Best 12 Inch Kids Bike for Girls

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Bikes! Indispensable for a healthy childhood, bikes have always made a good toy and sports tool at the same time. Early acquisition of bicycle skills will help a lot. Although it might feel like a waste to buy such little bikes, it is, in fact, an awesome idea. From two-year-olds to six-year-olds can use them. So, it makes at least 4 years of usage! We call early childhood bikes 12-inch kids’ bikes.

You too will realize that some of the bikes below are also for boys. In particular, you might find a unisex color. So, these are the best 12-inch kids bike for girls, some of them are also for boys.

Take a good look at the options below first. Then, you might continue reading if you are curious about my other opinions supported by facts. I sincerely hope to provide information for those who are about to buy bikes for kids.

Best Bikes

JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls

  • The price is really suitable for most of the parents.
  • The frame quality is perfect. It’s made of 1.2mms of high-quality steel. The frame also has a warranty which is a huge plus if your kid is inexperienced.
  • The design is perfect for girls. The saddle part looks extremely good when your girl puts some toys in it.
  • The seat can be adjusted according to the kid’s height.
  • The coaster brake is really useful for beginner kids. It improves control over the bike. The pedal can be pushed back to stop the bike efficiently.
  • The body parts come %85 assembled. You don’t have to do too much assembling stuff.
  • 12-inch bikes are suitable for girls between 2 and 4 years of age.


COEWSKE Kid’s Bike Steel Frame Children Bicycle Little Princess Style 12 inches

  • The style of the bike is really unique. It comes with front and rear brake which is great for kids.
  • The tires are made of high-quality rubber. They are 2.125 inches in thickness which is great for training.
  • They are made of rubber which will prevent dangerous breakdowns.
  • The footrest design is great for beginners. It allows for better foot placement. The kids will have a comfortable ride.
  • The chainguard is safe enough to protect your kid from damages. It will also increase the lifespan of the chain.
  • 95 percent of the bike comes assembled which is great.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a bike with high material quality.

Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bike 12 inches

  • The bike has three different designs. All of them made according to the girl’s needs.
  • The chainguard is really great. It covers the whole chainguard which will increase the lifespan of the chain. It’s also extremely safe for your kid.
  • Suitable for kids between 28 and 38 inches tall.
  • Some parts have a limited lifetime warranty which is great.
  • The basket is really low quality. It can break down easily.
  • Hand and foot break working really well. The material quality is top notch.
  • It can be assembled within 30 minutes if you know what you are doing.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a high-quality bike.


JOYSTAR 12 inches Kids Bike for 2-5 Years Girls

  • The design of this bike is really perfect. The basket and seat look extremely suitable.
  • The customers are highly satisfied with the product. It has really good reviews.
  • Suitable for girls between 2 and 5 years of age.
  • The coaster brake is really useful if your kid is an absolute beginner.
  • It comes 85 percent assembled. You have to do little work.
  • The seat is bigger than normal seats which provides a comfortable ride for your kid.
  • The chainguard is poor quality but it covers up the whole chain which is good.
  • The price is a little bit expensive. However, if you are looking for a high-quality product you should get this one.

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls 12 inches

  • The best seller in the bike category.
  • Most of the customers are highly satisfied with the product.
  • The water holder is really great but I think it can be placed better.
  • It’s a sporty bike which is designed to improve your kid’s skill level. The design looks fabulous compared to other ones.
  • The chainguard is high-quality it will protect the legs of your kid with ease.
  • All assembly tools come with the product. You just have to follow the instructions.
  • It front caliper brake and coaster brake at the same time which is cool.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality 12-inch bike for girls you should get this one!

Disney Princess Girls Bike by Huffy 12 inches

  • If your girl is a fan of Disney you can get this one.
  • Front and rear brakes work well.
  • The bike is suitable for 2 and 4 years of age.
  • Pink handlebar basket looks great. The basket can light up and make Disney chants which will attract the kids.
  • The seat has a hand slot which is really helpful for parents. You can easily control your kid during the ride with the help of this addition.
  • The steel frame is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Material quality could be better. However, if your kid is a fan of Disney you can get this one.

