10 Best Barefoot Shoes for Toddlers in 2019

Minimalist parents generally prefer barefoot shoes for toddlers. These shoes are useful in warm places. If you live in an area where the weather is always sunny, you can prefer these minimalist toddler shoes. They can also be used for beach and pool, which makes them high utility shoes! Make sure you pick a nice one because low-quality ones do not provide enough protection for your toddler’s feet. Now, let’s take a look at the best barefoot shoes.

Top Minimalist Barefoot Shoes for Toddlers

L-RUN Baby Barefoot Shoes

  • It is made of polyester.
  • The rubber sole prevents slipping.
  • The upper part is made of spandex, which makes it flexible.
  • The top part is pretty breathable compared to other products.
  • The sales page has above 20 different designs.
  • Flexible and comfortable design.
  • It can be used for the pool because it can dry up well.
  • The shoes will protect your kid’s feet from sharp objects, which is a huge plus.

This is one of the best barefoot shoes for toddlers. The sales page has different designs for everyone! The shoes are unisex, which makes them perfect for any baby out there!

hiitave Kids Barefoot Socks

  • The sole part is made of rubber-like, any other barefoot sock.
  • You have to follow the size chart carefully to find something suitable for your toddler.
  • The upper part is made of high-quality material with excellent breathability.
  • You can use it hot summers thanks to its materials!
  • The rubber sole prevents slipping during exercise!
  • It will also protect your baby’s feet from sharp objects, which is a plus.

The design of this sock is excellent. They also have different designs on the sales page if you are looking for something fancy, you can prefer this one!

Romote Kids Barefoot Water Shoes

  • These shoes are incredibly minimalistic because of simple design.
  • They have different color options on the sales page!
  • The overall sizes are suitable for any kid out there!
  • The soles are made of TPR materials, which is excellent.
  • It will prevent your kid from slipping during playtime.
  • The heel loop makes it easily usable by kids.
  • These shoes are extra soft and elastic, which makes them comfortable.

These shoes can work pretty well if you are looking for something basic! 

Apolter Baby Boys and Girls Swim Water Shoes

  • The design is suitable for toddlers because the colors are pretty vibrant and attractive.
  • The lightweight design makes them almost non-existent.
  • Your baby can walk free, thanks to its design.
  • Soft and comfortable material makes it suitable for any kid out there. Most of the parents like this one because of the softness of the shoes!
  • It’s straightforward to put on and off, thanks to the heel loop.
  • It can dry up pretty thoroughly. You can use it for swimming pool activities! They are highly suitable for water activities!

If you are looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price, you can prefer these shoes!

AZPSRT Kids Barefoot Shoes

  • One of the cheapest shoes you can find in the market right now.
  • The sole is made of rubber, which prevents slipping, but it’s thinner than other shoes, so it might not protect the kid’s feet adequately.
  • The top part is made of a material that can stretch a lot.
  • It’s made of breathable material, which makes it a perfect candidate for summer days.
  • The fabric can stretch well, which also makes it extremely durable.
  • It can be used for beach games and other outdoor activities1

YIRANFA Baby Boys Girls Barefoot Shoes

  • The shoe is made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex.
  • It can stretch well because it’s made of flexible material.
  • The rubber outsole prevents slipping, and it provides comfortable outdoor usage.
  • The high and elastic neck design is perfect for comfort.
  • The shoe doesn’t cause any discomfort to your toddler!
  • The designs are pretty cute. You can find cartoon symbols and animals on the shoes.

These shoes are specially designed for toddlers, which makes them an excellent alternative for anyone out there. If you are looking for an option, you might prefer these!

Z-T FUTURE Kids Baby Boy Girl Sneakers

  • The rubber sole is pretty soft. It’s comfortable for any toddler out there!
  • The toe cap is pretty useful if you have a naughty kid! It will protect your kid’s feet from danger.
  • The upper part is made of breathable mesh knit, which makes it an excellent shoe for summer days!
  • The designs are pretty beautiful, you can check them on the sales page!
  • The price is a little bit expensive, but it reflects the quality, in my opinion!
  • The shoes are a little bit heavy, and they are suitable for toddlers with wide feet!

It’s effortless to wear and take off, which makes it an excellent alternative for kids. Your kid can quickly put them on by themselves!

Bridawn Kids Toddler Shoes

  • It’s made from high-quality Ponte de Roma Knit fabric.
  • The rubber sole is made of anti-slip thermoplastic rubber.
  • The smooth neck design is great for sports. Your kid can quickly wear it for long hours!
  • This one is a little bit different than other shoes! It has a more durable heel because of the materials used.
  • It’s exceptionally lightweight and comfortable!

You can prefer this one if you are looking for a water shoe! They work perfectly for any situation! The material quality is also ideal, which makes it a great alternative!

QTMS Kids Boys Girls Water Shoes

  • The price is perfect for the quality.
  • The sales page has over 20 different designs.
  • The colors are vibrant and bright, which attracts toddlers with ease!
  • It’s made of fabric that can stretch and dry out quickly!
  • The material provides enough anti-slipping for sports events.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, you can prefer these shoes!

