10 Best Baking Kits for Kids in 2020

Baking kits for kids are really useful when it comes to educating your kid and providing them fun at the same time! These sets are perfect for any purpose. Most of them are suitable for kids and teenagers. However, you might find sets that are suitable for small kids too. There are a few products on this list that are suitable for toddlers too. Make sure you check them out! Let’s find out which products are the best ones in 2020.

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BAKETIVITY Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit

  • If you want to build your kid’s skill in an informal way, this baking kit is a way to go! It comes with different materials that allow your kid to create cakes with ease and fun!
  • Baketivity bake kit is suitable for teens and kids which makes it extra better.
  • You can make suitable sweat treats for everyone!
  • The baking kit comes with dry ingredients.
  • The products inside the kit are pre-measured and vacuum sealed which is great for preserving the freshness!
  • There are two educational activities inside the kit which are great for little kids.
  • You can do these activities for your kid’s birthday.

This is one of the most baking activity kits in the market. It’s perfectly suitable for kids and teens. The sales page also has other designs which make it great for different theme lovers.

Klutz Mini Bake Shop

  • There are different types of difficulties in this beautiful bake kit.
  • Your kid can progress into harder tasks as she continues to improve her skill set!
  • The mini bakeshop is great for showing the skills of your kid.
  • The air-dry clay is suitable for the kids to work with. Your kid doesn’t have to do any baking to finalize the projects.
  • The mini bakeshop comes with 48 pages of instru─▒ctions books. The instructions in the book are easy to understand.
  • The final projects can be easily displayed in the pink bakery box.

This box is great for showing the skills of your kid! Your kid can enjoy the experience gathered from these projects. It will also improve the kid’s social skills as she discusses the baking projects with the guests!

Cakebe Cake Decorating Kit Cake Turntable

  • Simple cake decorating kit for beginners which is also suitable for the kids.
  • The rotating cake stand is great for showing the skills of your kid!
  • The product comes with 32 different cake decorating tips. There are also more than 70 pieces in this beautiful set!
  • The cake turntable can rotate up to 360 degrees without any problems.
  • It can carry cakes up to 11 inches without any problem!
  • The cake decorating kit requires no experience which makes it extra good for the kids!

The whole product comes in a cute box which makes the gifting process easier for the adults! You can easily put the whole toy into a box and make it suitable for the kids. I suggest this one for kids above 9 years of age because it might be hard for little kids! The ebook of the baking kit is also helpful for teens!

RISEBRITE Cake Decorating Kit for Kids

  • The cake decorating kit for kids comes with 38 pieces of different items!
  • It provides the real experience your kids look for. The products are perfectly real and high-quality!
  • The products are machine washable which makes them perfect for long term usage!
  • The polyester material has reinforced edges which makes them suitable for little kids!
  • The materials are high-quality and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain any bpa and phthalate. They are also suitable for the dishwasher!
  • The cake decorating kit for kids provides high value for parents and kids. It provides a great amount of family time which can increase the parent-kid bond.

The apron and chef hat in the set increases the role-playing options for your kid. If you are looking for a realistic baking kit for kids this one is definitely perfect. The price of the product makes it suitable for any parent out there!

Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set

  • The product is perfectly safe for little hands. It doesn’t contain any sharp edges or harmful materials!
  • All parts are safe and non-toxic. The materials are food-grade which makes the product high-quality.
  • The apron is great for roleplaying games. It’s suitable for little kids!
  • The set has gender-neutral colors which makes it suitable for more than one kid! It makes the baking kit ideal for both girls and boys!
  • The yummy recipe cards are great for creating easy recipes. These recipes are really great for little kids since they are easy to make!
  • There are more than 20 pieces in this beautiful set.

The set is really high-quality which separates it from the others. It comes with all of the necessary materials which makes it perfect for little kids.

Magical Microbes DoughLab STEM Kit Bake and Learn

  • This bake and learn kit is great for parents who want to educate their kids in a different manner.
  • The set is great for creating delicious loaves of bread that are really fun to make.
  • It will also teach your kid about science which is great in the long run!
  • The inflate gloves are powered by the yeasts which make the kit extra interesting.
  • When the gloves are waving your kid will understand the bread are ready to bake!
  • There are five different bread recipes for your kid to enjoy!
  • Kit includes: 1lb high-protein flour, 7G dry yeast, 3 baking tins, 3 graduated mixing containers, inflatable gloves, wooden mixing sticks, measuring spoon, sugar and salt.