Peppa Pig Pinwheel Bike 12 inches

  • The cartoon is loved by most of the little girls.
  • The backseat has a holder which is really great for parents.
  • The front part has a little bag which can be useful for kids.
  • You can remove the training wheels whenever you want.
  • The chainguard is really useful for protecting.
  • The price could be a little lower because the quality is not there.
  • The windmill is loved by the kids.
  • You can get this one if you are looking for something basic with a fancy design.

Know These Before You Get a Bike for Kids

From time to time prices change. Above, you find the current prices because it updates automatically. However, I can say that a good bike for kids might be approximately $110. You won’t regret your purchase as long as you choose one of the options above. Still, I’ll tell you more about things deserve consideration.

Prepare Emotionally

You shouldn’t be the one to obviously bring bike subject on the table. Try to set a scenario for your child to ask for a bike. Trust me, I’m a teacher.

Bikes of childhood can be really unforgettable memories for kids. You could yourself be a parent or might be considering a bike as a gift. In both of the cases, that’s an awesome idea. Once you make sure the kid wants a bike, try to learn about the color. Never tease about training tires. On the contrary, never be too late to remove them. The kid should ask for removal there for needs motivation. In addition, if possible, read a story or watch something about bike achievement.

Do not worry if it’s too late to prepare regarding these emotional warnings. Feel free to ask me. Describe your current state and I’ll respond ASAP.

Size Ideas & Facts

They say, 12″ for 2-4 years, 14″ for 3-6 years, 16″ for 4-8 years, and 18″ for 5-10 years.

My idea is to complete up to 7 years with 12″ and then go for 20″ or above depending on the tendency of kids. Saddle and handlebar heights should be adjustable. The training wheels should be easy to attach and detach.

Tire SizeAgeInseamClothing SizeHeight
12″2 to 315″ – 18″3T36″ – 39″
14″2 to 415″ – 20″3T to 4T37″ – 44″
16″4 to 616″ – 22″4T to 541″ – 48″
(1st bike)
16″4 to 616″ – 22″4T to 541″ – 48″
(2nd bike)
20″5 to 819″ – 25″6 to 845″ – 54″
24″8 to 1123″ – 28″10 to 1249″ – 59″
26″over 1025″ +over 1256″+

Many sellers will show you the wheel sizes. Therefore, I shared the chart above. I claim, while buying bikes for kids, this is the best chart ever. The wheel size affects the size of the actual bicycle. If you think your child is specifically taller or shorter, you should care the inseam column within the chart.

To visualize the sizing chart above, I share the picture below:

These are the most efficient information on sizing. However, I still say, many parts should be adjustable to be able to personalize better.

Seat Height

The height between the saddle and the ground is important. Considering the inseam of your child, you should adjust the saddle height. Therefore, it’s important to buy an appropriate and adjustable bike.

Seated, the kid should be able to stand on the balls of feet fingers. In due time, the bar mustn’t block the kid. She should be able to stand on foot keeping the bike between her legs. You can calculate it by adding two inches to inseam length. If you provide these, you lower the possibility of injuries.

Bike Weight

I’ll say it very simple. The weight of the bike shouldn’t exceed 40% of kids’ weight.

Other golden rules

  • The long wheelbase is better.
  • Mid-size posture is the ideal posture. See it below.
  • Coaster brakes and hand brakes should be considered. It’s always better to have hand brakes option available on a bike. Safer is better.
  • The gearing of a bike is very important, too. Most of the kids’ bikes are single gear. For the first bike, single gear is OK. However, if I were you, I would choose to get a multi-gear bike for the second bike.
  • If the bike is a geared bike, choose an internally geared hub.


So far, these are the information I suggest you know. It’s possible to come up with a lot more but, in most cases, those would be irrelevant. I believe I’ve already surprised you with all these. In other words, you now know better things to consider. Hope it helps you to get a better one.

Definitely, it’s your choice.


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