JACKSHIBO Kids Swim Shoes

  • The sole is extra thin, which is perfect for summer days.
  • It can’t be used for sports activities, in my opinion, since its too thin.
  • The fit of the shoes is perfect, which will cover up the feet of your kid with ideal shape.
  • The outsole is covered with texture, which provides an excellent anti-slip feature.
  • The shoe is non-toxic, which is great for healthy feet.

If you are looking for shoes which can be used in summer days, you can prefer these!

Benefits of Barefoot Shoes for Toddlers

Barefoot shoes for toddlers are great for summertime usage because they are comfortable for summertime. Most of the parents use these shoes for beach and special water events. They also provide some protection to your kid’s feet. Some of the barefoot shoes for toddlers are not that good, and they bother your kid’s feet. If you want to get the best barefoot shoes for your toddler, you should read the whole article and get the idea about the shoes!

Feet Protection

The feet protection is pretty crucial for beach events. Some of the beaches have sharp objects inside the sand, which can be dangerous for little toddlers. You can avoid these small sharp objects by getting your kid a barefoot shoe that will protect the feet of your kid! These barefoot shoes also great for sports events because they provide some anti-slipping functions. If your kid is starting for gymnastics, you can use one of these barefoot shoes!

Sports Usage

These shoes are perfect for sports usage, as I mentioned before. You have the make sure the model you are buying is suitable for your kid’s sport. Most of the barefoot shoes are great for ballet and gymnastics sessions. These sports are great for barefoot shoes because of their nature. You can also prefer the models with toe protection if your kid is into other sports. Barefoot shoes are mostly high for gymnastic sports! You can also check my article about gymnastic equipment for kids here!

Natural Feet Development

The barefoot shoes for toddlers don’t apply any pressure to your kid’s feet, which will allow a natural feet development. Some shoes are pretty hard, which is bad for your kid’s feet health! If you are concerned about your kid’s feet, you can easily use barefoot shoes for toddlers. However, you should still consult a physician before you use any of these shoes if you have concerns in your mind! Other than that, these shoes are perfect for natural feet development!

The natural movement of feet is pretty crucial for perfect feet development. Your kid’s feet have to move freely to develop ideally! You can help your kid’s feet by getting them a minimalist shoe, which will help the natural movement of your kid’s feet!

How to Pick Best Barefoot Shoes For Toddlers?

There are various factors you’ve to be careful about before you make the final purchase of barefoot shoes for toddlers. You’ve to make your research well to avoid harmful products in the market. There are tons of products in the market because most of these shoes are produced in Asia. This is a not bad thing, but there are some terrible brands out there that are bad for your kid’s health. If you check the attributes I’ve listed below, you won’t face significant problems!

Material Quality

The material quality of the shoe is vital when it comes to barefoot shoes for toddlers! Most of the shoes are made of spandex. However, there are some low-quality ones in the market which contain harmful plastic in them. You have to make sure the model you are buying doesn’t have anything dangerous inside of it! The price also gets affected by the material quality. You should never buy shoes that are below 9 dollars.

The minimalist shoes should be flexible because they are going to be used for sports most of the time! The outside sole affects the flexibility of the shoe, which is crucial for sports! If you are getting the barefoot shoe for sports, you should be looking for shoes that are flexible enough!


Price is essential when it comes to barefoot shoes for toddlers. However, you can still find some gems in the market! Most of the excellent products are between 12 and 15 dollars. You can find better quality barefoot shoes for toddlers if you are willing to pay more, but I think the amount is enough!

Comfortable Fit

The fitting of the shoe is a crucial function, especially if your kid is into sports. If your kid is going to use the shoe for long runs or sports, you have to buy the most comfortable barefoot shoes! The comfort of the shoes can only be understood by testing them in real life. It would be a wise move to visit a local retail store and see if your kid is comfortable with the shoe. You can still buy the shoes online after you check the shoe in real life!

Some kids have a wide toe, which might be problematic for barefoot shoes! You’ve to inspect the shoe close if you want to avoid problems. The wide toe problem can be solved by getting a wider barefoot shoe! These models are available all over the internet, and I’ve also listed one of them!


The weight of the barefoot shoes is significant for extended usages! If your kid is going to wear the shoes regularly, you should be looking for products that are lightweight by design! Most of the summer shoes are lightweight, but there are some low-quality products out there that don’t have the necessary lightweight attribute for your kid! The sole also effects the weight of the shoe, which I will address in the next heading!

Outside Sole

The outside sole provides protection from external objects, which is crucial if you are living in a bad area. If you are going to use the barefoot shoes for beach events, I think you should buy the shoes with the best outside sole! Outside sole is crucial for protecting your kid’s feet! It will protect your kid’s feet from unwanted objects on the beach! If you are looking for minimalist shoes, you can buy shoes with little soles, but they are not great for providing protection. These minimalist shoes are most suitable for indoor sports usage!


Barefoot shoes are great because they encourage your kid’s feet to natural movement. The natural movement is pretty crucial for the development of your kid’s feet. If you are concerned about the health of your kid, you should buy a barefoot shoe for your toddler. These shoes are extremely comfortable for summer usage most of the time!

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