Best 12 Inch Kids Boy Bike for 2-6 Years Olds

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We’re here to help you find your best pick for kids boys bike. Narrowing the topic for the review, below you’ll find bikes for four to eight-year-old kids.

We’ve already considered a lot of things before bringing these options to you. However, we like to keep our way transparent. Therefore, below the reviews, I shared the facts and opinions leading our choices about the best bikes for boys.

To my own favor, I won’t spend my hours on phone anymore. I’ll link this article to my friends asking for the best bikes. Before we actually start, I suggest you see my post on the best 12-inch bikes for girls, too. Similarly, they have certain things in common.

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys

  • It has 6 different color designs which look shiny and bright.
  • You can get a bike with training wheels which is a huge plus.
  • The seat is extra comfortable for the kids.
  • It has a bottle holder on the back side which is helpful for long rides.
  • The bike is really easy to put together. It comes already assembled, you just have to a few things before your kid can use it.
  • All assembly tools are included in the package. You won’t have a hard time if you have some tinkering skills.
  • The steel frame is sturdy and durable. Also, the wheels are high-quality which allows for great training time. They are going to last for a long time which ensures that your kid learns how to ride a bike.

PJ Masks Boy’s 12” Bicycle

  • This bike looks extremely funky and it looks definitely suitable for the boys!
  • Even the pedals look really great. Your kid is going to fall in love with it.
  • It comes with training wheels which is great for beginners. You can take them out if you want to.
  • It’s designed with a single speed train which ensures the safety of your kid.
  • The whole bike is masked with cool masks themes pictures.
  • The seat is laser printed and it doesn’t contain harmful materials to your kids!
  • I can suggest this one if your kid is interested in cartoon characters.

Schwinn Grit Steerable Kids Bikes

  • If your kid is an extremely beginner you should get this steerable kids bike.
  • It’s one of the best sellers in the category because the material quality is really great.
  • You can easily remove the handle if you want to. It’s great for teaching kids how to control the bike.
  • Fully-enclosed chainguard is great for kids safety and bikes long term usage.
  • The training wheels are made of heavy duty material which is great for training purposes. You can replace them with standard wheels later on.
  • The water bottle’s location is really nice. Any kid can easily access it.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality bike you should get this one!

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle With Training Wheels

  • Great bike for cartoon fans out there.
  • It comes with training wheels which is great.
  • It doesn’t have a water bottle holder which might a problem for some kids.
  • There are five color options and two design options.
  • The chainguard provides some kind of protection for the bike.
  • Suitable for kids between ages four and six.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a beginner bike.


Huffy 12 inch Marvel Spider-Man Boys Bike

  • This bike will drive spider man fanatics crazy. The kids are falling in love with this one the moment they saw it.
  • The price is really reasonable if you compare it with other ones. It might be expensive for some people but i think it’s okay for the quality and design.
  • You can pick between 3 different color options.
  • The handlebar has a 3D logo of Spider-man which is loved by the kids.
  • The training wheels can be removed later on.
  • I didn’t like the seat quality of this one. There are better ones in the market.
  • I can suggest this one if your kid is a fan of Spiderman!



Huffy Moto X Boys Bike Training Wheels 12 inches

  • The bike has really cool graphic designs.
  • If you have a serious kid this might be good for him because the design is really masculine.
  • Your kid can pick between four design options.
  • The chainguard could be better. It won’t provide adequate protection for your kid.
  • The front plate looks really great it has a beautiful design.
  • The assembling instructions are not clear for some of the customers.
  • The bike is well made and it has solid materials. I can suggest this one if you are looking for a high-quality bike!

How to fit a bike for your child?

Manufacturers mostly share the wheel size in inches to define the sizing of a bike. That’s an important fact. However, just a fact may not suffice. Knowing a general idea, you also need things like frame size and height range.

  • Child’s inseam information is the best thing to be able to accurate. First, measure the inseam. Because you measure it for bikes, do it while shoes are on. People also measure inseam to get the best fitting clothes and they do it without shoes. Tell the kid to open his legs like shoulder-length.

  • Narrow down the wheel size options considering inseam. So, you can use the chart below.
    Tire SizeAgeInseamClothing SizeHeight
    12″2 to 315″ – 18″3T36″ – 39″
    14″2 to 415″ – 20″3T to 4T37″ – 44″
    16″4 to 616″ – 22″4T to 541″ – 48″
    (1st bike)
    16″4 to 616″ – 22″4T to 541″ – 48″
    (2nd bike)
    20″5 to 819″ – 25″6 to 845″ – 54″
    24″8 to 1123″ – 28″10 to 1249″ – 59″
    26″over 1025″ +over 1256″+
  • Consider the kid’s ability to ride a bike. With that, you decide on seat height. The seat height will determine the posture, too. Simply see the picture below and provide this seating.
  • Considering all the above, buy the best bike. Make sure a bike has its many parts adjustable.

How to finally choose the best 12″

Among the hundreds of bike options on the market, we brought the best picks above.

Bikes for kids should not exceed the 1/3 weight of kids. Cheaper bikes are heavier but we managed to bring you the optimized choices.

Almost all of the bikes above come with adjustable parts. They are very easy to balance. These bikes are light enough. All of them are made of the right materials. In addition, there are many color options.

When you read from us, if you are still stuck between two particular choices, use these last things to finish.

  • Check the warranty,
  • Compare price, count the shipment detail if differs,
  • Check the rating chart,
  • The material,
  • The weight (lighter is better)
  • The brakes
  • Check the bravery of the particular seller of the bike. They should be able to give more details and answer any questions in minutes if they trust their services.
  • More adjustable parts
  • Ease of installation and packing,
  • Tire type (mostly rubber for kids)
  • The age range for longer years of use
  • Frame type that you and the kid like
  • Available colors

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