I suggest this baking kit if you want to educate your kid at the same time! It’s great for spare time and school projects. I definitely suggest this one!

Hapinest Kids Baking Set for Girls

  • The design of this baking set is perfect in my opinion. It also has two other variations on the sales page!
  • The set comes with 5 different unicorn cookie cutters which is fun for the kids.
  • the set is suitable for kids above 4 years of age! However, you should supervise your kid during the play!
  • The cookie themes are fun for kids to play!
  • The happiness roller is easy to use for kids which will increase their confidence!
  • Your kid will develop their skill set with each set which is great for the confidence!
  • The unicorn apron is made of polyester high-quality material.
  • The product is fully machine washable which makes it perfect for long term usage!

If you are looking for a baking set with the perfect theme, this set is great. It comes with two other designs that are also looking nice.

ROSANNA PANSINO by Wilton Unicorn Cupcake Decorating Kit

  • The set comes with 12 cupcake liners and 12 unicorn horn candles! The candles look pretty good and attractive for the kids.
  • There are also 24 unicorn ears which are great for decorating your cupcake!
  • One kit is enough for a baking party. It can create up to 12 cupcakes without any problems.
  • The kit is easy to use for little kids.
  • It’s perfectly suitable for birthday activities!

This a basic cake decorating set which has everything you need. It creates beautiful cupcakes without effort.

Vanmor Kids Basic Cooking and Baking Set

  • I really like the baking sets which provide the kids with roleplaying opportunities!
  • This set is pretty cool because it comes with the most basic materials for your kid.
  • Kid’s chef set includes an apron for the boys, chef hat, oven mitt, and hot pad.
  • The other accessories are also included in the package.
  • There are six different cookie cutters that allow your kid to express themselves fully!
  • The baking cups are made of food-grade silicone which makes it high-quality.
  • The set is perfectly suitable for little kids because of the design and material quality.
  • It doesn’t contain anything harmful to kids. The materials are perfectly safe and they match the safety test with CPC and ASTM standards.

If you are looking for a basic chef set which is perfectly enough for your kid, you can prefer this one. It comes with the necessary stuff so you won’t regret it!

Handstand Kitchen 20-piece Real Mini Cupcake Baking Set

  • Another basic cupcake baking set for the kids.
  • This baking set has four different designs on the sales page.
  • The colors look pretty vibrant and attractive for the kids.
  • The set is 20 pieces and all of the items are required for a basic baking experience.

The baking set is suitable for kids above 6 years of age.┬á It’s one of the most basic sets but works flawlessly.

How to Pick Best Baking Set for Kids?

Baking kits for kids are really fun equipment to enjoy cooking. These kits are definitely helpful when it comes to improving your kid’s hand-eye coordination and basic culinary skills. It’s also a great pass time activity that can increase the self-confidence of the kid. There are plenty of baking kits for kids in the market. You can easily pick one on the list because their quality is almost the same. However, if you want to dive deeper, you can check these qualities!

Material Quality

The material quality of the baking kits is important because they are used for cooking which means the products will contact heat. Heat can dissolve low-quality materials which can produce unwanted results in the long run. If you want your kid to have a healthy experience you should go for high-quality, food-grade products.


The price of the baking kits is generally around 20 dollars. This is the average for normal-end products. However, if you want a high-quality baking kit for kids, you should pay more than 30 dollars. You can avoid most of the low-quality baking kits by doing this.


The amount of pieces is important because kids can create a real mess when they are cooking. Having more pieces allows your kid to have more freedom. This is pretty important because your kid just needs to do practice which can be helped by getting more pieces. You should also make sure the baking kit you buy contains all of the necessary equipment.

Some kits also have clothes in them which is great for roleplaying games. If you want your kid to have a more realistic experience, you can also prefer these kits!


There are plenty of choices when it comes to baking kits for kids. You just need to determine what kind of activity you are looking for. Every kid is different therefore your purchase should be suitable for your kid. You should also check the comparison table at the top which is pretty helpful!

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