Animal Farm Toy Set for Early Learning by HLXY

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Here we found good farm toys’ set with 70 magnet pieces. This Animal Farm Toy Set, by HLXY, is a new arrival on the market. We have already reviewed many farm toys for toddlers. However, this one was not inside that. So, let’s see these in-depth.

HLXY Farm Magnet Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Animal Farm Toy Set for Early Learning

  • There are 70 pieces in the set.
  • They produced foam magnets in three layers. First, the backing layer is a black magnetic cover. Then, thick foam material comes. Last, the final visual layer is laminated cardboards. They show the pictures and write their names near.
  • Namely, there are farm animals, fruits & vegetables
  • They are all good for toddlers’ early learning. In addition, they are perfect for little hands.
  • Suitably, these figures can be magnet figures for fridges or places like cupboards, dry-erase boards or any magnetic surfaces.
  • Subsequently, these are also good materials for decoration.
  • The manufacturer recommends the age of 3 years and up.
  • Almost all of the customers are happy. So, if you understand what this really is, you can see whether it meets your expectation from a farm animal toy set.
  • To sum up, the set includes 14 animals, 9 vegetables, 22 farming tools.

The Materials of the Animal Farm Toy Set

the three layers of the animal farm toy set

As you can see in the picture, the materials of this animal toy set are high-quality materials in three layers. They have certificates to prove to be non-toxic and BPA-free. This is also one of the best rubber farm animal toys. In the middle, the thick foam provides sturdiness. The magnets are EVA soft magnets. The laminated surface is vibrant and attractive because they are colorful and lovely.

In my opinion, this is way better than those small plastic farm animal toys.

Animal Farm Set Toy Includes these seventy pieces

seventy pieces of the animal farm toy set with magnets

This is a great set with a nice variety. So, it helps in teaching these things for early development. In addition, pre-k kids and older kids can enjoy these as well.

dimensions for a sample piece

They are very cartoon-like but they also kept realistic. In other words, the mind can relate these to the real images easily.


The brand HLXY has other similar quality toy sets. The theme and figures may belong to different concepts if you want. For instance, there are dinosaurs’, vehicles’, and professions’ sets at similar prices. However, I’d pick this one, the animal farm toy set. If you’ll only choose one of those sets, this is kind of the best mixture. Therefore it’s the best foam magnet choice in my opinion.

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