. It comes with 260 different shapes! Can you believe it?
  • There are flowers, dinosaurs, animals, cars, stars and many more in the set!
  • It will make a perfect gift for any occasion you encounter.
  • Suitable for most of the kids above four years of age!
  • Perfectly safe for your kid’s health.

I suggest this toy for any parent out there. It’s a great set to introduce your kid to the art world. If you are looking for the best art toy for kids, this is your best choice to start!


Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

  • This an excellent art toy to improve the socializing skills of your kid.
  • Your kid can leave the painted rocks in the community, which will surprise the members of society. It will also improve their social skills because of that.
  • All rocks can be unique, which makes the product a long term investment.
  • Your kid can easily use this rock painting kit with their friends!
  • It’s a great beginner rock painting kit that can be used by kids.
  • There are also three different versions on the sales page. One version has paintings that glow in the dark!
  • The rock painting kit has waterproof supplies. Your kid’s art can last for a long time.
  • The set comes with eight different waterproof colors.
  • Transfer designs and tracking stickers are great for keeping things tight.

This set is perfect for any kid out there! It can be used by kids who are above the age of six. The game is ideal for art purposes, but it can also improve the basic social skill level of your kid!

Step2 Great Creations Art Center Art Desk Easel

  • This is one of the best art toys for kids out there!
  • The set comes with everything you need.
  • The art desk looks extremely funky, which will attract the kids with ease. If you have a hard time getting your kid into drawing, you must think about this one!
  • It has a double-sided art easel, which is pretty useful.
  • The toy is playable up to 360 degrees, which is perfect for keeping the kid active! Obesity is a big problem, but your kid must move around to use this toy effectively!
  • Built-in trays are great for getting your kid organized.

Large storage compartments are great for storing items like books and art drawing books. These compartments will also teach your kid how to be organized! If you want a full product that can do everything your kid needs, you should buy this one!

Alex Art Fantastic Spinner

  • Your kid can easily make spinner art paintings.
  • Greeting cards can be done with this spinner.
  • It doesn’t need any batteries at all to operate. Your kid can freely use it without worries.
  • The art toy has a Creative Child Magazine award, which is cool!
  • It comes with a spinner, four bottles of paint, and 20 spin paper cards. There are also three colored cars and a splash shield for effective drawing.

This art toy is perfect for kids above the age of six. Smaller kids can use it, but they will need a parent to supervise. If you are looking for a basic art toy that can do a job effectively, you can get this one!

Fansteck Button Art Toy for Toddlers

  • This is an art toy, but it’s also great for developing your kid’s hand-eye coordination.
  • The art toy can also be used for developing the cognitive ability of your kid.
  • Imagination and creativity are a must for this toy.
  • This button art toy improves your kid’s creativity by creating patterns.
  • You can also store the pictures in the drawstring bag. It’s also really convenient for long term use. Your kid doesn’t have to worry about losing the parts.
  • It’s made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is not harmful to kids!

The colorful shapes and pictures are a great way to attract kids into art toys! If you are looking for a basic art toy that can keep your kid busy for a long time, you can prefer this one! It’s suitable for kids above four years of age! Make sure the kid knows about small toy parts that shouldn’t be swallowed!

Crayola Inspiration Art Case In Pink

  • Crayons are great for improving the basic drawing and painting skills of the kid!
  • This art case has everything your kid needs, and it’s pretty big!
  • The art case is excellent for keeping things organized! It will encourage your kid to be organized at all costs!
  • You can decorate shirts, create masterpieces with your girl.
  • This is an excellent gift for Christmas and birthdays! The set is so big, which will surprise the kids!
  • The crayons are safe and non-toxic.

If you are looking for a basic art toy for kids, you should get this one! It’s suitable for kids above four years of age!


There are tons of art toys in the market which can be used for developing the imagination and creativity of your kid! If your kid is small yous should stick to basic products. You should attract your kid into arts first in order to edict the proper development of your kid! If you have a big kid who is interested in arts, you must buy high-quality art toys to keep the kid engaged in the process. Hope you liked the reviews, make sure you leave comments below!

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